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Best tune you've heard all day.


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I will never leave.



this is splendid... Smiley

Thanks to every one - every dude and lady - still posting here. 

I have been getting sent new ambient albums to audition for artists. The first three tracks of this new hour ish LP by ASC (ambient album variety) is enough to convince me, with ASC's consistency, that it's already better, in my opinion than "Time Heals All".

This LP - "The Waves" - originally came out in 2019 according to James. It was limited edition on Silent Season (SSCD22) and comes to as a 7.99 EURO Investment. 

I've put it in my wish list. If there is too much traffic to listen and I really like it over a long period, I will invest in the product. Right now, I've got an account with BC and have been allowed to Wishlist it. 

Musically, it's a very shoegazional - horizontal and vertically opposed, slanted set of pieces set to the timespan of 4 or 5pm in the evening, just as the fishing tide sets in. 

It sounds very "finished up" instead of washed up, which could be the result if it was in hands like mine functionally. Basically, you can tell there's nothing clumsy or aggressive about this. The music is very mature, but not achingly so. There is little room for stretch. A pause and it's over. That kind of experience. 

Like a wave, it's almost sexual, but simply, a simple gesture of the heart. I thoroughly recommend it. / / / / 

I will never leave.

00:00​ 01. When You Were Born (You Should've Died)
01:05​ 02. Dont Wanna Get to Know You
03:20​ 03. All U Say
04:33​ 04. More Thana Friend
07:31​ 05. Werewolves
08:48​ 06. You're Burning
09:58​ 07. Weak
11:12​ 08. Violent
12:32​ 09. Tryin'
14:56​ 10. Think Too Much
17:05​ 11. Strutter
18:33​ 12. You're a Punk
20:17​ 13. Lemon Rice (Doomed to Live)
21:57​ 14. Shitty Fuckin DNA
22:37​ 15. Same Mistakes
24:24​ 16. Prison Food
25:32​ 17. Nobody Likes You
26:29​ 18. Night The Lights Went Out
28:37​ 19. Life Of Oi
30:28​ 20. Give Up
31:29​ 21. Defeat
33:47​ 22. Crutched
34:35​ 23. 11 AM
35:47​ 24. Bat Outta Hell
39:05​ 25. Zilch
40:59​ 26. Sick Shit
42:11​ 27. Bottomless Pit




Volume is needed k?

00:05 - Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
03:53 - All My Friends
06:44 - Oblivions Peak
10:25 - Belleville
14:49 - A Serpent’s Touch
18:19 - Mistakes Like Fractures
21:49 - Deadringer
24:51 - Billy No Mates
27:21 - Counting Worms

some nice cranging on this...

Tresor 30 Live from the Vault - DJ Stingray / March 13 / 8pm-9pm

**collaborative youtube viewers compiled tracklist posted via Ronin

0:00 It sounds like one of Stinson's projects, I am 99% sure it's either him or Donald (or both)
1:40 Baby T - Acid Science
5:50 Danny Daze + DeFeKT - Positive Ventilation (thanks Cam Cam! Also, check out Negative Pressure from the same album, my fav!)
7:30 Lectro Cod_e - Cod_e violation (mind control)
9:36 Anthony Rother - Simulationszeitalter
13:35 Amadeezy - Xplosive (thanks, slayer dior!)
15:30 Alex Jann - Cibernetik Memory
17:00 Assembler Code - Outer Trace (thanks Marc G!)
18:00 Privacy - Go
20:45 Swarm Intelligence - Bury (thanks Cam Cam!)
24:10 Maestro Stojche - Thug Life (thanks, Deni Dagalev!)
25:50 Troels B. Knudsen – Concept 2 (whatever this is, I can't find it. Please,if someone knows where to find it, lmk).
29:28 Assembler Code - Generator (thanks Xiringuito Xuclar!)
44:04 Troels B. Knudsen – Concept 4 (DJ Stingray indicated it's unreleased)
45:49 DJ JM - Ray Mound (thanks Xiringuito Xuclar!)
47:15 L.F.T. - Geister Fabrik
52:14 CLERIC /BLOOD & OIL (thanks to the big man himself!)
55:13 Endlec - Heavy Hitter (thanks Max W!)


This is what it's all about.

Full tracklist:

Linn Elisabet - Acts of Rebellion
Hxist - Heavenly Goddess
Paula Temple - GEGEN X (coming soon)
Paula Temple - ??? live
Hybral - Ramponiert
Hephaistos - Fetishizing Loneliness
Sekulahr - Persona Non Grata
SNTS - Judged By Uncertainty
OTHK - Prevent
Jokasti & Nek - How Low
Crystal Geometry - Troublemaking
Perc - Melter
X7Ø-7 - She Killed Me When I Dreamed
Insect - The End is Now
Linn Elisabet - Soundtrack of the Rebellion
Aneed - Virgo (Say My Name)
Hatelove - The Black Crow
Might Be Twins - Help Yourself
Paula Temple - ??? live
Aho Ssan - Outro
Clouds - Sample from Am Fonn Mòr
Paula Temple - ??? live
6ejou - Red Bunker
VII Circle - Brutal Void
Sara Parkman - Öppna spjäll - Paula Temple's Full Throttle remix (coming soon)
Endlec - Fear Shock
Second Spectre - Death Note
Blutrot - Weltschmerz


Falcon Falcon Falcon

dunno about best – it's as corny as fuck – but it's making me smile Bluesmiley

the Pinch remix is kinda lame, but the original is tops.

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