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Muttley - 15 MOF Pt.26 - Starting All Over - January 2010

01. Gordon Giltrap - Starting All Over (from the album "Testament Of Time")
02. Neil Halstead - Witless Or Wise (from the album "Oh! Mighty Engine")
03. Beck Lanehart - Reckless (CD-R)
04. PJ Harvey & John Parish - Passionless, Pointless (from the album "A Woman A Man Walked By")
05. Clannad - Something To Believe In (from the album "Past: Present")
06. Eluvium - Intermission (from the album "Copia")
07. Neil Halstead - A Gentle Heart (from the album "Oh! Mighty Engine")
08. Grouper - When We Fall (from the album "Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill")
09. Paavoharju - Tuoksu Tarttuu Meihin (from the album "Laulu Laakson Kukista")
10. Gordon Giltrap - Deserter (from the album "Perilous Journey")
11. Bill Frisell - Eli (from the album "The Intercontinentals")


If you're a follower of my sets you'll perhaps remember that I got a reply from the woman that inspired many early efforts. Well, four months on from telling me she'll explain everything, and prior to observing her as status: online while I've been using instant messenger for more hours than I can count, she deserves no sympathy for leading me on to believe I'll ever get a mature response to rectify positioning I stand in with her. I haven't chased her up, and I won't be contacting her again.

If she reads this, I hope she can see the error of her ways - in causing multiple fractures in my lifestyle - but I doubt it. I know I shouldn't resent her for it, and maybe she's decided to let me down lightly - as an alternative to traded words that could get bent out of shape in her perception. In any language, though, it speaks volumes for a lack of integrity on her part, and the misinformation no doubt fed by her friends.

"Starting All Over" is what I'll be using to emblematize the shift of my worries to becoming chaff from the wheat. They - belief she was down, depressed or dejected, serve no purpose now. I was flustered by resultant issues and the "not knowing" stage, but I don't have to go through with that anymore. Gordon Giltrap's "Starting All Over" puts things pertinently in perspective: "Don't tell me my line of thoughts' out of line / I don't need anyone, me and my chicken run / I'm singing a song, feeling fine".

This mixtape has more songwriting than my last five instalments put together. It isn't that idiosyncratic, to contrast previous work in 2009. All the same, there are several spheres and personas the lyrics can appeal to. Beck Lanehart's "Reckless" meanders in a story of love that pulls the heartstrings to fathoms off the map, whereas PJ Harvey and John Parish's "Passionless, Pointless" is asking "Where does the passion go?" Clannad's "Something To Believe In" is included as I built this as my mother's birthday present in 2009, whereby my parents are fans of the album "Past - Present"- as I am as well.

It's taken so long for me to put this online because I was longing it out for the woman in question to pluck the courage and return the favour linguistically and with friendship. I was waiting for what we shared to be recouped innocently, as it started in the first place. Now 2010 is upon us, I can safely say I'm sick of it, past it, and have moved on completely. I hope if you believe in New Year's resolutions that yours come true and alive - mine is to never deal with this hardship again. Whenever I am tempted, the warmth has faded. Begone is the useless symptom - in comes the truth of soul, distilled for evermore.

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt.27 - In The Face Of Loss - January 2010

01. Marow - Caph (from the album Scintillation)
02. Peter James - In The Face Of Loss (from the album Holding On - Letting Go)
03. SpeaK - The Sun Resonates With You (from the album Once Nomadic)
04. Drowning The Virgin Silence - We Twist The Sun And Sea (from the album Beneath The Sulfur Sky)
05. Olafur Arnalds - Og Lengra (from the album Dyad 1909)
06. Zelienople - Indifferent Dreams (from the album Gone OST)
07. Low Light - Landing Dust (free download -
08. Marcus Schmickler - 22 Gliders_Rule 4 (from the album Param)
09. Hammock - This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart (from the album Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow)
10. Stars Of The Lid - Dungtitled (In A Major) (from the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
11. Ringo Deathstarr - Summertime (from the EP In Love)

"In The Face Of Loss" is a light-hearted lament to how we don't always seem warranted, when we didn't get the fortunes we desired, where bricks are metaphorically falling on top of us, and if we're worried our work isn't up to par. The foundation was three-fold - I began reviewing gigs for pleasure stroke self-improvement in August 2009, whereby an encouraging email from Ronan @ Nightshift filled me with enthusiasm.

From August to December 2009 I've had five reviews published - one by Nightshift, one through Blues In Britain and three via Oxfordshire Music Scene. I aim to keep on with this hobby, but have bad days as well as good - for reasons you could glean from my writeups of past.

The second ruse was my Open University course. My tutor marked assessment was sent in and I'm awaiting critique with my grade. "In The Face Of Loss" is foreseeing the worst case scenario in that I fail the examination, and, making the problem bigger, the course itself.

Crucially, however, I was mainly influenced by a discussion with SC user Annastay. She gave me feedback on "Caught In Static", saying she could "kind of breathe mentally with it". Therefore my intention with "In The Face Of Loss" was to imagine a universally perfect tracklisting for soaking up battle scars; balancing grievances with gratification.

"Summertime" by Ringo Deathstarr was chosen for this specific seasoning: a dreamy shoegaze anthem, similar to Slowdive in essence of configuring reminiscence on the sunny days you had earlier that year, or years prior to that date. As ever, feedback welcome with open arms; I hope you enjoy the trip.

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt.28 - I Toss And Turn, But There Is Light Somewhere - January 2010

"I Toss And Turn, But There Is Light Somewhere": inspired by my cognitive sleep patterns on New Year's day. I had a selection of recordings in this tracklist playing at varying intervals while I slept, and thought it would be cool to try and capture the peak to trough schematic of my brain switching on and off from the music. I had my headphones in, tossed and turned in bed to the sounds of ambient, waking up in the middle of tunes, being lulled to rest by them in succession.

