proper boh i tell thee

is this just for writing on mssg boards or do you people actually say it out loud. it makes me grin every time i see it Lol

Hehe - it comes from a comedy show called Bo Selecta! And yes, people do actually say it now!

me and my mates always say it.

what is the show? and is it good? sounds funny from that one expression alone Grin

and did these expressions make it mainstream thru garage as i always thought of it as a dnb/jungle thing

the show is called 'bo selecta!" and is very silly, its basically based around some bloke wearing silly masks doing rubbish impersonations of various celebrities (most of them you wouldnt have heard of if your not british, which im assuming your not if you havent seen this before)

its very funny.

check out i think theres some clips up there or something.

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