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Pitch Shift plugin - midi controlled

hi guys , and merry xmas to all subverts!

so , all is in the subject , i'm searching for a VST plugin (win) that do pitch shifting with pitch value controlled by a midi track..
because using automation in cubase for this is ... Mad

in fact madshifta does have it all but too lofi quality (but can be useful for some tunes)

there's a lot of plugs that do "autotune" like things but i want only a good pitch shifter with if possible a lo cpu consumption

thx in advance..

Why not just use Cubase to pitch the audio in the way you want in the project window?

Or load the sounds in a sampler - that would amount to what you're after...

High quality real time pitch plugs are cpu-intensive. The best I know is probably the waves one.
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thx bob

i saw (heard) sound shifter by waves , it's really good, especially for low frequencies,
so some samplers can do pitch shifting (preserve time) ??
in fact i don't use only a sample but for some hip hop instrumentals i'm used to cut and pitch some parts of samples or loops , by one tone higher or two tones lower or example and the simplest thing i found (not the best for cpu of course) is to drop a pitch shifter plug by track , each with a different pitch shift value.
i use this method to make some chords using audio samples too
and when i decide all is ok i freeze tracks.

if i had to send all these samples parts , it will be a lot time consuming / programming and not very flexible for arrangements i think.

in fact i'm searching the same plugin than madshifta but with a much better quality.. Chin

a friend told me the same things that you about halion , i will look for next days ....i need to change my habits


i will have a look tonight or tommorow .

thanx for the tip!


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