Most of the records are fairly new - the Hibernate Sampler was released in winter 2009 and is highly recommended by myself - and best of all, it's a free download! For variations on the sleep theme, search out "Threshold", and be sure that "Tension Is A Ruse", a forthcoming instalment, will prolong investment in how we can concillate the brain's ability to cope with everyday occurences.


01. Steve Roach - Opening Sky (from the album Dynamic Stillness)
02. Lexithimie - Scale 1 (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
03. Carl Sagan's Ghost - Solitude I (from the album At The End Of It All)
04. Peter James - Still (from the album Holding On - Letting Go)
05. Eluvium - Everything To Come (from the album Talk Amongst The Trees)
06. Bas Van Huizen - Diggeldenker (from the album Ontgalman)
07. Northener - The End Of December (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
08. Stars Of The Lid - Don't Bother They're Here (from the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
09. Porzellan - Rosen (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
10. Sundog Peacehouse - Mountain Triple Ocean (from the album Brosound)


Icon_eek Grin

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt.29 - The Hunt From Nothing To Something - January 2010

"The Hunt From Nothing To Something" was formed from lampooning my online and offline persona. I have often been obsessive for various things in my childhood and adolescence, be it cars, trading cards, video games and - as the underpinning rudiment, music. This would explain why I back up everything I've downloaded, ripped and burnt to DVD each month. Then there are the negative attributes cast on me by ignorance. The tracks work in unison to warm the winter days we're experiencing.


01. Eluvium - I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten (from the album When I Live By The Garden And The Sea)
02. Harmonic 33 - Departure Lounge (from the album Music For Film, Radio & Television)
03. ON - Oh Run Slowly (from the album Your Ghost Comes Back To Haunt Me At Night)
04. Stars Of The Lid - December Hunting For Vegetarian Fuckface (from the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
05. Brock Van Wey - White Clouds Drift On And On (from the album White Clouds Drift On And On)
06. Fennesz & Sakamoto - Abyss (from the album Cendre)
07. Wereju - Not Who I Thought You Were (from the album Fairytale Ending)


Muttley - 15 MOF Pt.30 - Cut Your Losses - January 2010

I don't have a great deal of luck with women. I'm the shy type, too, which makes things doubly hard when attempting to express my feelings. Several female friends I find very attractive, but don't have the courage nor confidence to say what I think. Either that or they're already with a partner, which renders my perspective mute by design.

I've managed one relationship that was two-way - them giving, me giving, and that was early in my youth, when we were too young to care. A topic on single people sparked the following response when I was 17, that stays with my standpoint to this day:

I get fed up with the intentions of a lot of people I meet as biased towards getting a quick fling, or pulling to blag to all their mates, or because they're so insecure with their social position that they think they have to have a partner for whatever length of time just to fit the usual mould. It bores me to tears. And not because I'm jealous that I'm not in a relationship, couldn't give much care right now personally...

To be honest I'd be much happier if I found a decent female soulmate to share thoughts and get through life with. As puritan as it may sound the drive for sex and novelties just aren't there for me in huge supply and even if they are through being lustful of someone who looks nice, I always remember in the back of my mind that if they're nobody inside it's not worth it in my case.

All comes down to what you actually want out of a relationship though doesn't it. As nasty and vague as it may sound I think some women lie about having a man with attributes of depth and instead just use it as grounds to talk about themselves overzealously - a doormat so they can wipe their pseudo - substance (aka attention whoring) all over proceedings. I hate that, it's completely selfish and even worse than just admitting you want nothing more or less than the primitive needs associated with sex.

Saying that I'm in no doubt there are a lot of women who think otherwise, and to those who actually do want a more meaningful person to talk to, I hope you find one soon. It's the same as finding a needle in a haystack if you don't have the right enviroment to be lucky in - my advice is to pursue with your interests and maybe through that you'll at least make some mutual friendships, which in time could develop into what you want. Keep positive.

I've known guys who have fell in love with women sixteen years older than them. As it happens the majority of women that appeal to me are at least a year my senior. I've been told I'm very attractive, but that's from those who are drunk, flirtatious or out of my age range.

How does this all lead to the mix I'm presenting? "Cut Your Losses" is my means of digesting, distinguishing and expelling the notions of whether love is lust, attraction is approved, timespan is tolerable and, in the final outcome, what lies ahead.

It goes through stages - the first three tracks are from the modern classical stable, with piano and strings; soul food for perceiving things not through rose tinted glasses. Long-form ambient pieces are then supplemented to draw out thoughts in the nature of their constructs. The set ends with Zelienople's "Christmas", The Daysleepers "Lovesparkles" and Slowdive's "Waves".

Three angles conclude that I've time until I find a lady with the same trajectory as mine, willing to give, provide for each other, subvert the common perception, go beyond the banal and thrive on communicaton that is undertowed by friendship, not instinctual saccharine.


01. Nils Frahm - Over There It's Raining (from the album The Bells)
02. Olafur Arnalds - Lokau Augunum (from the album Dyad 1909)
03. August Stars - Noreaster (from the album Midwinter)
04. Epeus Reichenback - Apartness (from the album Etherized)
05. Spherueleus - Blue Moon (from the album The Disguised Familiar)
06. Yui Onodera - Untitled 1 (from the album Punkt)
07. Saito Koji - Candle (from the album Candle)
08. Zelienople - Christmas (from the album Pajama Avenue)
09. The Daysleepers - Lovesparkles (from the album Drowned In A Sea Of Sound)
10. Slowdive - Waves (from the album Just For A Day)


Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 31 - Patience Of Saints Remembered - January 2010

Seeing as I'm up to 30 instalments in 15 Minutes Of Fame mix series to date, I thought I'd try and flip the script with concepts. "Patience Of Saints Remembered" is the distillate of deeper listening to albums that take a few sessions to cherish and affectionately revisit. Each track is picked from the end of the respective LP or sequence.

