I just woke up thinking we were being invaded

I thought the end was nigh until I relaised its just some really really bad weather........

its a blowin


Memories of 87

Weather forecasters were heavily criticised after the event, TV weatherman Michael Fish came in for a large amount of criticism after he answered a viewers query, 'a lady has rung in to ask if there is going to be a hurricane tonight ...... there is not!" This comment came to represent the public's view of the failure to predict the storm. The reality is, of course, more complex. This was an exceptional event and there was a lack of real-time data that would have enabled the sudden drop in pressure and the changing track to have been observed. Michael Fish was quite correct - this was not a hurricane and one was not expected. It was a quite exceptional storm for the UK and many regarded it as a hurricane. But a true hurricane has winds that are far stronger (120 to 160 mph) and brings far greater quantities of rain than fell during the passage of this storm. As a result of the criticism the Met. Office have improved their severe weather warnings and these are now much more readily and frequently distributed.

This was the 'one in 300 years' event that shook everyone - with far higher winds and destruction than had been recorded since 1709. But another severe storm swept across England on 25th January 1990 - just 27 months later!

the winds blowing fkn hard!!!cant even open the window becoz it keeps on getting closed by the wind.trees are swinging heavily...i live at the top of a 5 storey house and its so loud i had to turn up the tv well loud to understand anything!!!

just looked out the window and the neighbopurs roof has been blown off!!! (partly)..fkn hell..hope this doesnt happen to us since we live right at the top!!!

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