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more production issues

im processing a 808 bass line with a limiter (cubase4)

it sounds lovely until it reaches two reverse hits, then distorts just as it peaks at the end of em.

it doesent seem to happen when they are played forward.

well, it sounds ok through my headphones but terrible on my speakers..

wondering if anyone could do a quick test an tell me if it sounds shit on their speakers too..

sounds ok on my headphones..

you could always put a fade on the transient, if you dont want the click at the end

sounds fine thru my speakers and sub, dont have any clicking.

hmm... more to ponder on.

cheers guys! Smile

cube Wrote:sounds fine thru my speakers and sub, dont have any clicking.

just to make things clear.. when i said click i was just referring to the inital attack phase of the kick, not any unexpected digital nastiness Smile

File doesn't work on my work laptop. Will check on my Mac later, as it's an aiff file.


it was buggin me anyhow, so used a bit of soft knee compression just for that bit. my speakers liked that.

nice one Wink

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