I've lifted from the specified LPs before, so rather than just choosing tunes and leaving it at that, I aspired to showcase another tangent which could go unnoticed - if the audience quantified the mood of complete works by just one track alone.

Yui Onodera's "Untitled 7" rises from the artificial murk and tempo adjustments of work prior. Carl Sagan's Ghost's "The Patience Of A Saint III", whose title inspired this effort, instills guitar and piano to the ambient picture. Max Richter's "H Thinks A Journey" provides a more subtle overtone than "This Picture Of Us. P" (15 MOF Pt.23). Aquadorsa's "Night Of Trembing Stars" is ultimately woozier, with melodies that traverse like stardust over fragmented narratives.

Last Days' "Onwards" initiates a pulse in comparison to "Nothing Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Ends" (15 MOF Pt. 21). "Gray Hued Sky" by Chihei Hatakeyama invites more hazy undercurrents than past selections from Hibernate Sampler 1. Milieu's "Dream From Above Houses" affixes an uplifting yet counterintuitively melancholic air when paired with "Six Fourteen" (Muttley - Back To Mine Pt. 3).

SpeaK's "Choose A Different Road" compacts the highs and lows of the themes hinted at with "Drowning Peacefully" (15 MOF Pt. 25) and "The Sun Resonates With You" (15 MOF Pt. 27). "Games Again" from Peter Broderick conjures an instrumentally richer perspective of his folk-inclusive "Home" long-player. Finally, Nils Frahm's "Somewhere Nearby" places altruistic emphasis on the backbone of his improvised works prevalent throughout "The Bells" disc.

I'm always searching for fresh ideas for mixes, so if you like this and want to influence what I come up with next, be my guest to drop an email or comment.


01. Yui Onodera - Untitled 7 (from the album Punkt)
02. Carl Sagan's Ghost - The Patience Of A Saint III (from the album At The End Of It All)
03. Max Richter - H Thinks A Journey (from the album 24 Postcards)
04. Aquadorsa - Night Of Trembling Stars (from the album Cloudlands)
05. Last Days - Onwards (from the album The Safety Of The North)
06. Chihei Hatakeyama - Gray Hued Sky (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
07. Milieu - Dream From Above Houses (from the album Brother)
08. SpeaK - Choose A Different Road (from the album Once Nomadic)
09. Peter Broderick - Games Again (from the album Home)
10. Nils Frahm - Somewhere Nearby (from the album The Bells)

So much great music in this thread, nice one Muttley

Statto Wrote:Icon_eek Grin

DIB Wrote:So much great music in this thread, nice one Muttley

It's a pleasure to present. Twothumbs

Guest slots so far, from 2006 up to 2010:

Anonymi - Winter Solstice Mini - January 2008

[Image: Solsticemini07Cover.jpg]

File temporarily unavailable.

ESB - Saturday Night 7' Single Session - February 2008

01. Blunderbuss - Black Stump & Crooked Mick (Homestead)
02. Treepeople - Making The D (Battery)
03. Arcwelder - Raleigh (Touch & Go)
04. Sandy Duncan's Eye - Sub (Flipside)
05. Dinosaur Jnr. - Chunks (Sst)
06. Breadwinner - Untitled (Merge)
07. Tar - Static (Touch & Go)
08. Brianiac - Simon Says (Limited Potential)
09. Stereolab - Tempter (Sub-Pop)
10. Broadcast Living Room (Duophonic) (played at the wrong speed Smile )
11. Tortoise - Why We Fight (Soul Static Sound)



Low Light - Motion For Relief - December 2008

[Image: motion.jpg]

"An online friend, Mick, is running The "15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series" & he asked me to do some mixes. The only requirements are up to 40 minutes in length & no more than 10 tracks. That should help with some experimentation, maybe an idea will work in a 30 minute mix but not for the usual hour-long mix."


* 00:00 Plastikman - consumed
* 04:44 Marconi Union - buildings without people
* 08:05 Trentemoller - miss you
* 11:50 Yagya - rhythm of snow #5
* 17:55 Underworld - pizza for eggs
* 20:20 Quantec - unusual signals
* 25:25 Ontayso - procesamiento 2.05
* 28:45 Tiki Obmar - ankeney, iowa
* 39:30 end


Low Light - A Northern Holiday - December 2008

[Image: snow.jpg]

"The mixes keep coming fast & furious.

Last year I downloaded a very cool holiday compilation. It's called "That Fuzzy Feeling". It looks like they still have downloads available but are sold out of the CDs. You can find it here...

That release was the starting point for this mix. There are three cuts from the compilation in the mix...."Brave the Cold" by Vincent Oliver and Isan...Family, "Giving" by Peter Broderick..."Snowstorm in a Snow Globe" by Fuzzy Lights. From there I just looked for other tunes that fit the theme.

So grab some hot coco & trim the tree with some ambient goodness playing in the background. Happy Holidays from all of us (actually just me) here at Low Light Mixes."


00:00 Vincent Oliver and Isan - Brave the Cold
02:35 Freescha - Holiday Frost
07:25 Takahiro Kido - Christmas Song
12:50 Chris Abrhams - Christmas Island
19:10 Stuart Busby - Snowfall
22:13 Peter Broderick - Family, Giving
25:30 Dakota Suite - December 8, 1980
27:40 Maps of the Heart - Skating Away
31:40 July Skies - Holidays to Wales
33:00 Fuzzy Lights - Snowstorm in a Snow Globe
35:50 Northern - December
39:57 end


Low Light - Antique Sunlight - January 2009

[Image: antique.jpg]

I am crossing familiar territory here with another piano mix. I think this is the third I've done.

