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waves? (why the hate?)

just wondering since people on gearslutz seem to think fairly highly of the waves ssl collection, but i also sense a lot of hate towards them.

i got the impression that WUP was some awful thing where you had to pay $300 a year just to keep using the plugins you own, but its actually just $200 to upgrade to the latest version at any time? and all their protection is ilok. that actually sounds reasonable to me..

do they just sound bad or what?

i've seen their bundles for about £300 online which is less than some of the other high quality plugs, am going to demo them later but just wondering if theres some hidden evil in them i'm not aware of?

(running like shit/being buggy on windows doesnt count, thats expected Teef also bear in mind i cant use UAD with my current lhaptop so don't even...)

used to use Waves plugs a lot before i got my Mac, always sounded pretty decent to me....(really liked some of their more creative efforts too, like the GRM Tools stuff) but then i aint no golden-eared freak.... so don't take my word for it mate!

i kain the shit out of ssl and api

We spent about £1,800 on Waves plugs, they are great but Waves as a company are a complete bunch of cunts, for all the reasons you've probably read about. I've experienced it first hand and it's shit.

Thank the baby Jesus for URS plugz.

I have no problems with Ilok but funnily enough, the only company who make that harder than it should be is Waves. Cunts.

WUP has cost me over £200 to date and for what? To re-enable a plugin after trying a demo of new stuff rendered it useless.

However, I've previously vented of pages of anger in their direction, I'll stop now...... Deep breaths.

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