So what do you do for a living?

wasnt there a similar thread like this one year ago?

anyway, i m a system and network engineer

study International trade and "work" at the Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences (once in a while) Lol

Im a mechanic by trade, currently working in web design, server admin etc.
And I run an internet radio station & digi label. Theyre full time, so I guess they count Smile

landscape architect/environmental engineer at the national railways

very easy job and my profession is one of the most interesting thing in the world [Image: a_heart.gif]

I'm an Occupational Therapist in an acute hospital, mainly looking at safe discharge for elderly patients with medical conditions, but help with orthopaedics and stroke rehab.

Love my job.

I used to work on television in live broadcast department/section. Then I was a translator on the rigsite. Now I'm SEO specialist/usability tester in a chemical magazine and looking for a oilfield translator position again. Really interesting job to make people understand each other and help them work together, plus knowledge from both sides.
Wish I would have more time to spend on music and more money to get some hard/software...

I work as a Material Control Specialist for a large oil & gas EPC Firm (Engineering, Procurement & Construction). Basically I am in charge of distribution of materials and equipment to the refineries in time to support construction activities. This means hours of doing take-off's from piping isometrics and turning them into work packages to our fabricators. I have just moved into this role from being a Project Expeditor... basically a Project Manager of a Purchase Order after issuance.

I'm a translator of French and Spanish (and potentially Italian) to English.

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