There's no particular reason for doing a piano mix other than I happened to run into a few nice piano tunes & figured I'd slap together a short mix.

As usual this is fairly quiet music, good for reading the paper on a Sunday morning (when newspapers disappear I'll really miss doing that).


* 00:00 Milieu - antique sunlight
* 05:00 Ryuichi Sakamoto - ropa
* 10:00 Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner - may
* 15:11 Library Tapes - fragment VIII
* 18:30 Con Cetta - ker
* 22:46 Jeanne Moreau - un entretien avec
* 24:14 NIN - ghosts 11
* 27:20 Kosik - lastly empty
* 30:40 Goldmund - Threnody
* 35:00 United Bible Studies - sea of rains
* 35:46 end

Low Light - Still Falls The Rain / I Love The Rain - March 2009

[Image: still_falls_the_rain.jpg]

I'm delighted to present a SubVersion exclusive from Dave at low light mixes: "Still Falls The Rain". In his own words:

"I love the feel of rain, the smell of rain and especially the sound of rain. So this mix makes generous use of field recordings of rain & thunderstorms.

I used a classic low light mixes method of choosing the tunes, all the tracks have the word "rain" in the title. In order to reduce the number of tunes to sift through, I searched for everything I had with "rain" in the title and then chose songs that worked well with each other and with the rain sounds. I hope you enjoy it."


00:00 August Stars – Inland Rain
04:25 Part Timer – Rain on My Window
06:50 Letna – Raining Day
09:30 Jon Hassell – Delta Rain Dream
12:55 Manual - After the Rain
14:00 Mark McGuire – A Pocket Full of Rain
15:20 Sense - Early Rain
19:00 Cyber Zen Sound Engine & Matt Borghi – Endless Rain
22:10 Foxx & Budd – Raindust
27:55 Jeff Pearce – Rainshadow Sky
30:37 end


Be sure to check ""I Love The Rain", the "Still Falls The Rain" companion.

[Image: I+love+the+rain.jpg]

"The transition from spring to summer brings two new mixes from Low Light Mixes central command. We've had a fair amount of rain lately so both mixes are "rain" mixes.

Rain evokes so many memories and emotions, it's a great theme for mixes. Using field recordings really helps hold the mix together. I try not to over do it with the rain sounds, hopefully it works well.

This first mix is a vocal mix, well mostly vocal, there are three instrumentals hiding in there. All the tunes have the word "rain" in the title. It was fun discovering tunes I did not know very well, like The Decemberists track & the cut from Susanna & The Magical Orchestra."


* 00:00 Susanna & The Magical Orchestra - It's Raining Today
* 04:40 The (real) Tuesday Weld - I Love the Rain
* 08:37 Asche & Spencer - A Walk in the Rain
* 09:49 The Handsome Family - Famous Blue Raincoat
* 14:40 Daniel Lanois - Rain Weather
* 18:20 The Decemberists - Raincoat Song
* 20:40 Joe Purdy - I Love the Rain the Most
* 25:00 Oblong - Rain Over the Deverils
* 28:54 REM - I'll Take the Rain
* 34:15 Rivulets - Rain All Winter Long
* 40:00 end



[Image: THC.Series.%5B20%5D%5B12%5D-%5B01%5D...umb%29.jpg]

nrvnet - Monoamine Road - January 2009

A good mate Mick invited me to participate in his "15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series" which asks folks to submit shorter-form mixes. There are some great mixes posted there, several excellent ones by Mick himself. So, I thought I would start a new series of short-form mixes for 15 Minutes of Fame. “THC Series [20][12]” will be a series of 12 mixes, all 20 minutes in length. I thought it would be really interesting to do some mixes that were experimental or more offbeat than the normal fare for the Hydrogen Cafe. And, limiting oneself to only 20 minutes forces you to choose tracks more deliberately and also can offer you the freedom of exploring a single idea that may not work in a longer mix. I will intersperse the THC Series [20][12] mixes with my regular long-form mixes throughout 2009. Maybe this way there won’t be months between mixes. Wink THC Series [20][12] will be cross-posted at the 15 Minutes of Fame site as well. Thanks for inviting me Mick!

The idea for THC Series [20][12]-[01] Monoamine Road came from a small collection of tracks I have been putting together made up of unconventional tracks from conventional artists. I stumbled upon an ambient track of all things from Doves, an indie-rock band (one of my favorites). It’s from a collection of b-sides and rarities. I also had never, until recently, listened to David Bowie’s Low album all the way through and discovered the Eno-inspired ambient-like tracks towards the end. Those, along with U2 masquerading as the Passengers, Crystal Method and excerpts from Amusement Parks On Fire and Snopek (a great local band from Milwaukee from when I was in college), and a few ambient tracks thrown in, make up Monoamine Road. I also threw in several field recordings, including one of my own.

I would also like to remind people that the Zip file below contains artwork for the mix as well as the “score” for the mix which is a jpeg capture of the timeline from the mixing software I use, Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer. The score can show you exactly what is playing at any specific time code. I hope you like this trip down Monoamine Road.


01. Amusement Parks On Fire - Await Lightning (excerpts)
02. Doves - Where We're Calling From
03. Jacaszek - Rytm to Niesmiertelnosc II
04. David Bowie - Art Decade
05. Passengers - Beach Sequence
06. Snopek - Solalex (excerpt)
07. Takagi Masakatsu – Piano
08. The Crystal Method - Vice (excerpt)

[F I E L D R E C O R D I N G S]

01. nrvnet – (fr) Lee HWY 01
02. Clemens Von Reusner - Basel Soundwalk
03. PEI - Waterpark Tram 4
04. Marco Targa - Lungolago Lakefront

"What's your road, man?--holyboy road, madman road, rainbow road, guppy road, any road. It's an anywhere road for anybody anyhow."

- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

- Robert Frost

Download: MP3

Download: Art & Mix Score

[02] nrvnet - Absolute Motion - February 2009

[Image: THC+Series+2012+-+02+Absolute+Motion+%28thumb%29.jpg]

Here is the second of 12 mixes from THC Series [20][12] for the 15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series. [02] Absolute Motion is another departure from the usual quiet ambient mixes on the Hydrogen Cafe. I wanted to do something that was much more polyrhythmic and incorporated cuts from some Berlin-school electronic artists like Tangerine Dream and Synthetic Block. I wanted to create something very rhythmic that flowed nicely together. I continued the idea of using conventional artists who did unconventional tracks and using conventional tracks in an unconventional way. Once again you will hear U2 masquerading as the Passengers along with the Twilight Sad (an AMAZING indie-rock band!) and Snow Patrol. Excerpts from these artists are intercut with some great polyrhythmic electronic tracks from Synthetic Block, the Irresistable Force an amazing cut done way back in 1966 by Raymond Scott, Tangerine Dream, the Alan Parsons Project(I Robot was the very first LP I ever got!), a snippet of Vir Unis and a great cut by Saul Stokes. I also tried to incorporate field recordings that were rhythmic in nature as well.

THC Series [20][12] is a series of 12 mixes, all 20 minutes in length. I will intersperse these mixes with my regular long-form mixes throughout 2009. THC Series [20][12] will also be cross-posted on the 15 Minutes of Fame board. The Zip file below contains artwork for the mix as well as the ¡°score¡± for the mix which is a jpeg capture of the timeline from the mixing software I use, Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer. The score can show you exactly what is playing at any specific time code. I hope you like [02] Absolute Motion. This mix is meant to be played LOUD! ; )


01. Passengers - Slug (excerpt)
02. The Twilight Sad - Talking With Fireworks / Here, It Never Snowed (excerpt)
03. Synthetic Block - Sonic Approach
04. Snow Patrol - If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It (excerpt)
05. The Irresistible Force - Spiritual High
06. Raymond Scott - The Bass-Line Generator (1966)
07. Tangerine Dream - Logos (excerpt)
08. Alan Parsons Project - Nucleus
09. Vir Unis - Pale Blue Dot (excerpt)
10. Saul Stokes - Fields (excerpt)
11. Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike (excerpt)

[F I E L D R E C O R D I N G S]

01. John Arndt - Montego Bay
02. Matthias Kispert - Buddha Machines
03. Matthias Kispert - Weaving Factory
04. Cedric Deloche - Taipei aeroport interieur
05. Dave Pape
06. Olaf Ross - cowbells

(navigation) Motion relative to a point fixed on the earth's surface or to an apparently fixed celestial point.

(physics) Motion of an object described by its measurement in a frame of reference that is preferred over all other frames.

"Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration."

- Kahlil Gibran

Download: MP3

Download: Art & Mix Score

[Image: m_d65a15005622460890c3dffa3a45c749.jpg]

It is with deepy felt honour on my part that I can present Peter Broderick's contribution to "15 Minutes Of Fame". Best known for his piano-led masterpiece "Float" on Type Recordings, an LP which elicited heart-tugging poignancy in its 36 minute duration, "Experiments In Sound And Song" is described by Peter as follows:

Peter Broderick - Experiments In Sound And Song -

"In the last months, I have been occasionally posting music for free on my flickr page ( ). All of this music was recorded very quickly, impulsively, and then put online, and at the moment I don't plan to do anything else with it. The music has been all over the place, from quiet solo piano to wanna-be hip-hop. All of the songs in this mix, and more, can be downloaded at my flickr page, and I hope to keep putting music up there in future. I have written a short description for each song here, and posted links to the original flickr postings.


01. Sunday Song (0:00 - 3:26)
A simple song I wrote on my friend Nils Frahm's piano, recorded on a quiet Sunday evening when I had his place to myself.

02. When I ___ I ___ (3:26 - 7:15)
I asked people on my flickr page to fill in the blanks on the following sentence: "When I ___ I ___, and my ___ is ___." Then I made this song using their comments.

03. Freyr (7:15 - 13:25)
Before I moved to Europe at the end of 2007, I lived in Portland, Oregon, with my cat Freyr. Freyr was my best friend in the world, and leaving him behind was tough. But my father loves cats as much as I do, so I took Freyr up to his place in the country side to stay. He loved it there. And I would see him every time I was back in Oregon visiting. This last November he disappeared into the woods, and never came back. One morning I received an email from my father, explaining that Freyr was gone, and how that made him feel. Most of the emails I get from my father are quite short (he doesn't spend all his time on his computer like we do!), but this one was much longer. I knew he loved that cat like I did, and the words he wrote were so beautiful to me. I had to take them and make a song out of it, a song for Freyr.

04. These Walls of Mine (13:35 - 21:36)
I had surgery on my knee back in December, and was very immobile in the days that followed. So I spent all of my time trying to distract myself and pass the time. I watched Twin Peaks all over again, and recorded a bunch of ridiculous music. I thought a lot about all the different ways to present words. Our voices are so versatile, and when words come out of our mouths, the way we deliver them is a crucial part of how those words come across. So this is me playing around with the delivery of words, and trying to make hip-hop with a piano, a violin, a nylon string guitar, and a computer.

05. I Do This (21:36 - 27:20)
This really makes the most sense if you look at these flickr entires, in the following order:

06. Copenhagen (27:20 - 35:16)
There was a huge marching rally on the street right outside my window in Copenhagen. They were playing these amazing beats on their drums. So I hobbled over to my suitcase (it was the day after my knee operation) and grabbed my field recorder. Then I spent the rest of the day making this song, using my voice as the only other instrument. I processed layers of my voice to make a beat the same tempo as the one I had recorded from outside, then blended the two together with more layers of my voice.

