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5.2 is out

new bits, all plugs uad2 compatible apparently. dling now

stlll no info no how many re201s you get on uad2

still, 2 new toys to play with.



UA Wrote:A new authorization file must be loaded for UAD v5.2.0. You will be prompted to automatically obtain the new authorization file by the installer. Alternately, after installing v5.2.0 and rebooting, simply click the "Authorize Plug-Ins" button in the UAD Meter & Control Panel "Plug-Ins" pane to obtain the authorization file, then double-click the downloaded file to load it. See page 28 in the v5.2.0 Manual for detailed procedures.

just spotted this got no internet on studio machine.

it would appear you need to redownload authorisations at the same time.


Looks like a 50 dollar voucher too Smile
[Image: protabl3.gif]
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Harrison 32C Channel EQ' looks cool Smile

i aint cheap though Icon_sad

cube Wrote:i aint cheap though Icon_sad

Thats why I'm not gonna demo it yet Lol

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