Blocks and Escher

These two can do no wrong for me right now.

Loved their releases on Horizons and Future Thinkin.

Late Snare (by Escher) and Shadowplay are deadly tunes... i'm surprised people haven't been bigging them up more.

extra dope stuff coming from them!

just swooped on the future thinkin release...don't know how that one slipped by

aye really nice duo

They are both very bad men IMO.

And both do really fantastic solo stuff as well !

Big tings.

great to see one of the sc-digital producers comin through Smile
likin that tune on DSM cd the most. totally chilled.

is it the same Escher who did soemthing with Shodan on Easy? >
Dialogue dub hot lines under a rain of drum

It's a different Escher

Go grab his SC: Digital release if you haven't got it...

Future Thinkin 12" and that 12" on Horizons are great stuff altogether

There's another one coming on Digital Soundboy that's very good as well...'s like a bloody LIBRARY out there!!!

tyranny Wrote:It's a different Escher

thx for infos.. Smile unusual for a name double up in dnb.. only other one i can think of is Pendulum, where there's been 3 lots under that name down here within the last 15 years in or loosely around the sound.

got the sc-digital ones already.. i'd suggest anyone to get all those Wink
Dialogue dub hot lines under a rain of drum

Dance Hugs


^^ stunning piece of music, innit? Smile

what is?

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