07. Hannover (35:16 - 38:09)
I was on tour with Efterklang a few months ago, and we played at this wonderful theater in Hannover, Germany. I found an empty room with a piano, set up my field recorder and recorded some short improvisations, then mixed a few different pieces together really quickly.

08. Inside Out There (38:09 - 43:28
Another song I made in the days after my knee operation. I was restless, and was basically just messing around with making beats on the computer, only using my voice and other things laying around, like my fingers on the table top, or smacking the chair next to me. Once I finished the beat, I picked up some other instruments and made this song around it."


Fushara - Protective Instinct

[Image: m_90323debd038118ea0dbbdba2c087bc7.jpg]

I was introduced to Fushara's repertoire by his inaugural showing on Plainaudio - "Rising" EP, whereby "Symbol Of State" stuck out as netlabel gourmet. Slowing the tempo, he's very kindy offered the 15 Minutes Of Fame mix series "Protective Instinct". A paradoxically righteous 145bpm venture through cavernous bass, Krome & Time-esque piano motifs, piston-precision atmospherics and plentifully multicoloured breakbeats, he's subsequently showcasing some tracks from his forthcoming album on Make:Shift. It's, by this example, a welcomely noble addition to their already high standard catalogue.


01. Fushara - Breakbeat Sign
02. Fushara - Digitalism (Make:Shift-from forthcoming album Tales from A Concrete City)
03. Fushara - Sharpy
04. Fushara - Rate Control
05. Fushara - Element
06. Fushara - Distorted Thinking
07. Fushara - 3am London Borough (Make:Shift-from forthcoming album Tales from A Concrete City)
08. Fushara District 10
09. Fushara Urban Decay part 1 and 2

Mixed in Serato Scratch.

^ wicked sounds here. Icon_yippee

boh Bluesmiley

Listening to Life Support right now... Sooooooo smooth, and emotional. Tracks are mixed amazingly well together. Have to admit the ending caught me off guard though. Grin

In The Face of Loss: More anxiety in this one, but still with a lot of beauty. Love it. What's up with the ending again, I guess I didn't learn from the first time as this caught me off guard again. The song's lovely though.

Patience Of Saints Remembered: Very relaxing and nice. More consistent than the other two, too, in my opinion. Lovely track selections in each one in any case.

Thanks for making these!

SpeaK Wrote:Listening to Life Support right now... Sooooooo smooth, and emotional. Tracks are mixed amazingly well together. Have to admit the ending caught me off guard though. Grin

In The Face of Loss: More anxiety in this one, but still with a lot of beauty. Love it. What's up with the ending again, I guess I didn't learn from the first time as this caught me off guard again. The song's lovely though.

Patience Of Saints Remembered: Very relaxing and nice. More consistent than the other two, too, in my opinion. Lovely track selections in each one in any case.

Thanks for making these!

That's brilliant to read SpeaK, thanks! Glad you suggest I did justice to your record. The ending's came out of my ruse: marrying unconventional sources, and that overrides sometimes. But where ambience has it, that doesn't always transpose a consistent passage of sound. Three more that are on varying tangents of this notion...

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 32 - Paralysis - January 2010

[Image: Lyme_Disease_Risk_Map.gif]

01. Machinefabriek - Weightless (remix) (from the album Bijeen)
02. Keith Berry - The Other Shore (rework of Fessended sounds) (from the album Bleu Resultat)
03. BJ Nilsen - Viking North (from the album The Short Night)
04. Ivan Ckonjevic - Umesto Bujenja (from the album Plavi Bicikl)
05. Apalusa - Small Environs 2 (from the album Small Environs)
06. Carl Sagan's Ghost - Solitude II (from the album At The End Of It All)
07. Stars Of The Lid - Articulate Silences Pt. 1 (from the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
08. mwvm - Negative Pole (from the album Rotations)
09. Wereju - Forsaken (from the album The Way Of The Cross)
10. Last Days - Nightlight (from the album Sea)


I've dedicated several mixtapes to friends I speak to online, or have met because of online interaction. A follow-up to "Caught In Static", "Paralysis" is dedicated to Annastay from talking to me about her condition. I wanted to create something that was contemplative, warm and useful for capturing a joyful, stable state of mind beyond what paralysis constitutes - with a fair helping of static noise to round off the spectral suspension.

Annastay was misdiagnosed for years and it turns out the culprit was lyme disease. It caused her "to be really ill over years; I was fatigued constantly, pain moved around to different region of my body causing severe tightness or numbness while the muscles would go into complete spasm throughout the day. As these problems progressed, the spasms started to linger in one limb or two for days on end. I had years where I couldn't even sit in comfort. I had to keep moving around due to the intensity of pain, not being able to sit still for 15 minutes. I had stopped sleeping, whereby then I started to have severe anxiety/mental problems (as you can imagine anyone would in this situation). Environment and large amounts of stress can cause these problems to surface with anyone with a dispostion to them, let alone chronic health problems of this extent.

The lyme attacks the blood effecting your brains' neuro pathways. My cognitive function has been severely effected, and my short term memory basically non-existant; I still can't remember names to anything really. I constantly have to ask or check who an artist is when listening throughout the duration of a song if I want to try and remember it. I had gone untreated for so long, that it's invaded my entire neurological system and inhibited deeply in my ligaments and muscles.

I could barely walk at points over the years. Yet my condtion and how I feel is still invisible to people and even most doctors. Now that I've finally started some antibiotics for the last 6 months I've luckily started to begin to sleep again more than just an hour at a time, and had small improvements in some areas of pain but my brain is worse than ever from the dying off of the spiroketes - I have days where I literally cant connect any of the thoughts I have or take much action on any ideas I might have on the creative front, which is frustrating as inspiration or productivity is hard to come by while going through all this.

