Subtle Audio Show :: Sunday Oct 22nd 2017 :: ARCHIVE

Antidote- Mantra V.I.P. Icon_eek

Polska - Summertare (0=0 Remix)


Utopian Wrote:Antidote- Mantra V.I.P. Icon_eek


Wicked i actually made the time of a live show.

Big up Code! Fantastic show, made my evening Xyxthumbs

Caught the very last tune.

What fantastic timing Cool

Great show! Grin

damn i actually only made last few songs. Will check archive ! Smile

Euphony Wrote:I was so happy when posing in this thread


Damn! Saw this thread and thought you were on at your usual time, really wish i could of locked in (god damn work!)

Will check the archive.

Thanks to all who tuned !

enjoyed this show more than most.

Think I'd prefer to play earlier in the evening when I don't have to be quite so worried about annoying the neighbours. Got into this set more, cos I wasn't thinking about all that Grin

oh yeah,

Hahaha at the NKK jabberings !!

J-Breaks Wrote:Will check the archive.

Loading it up now.

Was reet good Code, big up yerself

yeah set was a gem. thanks Smile

Code Wrote:Hahaha at the NKK jabberings !!


It was a wicked show, didn't expect to be listening tonight so was nice surprise really :] Bigups Code.

Yeah lolz at the nkks Hahaha

That Antidote tune was wicked, but I'm sure there was a tune that had the most monsterous amens of the year Wtf Drums it was set off by real mellow pads, etc..... (mayve that was a 0=0 tune?).
Also a couple of niice Soul Intent tunes Slayer

look forward to 2010 :]

Subtle Audio Show, - Tuesday Dec 22nd Archive :


1. Consequence - 11 Circles (Exit)
2. KMC - Magnetic Clouds (Free download -
3. Polska - Reknew (From forthcoming album, Subtle Audio)
4. Seba - Dangerous Days (Warm Communications)
5. ASC - Magnetic Fields (Probe-One Remix) (Warm Communications Digital)
6. Calibre - Tempo Dub (Advance//d)
7. Soul Intent - Igloo (Age Of Outsiders Vol 3 CD, Outsider)
8. Breakage - Bring Back (Remix) (Bassbin)
9. Gremlinz - Things (Metalheadz)
10. Keaton, Hive, Gridlok & Echo - Culture (Violence)
11. Antidote - Mantra VIP (Unreleased)
12. Suv - Dark Angel (Full Cycle)
13. Fracture & Neptune - Reality Hoax (Free download -
14. Rockwell - Underpass (Critical)
15. Nucleus & Paradox - Illuminism (Esoteric)
16. Lemon D - City Lights (Prototype)
17. dgoHn - Internal Ropes (Inperspective)
18. Digital & Outrage - Snowballs (Function)
19. Polska - Summertare (0=0 Remix) (Unreleased)
20. Reactiv - Rotator (Unreleased)
21. Macc & Düffah - Messier 51 (Equinox Remix) (Subtle Audio)
22. Dj Krush - Dig This Vibe 'The Legal Mix' (Lawers Smoke It) (Version One) (Mo Wax)
23. Soul Intent - Bro (Blindside)
24. Flame & Dephecta - Living The Life Again (Subtle Audio Digital)
25. Consequence & D-Bridge - Life Is Timing (Exit)

Ah nice one, it was the 0=0 remix of Polska... just before the reactiv tune :]

Cheers for sharing the tracklist.. pon the dl

I missed the start of the show - KMC, back making tunes again, wow i can't wait to hear his new stuff... the unreleased ones on soundcloud are Lovesmilie

Damn, can't believe I missed this.......

Tracklist looks deadly!

Thanks for the archive Conor, will grab this.... Xyxthumbs

DanceListening properly now, Such lovely tracks! Very excited about this new Polska album Lovesmilie... His last album was one of my all time favs for anything put out in the past four years for dnb.

Renew _ PolskaLovesmilie

Annastay Wrote:DanceListening properly now, Such lovely tracks! Very excited about this new Polska album Lovesmilie... His last album was one of my all time favs for anything put out in the past four years for dnb.

Renew _ PolskaLovesmilie

yeah, love that one...

this album is gonna be more D&B orientated than the last one but still, on a similar vibe.

oi sent!!!!



Tracklist looks great Falcon

nice one Code, was a great show and prob one of the best bath-raves i've ever had Hahaha

some stuff in there i'd not heard which i was hugely into, will def pursue artists/tracks (along with the Polska album which is prob gonna be perfection for me!)

Lookin forward to the next one! Wave


Hovver Wrote:bath-rave


Thanks very much for tunin' in Hovver - always helps to have a few weirdos in the chat. Mac in the bath ! Lol

Seriously Code you can't beat listening to good music in the bath
although i normally just put a bit of jazz on or something, so i'll have to try this particular variety of bathtime aural pleasure.

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