I'm a welshman

welshy inside the ride !!!!

did anyone else act like a complete tool like myself today and arrive an hour early for z-no rehearsals because they forgot about the clocks??

Butthead Banghead :lame :smasher :bang :shitme Spank
[Image: jungletrain_2.png]

ooo ya silly bugger.....

welcome to the valley of subversionizm mr d.

hope all is well?

Falcon Alc Brockman

yeah man, early start today! bollox.

if i had known i would still be in bed.

still all good.
[Image: jungletrain_2.png]

ez the D

you should have asked this dude the time

i woke up thinkin i slept far too long...only realised1 hour ago the time has changed!!!

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