I've always fought through the symptoms and worked on music, but the last few years has been the hardest and most devastating as this wasn't possible. I had no outlet for expression or release of feelings as my shoulder was not able to take extended time on a mouse or drum kit. The treatment is not clear-cut nor the same for anyone with this disease and will take years to treat. I was fortunate enough to have it show up on a blood test finally."

Conversely to "Caught In Static", the pieces here are more focused in manner, as well as length. Last Days makes a late appearance as "Nothing Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Ends" (from The Safety Of The North) on "Caught In Static" resonated with her over the other tracks. To initiate the idea for suitable music I thought to myself: "What would someone paralyzed like to listen to?" Then I extended this to "What can free the listener's inhibitions to fight paralysis as the problem?" I concluded from these judgments that I required tunes that weren't fleeting, had a large amount of sustain, and evolved in texture to push the audience onto change with conviction. Consequently the files' runtime is a fair bit shorter.

Related links watch

Lyme disease: wikipedia

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 33 - Back To The Drawing Board - January 2010

[Image: paul.s_extreme_sound_stretch-248959-1245292606.jpeg]

This is another fledgling concept for the blog: a genre bleeding into a new definition. If you listened to "Back To The Drawing Board" as an ambient lover, the tunes would be fresh to your ears. If you glanced at this set-list as a drum & bass conniseur, you'd predict it would be beat-orientated. The fact is that these tracks were not drawn-out drones in their initial guises, nor beatless. Every one is a composite of stretched audio.

I read low light mixes' "Slo_Mo" entry, and downloaded Paul's "Extreme Sound Stretch", wondering what original things I could do with it. At this time I was also feeling let down by life events, and had spoken to a friend who was interested in old jungle mixes from myself. This duality lead me to revisit the most emotionally heinous and spine-tingling tunes I could find in my drum & bass collection, citing the phrase "back to the drawing board" as a hinge to regroup mentally.

I don't have many records in the genre - in comparison to the general consensus of vinyl buyers - 250 maximum, at a push. Therefore sampling in one session for breakdowns, intros and outros without percussion, that I liked a lot was fairly easy. Thinktank's "Skyscraper" was a starting point; the shiver-inducing guitar feedback translating why it's in my top three d&b recordings to date.

The samples in "Back To The Drawing Board" were stretched to up to ten times their original length. Adam F's classic "Jaxx" and Probe-One's "Substance" were the longest modifications in the set, taking under two minutes of synth noise and elongating it to roughly 600 seconds. Of course, not all of it is audible; using Acoustica Audio Mixer I faded in and out of sounds with clarity optimized.

There's a variety of octave adjustments mixed in to distinguish but paradoxically blur the lines of what I sampled. "Extreme Sound Stretch" lets you do this as well as shift pitches and harmonics. While this mix was rendered entirely from drum & bass audio, I plan to incorporate a helping of outsider repertoires, including ambient and piano works, to diversify and chime in with my favoured selections. It's worth noting that I bought these tunes partly on the basis of their atmospherics, so perceive this as a prototype to me discovering ambient music when I was 16, if you will.

The title is relevant, also, because I'm completing my Open University study. I am in the process of re-reading all the units to ensure I obtain the highest mark I can for my second assessment. 75% on my first is respectable considering I knew I was slacking due to undisciplined structure. At 25 minutes, I hope "Back To The Drawing Board" will resonate with your own experiments and help soundtrack belief systems to thrive.


01. Mav - Atomic Collision (Vector Burn remix) (Covert Operations / Warm Communications, 2003)
02. Konflict - Messiah (Renegade Hardware, 2000)
03. Thinktank - Skyscraper (Obscene, 2005)
04. Adam F - Jaxx (from the album Colours, 1997)
05. Cartridge - Expressway (Unreleased)
06. Kemal & Black Sun Empire - Stranded V1.0 (oBSEssions, 2005)
07. Polska - Burning Sun (Subtle Audio, 2005)
08. Probe-One - Substance (from the album Testflight Presents Altitude Vol.1, 2005)
09. Breakage - Drowning (Planet Mu, 2006)
10. Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok - Exit Violence (Violence, 2005)


Skypear Wrote:Listened to this mix last night as I was falling asleep. It's amazing. Feels like my head is in slow motion but my thoughts are still at regular speed. The ending is awesome too.

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 34 - Closing Down - January 2010

[Image: languageoflandscape.thumb.jpg]

Carl Sagan's Ghost's "Closing Down" was the initiator for this concept. Handling synthetic walls of stimulated topography, it carried the symbolism I wished to elicit - undertaking with association triggers.

Sometimes my paranoia gets so extreme, or I'm afflicted by nervous energy, that I have to disconnect my computer, or internet in fear that I go crazy; in essence, to close down.

"Closing Down" is a specially made soundtrack - like "The Eyes, They See An Ominous Pillar" was, that serves to heal the tirades of self-abuse my mind pins on me in these areas, and counteract the struggle with reaching normality once again.

Spanning near to 34 minutes - the traditonal circumference of my screaming fits - it's synchronized to account for crashing noises inside my head (percussion from track four), voices shouting at me ("I remember it well / I asked you not to go / But all I heard was the screaming silence" by Olafur Arnalds), introspection material (Darren Harper, Language Of Landscape) and arising out of manic panic attacks (Leafcutter John's "Let It Begin").

"Now, well now it's time, to pull yourselves into lines, and raise and rise, push your leaves and branches high" sings Leo Chadburn at the tail end; a telling narrative to pick yourself up whatever background you have, and conquer the inner demon that hounds you. This won't be to everyone's taste, but I felt like letting it out to those who have suffered similar grief.


