Best tune you've heard all day.


I want to hear this full set.



shame the rest of the LP isn't as rocking

Gitarre2 Slayer


Daniel Thomas Freeman - The Infinite Within Us (Limited Edition CDR and Art)


lower to higher bpm blends, equally as punishing.

props to a new generation of techno dj's / producers with this much range - tribal, industrial, breaks, trance flourishes, ebm, pitched down dark acid.. and finishing with dnb.   




Deaf Center - Path To Lucy (FL Rework)

The soulless psychopaths here will never support me. So, I'll support myself. Two fingers up. Scum network, indeed.

0:00 1. We Write Threnodies. We Write With Explosions
12:29 2. Today is Totally Crashing & Stunned in Bright Lights
22:40 3. Dance 'til Record Skips Like Passengers Shift on Take Off
32:05 4. Micah Gaugh Sings All Is All
35:09 5. Guitar Cabinet Stack Way High Is Freedom or Gravity Gives Us Rhythm
46:26 6. Piles of Blinkers Slip for New Years
48:44 7. Orange Cone Made No Noise

I'm not going to make a new thread for this post - it'll be on SubVersion soon if you want to read it on the blog.

I'm posting it in here because there are so many tunes in these mentioned / written about releases that could be my favourite track of the day.


I wanted to write an article, on a brighter note, for this publically redundant thread. So, here I am. FTEL Valentines '20.
FTEL peeps (Electronica lovers) know Burial music, and yesterday saw the public release of his compendium of 2011-2019.
Burial tracks like "Loner", "Come Down To Us" and "NYC" still give me shivers. This stuff sprung from the post-everything
but especially post-dubstep continuum. 130-145 beats-per-minute dub and acid techno music with wonky, buckle bent riffs.

This compendium is spread across 149 minutes and 17 tracks over 2 compact discs. It retails around £14.99.
Much cheaper than vinyl of a 2LP, probably destined to be around £24.99 at least. The lacqueur manufacturing costs we know.
Timeless electronic music with as much gravitas as early Omni Trio, Rufige Kru and Rob Playford.

Speaking of Goldie related music, his 4CD DJ Mix is really, really good. Early jungle thru hardcore styles, rave-o-matic
jacket potato overdubs and Skrillex antidote dubby bombers. There are very few red herrings, rubber ducks or mind-numbing
areas to be had. Of course I am referring to the brain-drain of rave music; an assault on the senses (at the best of times)
often needs an anchor to rely on. Cliffy Goldie's mixing chops are pretty good, he doesn't train wreck the tracks or lazily
mix them, and it's pretty damn fun while it lasts.

When I think of Goldie in later years, I think The Heritage Orchestra he played with, a full, rich sound with an oddity
value. Oddity value is also a part of the electronically-sequenced and tracked Texas Sun project by Leon Bridges. It's a
highly addictive four-piece EP of electronic big band country, with a dub and urban-centric undercurrent. Think Michael
Kiwanuka's latest record with a dash of Jimmy Hendrix and you get the picture. Hendrix and contemporaries are very crucial
to the eclecticism and growth of taste among non-electronica musicicans; note the additional "a" next to electronic, as
it's elements of computer manipulation that make this stew work.

Electronic manipulation is Katie Gately's speciality on her latest album, "Loom" (part of serpentwithfeet). It's a good
record, very astute and encroaching on the drone axis, with lots of mellifluous field recordings; some partially there,
some lost in the fog. Identification becomes a story to be told rather than a misnomer, there's a special atmosphere in
this CD, which at times veers into the colossally brain-shaking. That feel, of defiant rejection and alertness, comes, it
would seem, naturally as a jig around the Maypole. Like an old past-time, there's chances of things going sour, but it
never does. The drones are crisply bubbling, encapsulating the growl of a wolf, or a shriek of a banshee, cast off into
the distance like a tropical storm coming to an end.

That's another thing with this update's batch of music(s). These feel ever-tied to the neural centrifuge of understanding
natural phenomena like Storm Ciara, Storm Denys and Hurricane Michael before it. Basically as long as we stay rooted to
our origins, we can break away when we allow ourselves - ideally. Case in point: I haven't written an article worthy of
Fluid Radio, Wire, hyponik, Soundium, A Closer Listen, Dogs On Acid, ATM et al, for some time. Mainly, because I've been
afraid to be myself - as Leon Bridges sings, "chained to my sin". Music makes us forget all that woe behind inactivity.

0:53 – Current Value – Friendly Takeover
3:01 – Current Value – Frontier
5:08 – Current Value – No Halfsteppin’
6:44 – Spaow – Beauty and the Spaow
7:58 – Current Value – Entity
9:44 – Murdock & Doctrine – Acid Howl (Current Value Remix)
11:30 – Current Value – Dead Companion
13:05 – Current Value – Silly Serious
15:34 – Current Value – Pitting
16:38 – Current Value – Tilt
17:41 – ID???
18:45 – Audio – Glass House
19:27 – Disphonia – Careful
21:13 – ID???
22:17 – Current Value – Of Truth
23:21 – ID???
24:45 – Current Value – New Arrival
25:28 – Spaow – Skydro
27:35 – Current Value – Melt
28:18 – Current Value – Biocellulose
30:46 – Current Value – Unthinkable
32:53 – Current Value – Chariot
34:18 – Current Value – Starliner
35:43 – ID???
37:08 – Current Value – Influx
38:54 – Current Value – Interplay
39:37 – Current Value – Chain Walk
40:19 – Spaow – Alien Attack
41:22 – Spaow – Enjoy Yourself
43:08 – Current Value – Hit The Wall
44:33 – MISSIN – Dread
45:16 – ID???
46:20 – ID???
47:45 – ID???
48:48 – Current Value – City Syndrome
50:13 – ID???
51:38 – Current Value – AVGR
53:45 – ID???
54:49 – Current Value – SLUV
56:14 – Crissy Criss & WideAwake – Real (Killer Hertz Remix)
57:52 – Slander – Love Is gone (Current Value Remix)

(15th February 2020, 11:30)Statto Wrote:



Best "tune" I heard all day yesterday was Karl Pilkington moaning about Machu Pichus transport service.  Cracked me right up.

This afternoon and evening, who knows. I'm looking forward to finding my 2003 Breakbeat Kaos mix CDs.

I might be hearing classic Motorhead & Foreigner on the system @ work lately. There's an ALL Rolling Stones * COVERS only * satellite channel I heard @ work the other week - some horrid, some tolerable covers lol. I mean.. is there an all Motorhead satellite radio channel? There should be.    

At the right time...Foreigner gets in the bones maaaaaaan.  Purely. Mad chune dem!   

.. You don't have to read my mind to know what I have in mind..... 

werd dafuq up!  



Ewun - Face Off (Barcode)

It is in my first Kidzania mix from 2005, uploaded to MixCloud in 2014 or so.

Plays the edits in like a bongo player after a heavy dose of caffeine. Smile


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