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s geoff bloawter badman styles canny

Thread Contributor: Badman GeoffBadman Geoff's Canny Bloawter Styles

allright youz lot gather roond ive got something to show yiz...

badman geoffs been on the production tip of late and heres hiz latest offering

should be dropping on dec man i cannae see! audio by early 2010

howay tha grove

Alreet Geoff ...Alison says shes missin yers like cause you passed away aboot ten years back, man.

wye aye man i started going to Denton Burn after that fire man

adist Wrote:wye aye man i started going to Denton Burn after that fire man

Denton Burn?! DENTON BURN??! Why 'ad thort much bettar 'a yous, mon Adist! Yav med us feel reet sick there, like, ya knorr?? Anyways, that fiyas bin well put owt narr so lerrus gerron wi listenin to sum a this Badman breyak-beat action, aye Kisskiss

howe back to the grove then like

[Image: ant_and_dec_byker_grove_470x415.jpg]


that's reeet better leek Adist, an fair plays ta yas - fancy captcherin' mon Froo stood reet theeyur, nexter a Jaydee Eyer Tundred an that pet....Spuggy wid be prood of yas, right?

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