01. Carl Sagan's Ghost - Closing Down (from the EP Colonian Spa)
02. Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium) - Radial Summer / Signal Evening (from the album Peeling)
03. Richard Skelton - Scar Tissue (from the album Landings)
04. Charles Stanyan - The Path From My Door At Night (from the album Peeling)
05. Last Days - May Your Days Be Gold (from the album The Safety Of The North)
06. Darren Harper - The Long Goodnight (from the album Time Forgotten)
07. Olafur Arnalds - Vi Vorum Sm (Dyad 1909 Version) (from the album Dyad 1909)
08. Andrea Belfi - Sleeping With Extraevil (from the album Between Neck And Stomach)
09. Language Of Landscape - And The Rain Embraced Our Closing Worlds (from the album Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow)
10. Leafcutter John - Let It Begin (from the album The Forest And The Sea)


Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 35 - Tension Is A Ruse - February 2010

[Image: emi3695352.jpg]

"Tension Is A Ruse" partners "Closing Down" in the mix series. Contrary to "Hum", it's unsettling, hence should be used sparingly. I have never been an early bird, preferring the tranquility of nighttime. "Tension Is A Ruse" is a constant alarm call for the senses - albeit it's nowhere near gabba. Several tracks are in the guise of excerpts, dropping out, planing off, where complacency is hard to nail. Bat For Lashes ornament with vocals, whereas every track has a tense property to it. Combined together, it can trick the mind into believing haste is necessary, or that it's time to awaken out of trance state.


01. Berliner Philharmoniker & Sir Simon Rattle - Lost Love (from the album Perfume: Story Of A Murderer OST)
02. Leyland Kirby - The Beauty Of The Impending Tragedy Of My Existence (from the album Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was)
03. Murcof - Ulysses (excerpt) (from the album Utopia)
04. The Alpha Rhythm - The Crossing (Aphelion intro) (from the album Proof Of Concept)
05. Zoo Di Vetro - Amalidieses (excerpt) (from the album Zaum Vol.1)
06. Hilmar O Hilmarsson & Sigur Ros - Approach / Dream (from the album Angels Of The Universe OST)
07. Bat For Lashes - Glass (from the album Two Suns)
08. Sawako - Tiny Tiny (from the album Madoromi)
09. Stars Of The Lid - Humectez La Moutre (from the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
10. 36 - 2249 (from the album Hypersona)
11. Boards Of Canada - Alpha And Omega (from the album Geogaddi)
12. Scan One - 8 Bit (Combat Recordings EP)
13. Nils Frahm - Peter Is Dead In The Piano (from the album The Bells)
14. Richard Skelton - Remaindered (from the album Landings)
15. Skindred - Stand For Something (from the album Shark Bites & Dog Fights)


^ cheers for posting that, hope there will be no more problems with the site in the future. Grin

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 36 - Alone In The Cosmos - March 2010

[Image: l_584f613a149f4ac79e749b3c8918fa8e.jpg]

"Alone In The Cosmos" cites Fluid Radio's selectors spiritually, being made for the station. Staking out ground, planning your next move - are targets. To convince correctly, restraint is required to not risk treading on eggshells. "Alone In The Cosmos" maximises your quiet time, an incense stick that will burn a pleasant aroma when revisited. Greg Haines and Alexander Thomas are blended to spark tangential eye on the forthcoming SubVersion concert, while electro rockers Glint were purveyors of the thematic lineage. "Dear brothers and sisters, dear enemies and friends: why are we all so alone here? All we need is a little more hope, all we need is a little more joy, all we need is a little more light, a little less weight, a little more freedom".


00:00 - 23:20 Paul Bradley - All That Was (Pt. 1) (from All That Was)
05:30 - 24:30 Greg Haines - Until The Point Of Least Resistance (from Until The Point Of Hushed Support)
08:15 - 12:10 Tom White -Top Floor (from A Well Known Phrase)
09:37 - 16:05 Alexander Thomas - Buffalo Lives (from Helium)
18:27 - 23:00 Glint - Alone In The Cosmos (from Sound In Silence)
22:28 - 27:00 A Silver Mount Zion - Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!) (from Born Into Trouble...)
27:00 - 31:28 Max Richter - On The Nature Of Daylight (from Blue Notebooks)
30:56 - 35:07 Bat For Lashes - Pearl's Dream (from Two Suns)
31:25 - 33:55 Gaston Arevalo - Maritim (from Marea)
34:18 - 35:05 Hilmar O Hilmarrson & Sigur Ros - The Black Dog And The Scottish Play (from Angels Of The Universe OST)


Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 37 - In Heaven, Everything Is Fine - April 2010

[Image: type028_cover_lores_medium.jpg]

"In Heaven, Everything Is Fine" is dedicated to a family friend, who when he rings us, always asks how everyone is. Ideally we're all doing swimmingly, but the last three years, that's unfortunately sporadic. This mixtapes' agenda is based on the outro piece by Helios, where Keith Keniff sings "In heaven, everything is fine / You've got your good thing, and I've got mine". There is a sinister undertone from the instrumentation, a riposte of the fuzzy ambience that precedes it.

Fuzziness resembles compost for creation, myself imagining heavenly segues that joined tranquility with calm, comfortable feeling. When I'm firing on all cylinders, being productive and living life to the full, the warmth I receive mentally has quantification that price can't purchase. Striving for semblance rectifies worries, unclogs inhibition and sweeps grievances under the carpet; the essential reason for sharing, and a nod there are souls who care; that an alert we can relish.


01. Lexithimie - Scale 3 (from No Matter How Many Time, Repeat, 2009)
02. Altus - Welcoming The Dead Days (from Black Trees Among Amber Skies, 2010)
03. Spheruleus - A Significant Circle (from The Disguised Familiar, 2009)
04. Bing Satellites - Late Summer Meadows (from Twilight Sessions Vol.1, 2010)
05. Helios - In Heaven (from Ayres, 2007)


Any feedback much appreciated. Smile

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