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Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 70 / 76 - Apples Fall From The Tree / How Close Your Soul (November 2009 / August 2008]

Tracing through time a connected thread of certain ideologies carried by faith.

15 MOF Pt. 70 - Apples Fall From The Tree (December 2009)

01. Ateleia - Inner Air (Nightly LP)
02. Eluvium - We Say Goodbye To Ourselves (Talk Amongst The Trees LP)
03. Metric - Collect Call (Fantasies LP, 2009)
04. Spheruleus - How White The Cerulean Sky (The Disguised Familiar LP, Earth Mantra, 2009)
05. Fuji Apple Worship - The Rescue (from the album Been Heading North)
06. Noah And The Whale - Blue Skies (First Days Of Spring LP, 2009)
07. Jesu - Storm Comin' On (Lifeline LP, Hydra Head, 2008]
08. Ulrich Schnauss - Gone Forever (Far Away Trains Passing By, 2008]
09. The Cinematic Orchestra - Prelude (Ma Fleur LP, 2007)
10. Bark Psychosis - Shapeshifting (Codename: Dustsucker LP)
40:55 end

15 MOF Pt. 76 - How Close Your Soul (November 2014)

Featuring Fracture & Neptune - Visions, Vic Chestnutt - Debriefing and Bonobo - If You Stayed Over feat. Fink.


And this one selected and sequenced live upon inspiration from spending a night with Mutley, our 18 year old dog who is going to be put to sleep after 8 1/2 years ownership tomorrow.

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 81 - Healing [A Night With Mutley] (January 2015)

[Image: a2647952946_2.jpg]

01. 00:00 The Alpha Rhythm - Paper Mache
02. 00:00 Matt Bartram - Healing
03. 05:30 Jon Hopkins - Fading Glow
04. 06:00 36 - Stasis Eject
05. 12:00 Bat For Lashes - Rest Your Head
06. 16:00 36 - Sun Riders
07. 16:00 DJ Trax - The Tribe (Aural Exciter)
08. 19:00 Victor Malloy - Trying
09. 21:00 Foci's Left - Avoiding The Frank
10. 24:00 Wire - A Touching Display


Muttley Wrote:10. 24:00 Wire - A Touching Display


Like the mix?

New one this week.

Muttley Wrote:Like the mix?

Some of it Yes

You can probably guess the bits I don't like Wink


Little recap on the Muttley 15 MOF stock.
I have 1-10 online, 11 on a device but offline, 12 & 13 are with extended family, I have 14-18 online, 19 on a device
but offline, 20-53 online and stocked, 54 with extended family member and a crashed laptop, 55-57 close family, 58-60(65)
online, 61 unnacounted for, 62 on a device but offline, 63 extended family, 64-69 online, 70 in TDD 4 (currenly offline),
71-81 online. All fields marked 'online' are at in their respective folders.

Later edit: 65 yet to be made.

12 is here:

I have, dated today, got 10 mixes I've done in the last 10 years I'm looking to collect for archival purposes.

Muttley - CD for friend mix, Muttley - Feb 06 Selection, 15 MOF Pts. 13, 55, 56, 57, 61, 63, 65. These last two listed are yet to be made. I'd also like to re-download "Transference".

I'll post 76-80 in here soon, 76-79 being Lata's Favourite Muttley Mix.

I found a copy of Muttley (& Annastay) - 15 MOF Pt. 54 - Still Life on my Creative Zen. Seeing as she was okay with me uploading it 3 years ago, I'll try and get it online in the next month.

And this...renews more of my faith in contemporary 2015 dnb:

Samurai Music Music Competition Entries

Starts with Orbital, goes into a Dido remix, then trails through various cornerstones of electronica greatness, including Mindspan, Dido, DJ Trax, Jan Linton, Equinox, etc, with me playing zither and guitar on some tracks around the mic. Vocal overdubs are spurious, I do a bit of baritone accompaniment to "Here With Me" which might be preferable to the Kermit The Frog impersonation I did at the Half Moon in December. Lots of bass in the recording, but dynamically fairly mixed between linear and cosine trajectory because I turned down the gains of my output system when DJing. Used the classic method of testing the hi end for mixing in unknown tracks to beatmatch with minimal crapness, and mixing is in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 7/4.


Tunes like this me play:

I did put "Still Life" online, it's at in a later folder. "Soul Eraser", PT 55, is lost forever, it's the only one I haven't had for over 5 years. Still, it was the most depressing mix I ever made. Not fun.

A bump for posterity. The mix series is still in full swing, I don't think there have been new submissions by others since 2015, but then I haven't done any promotion of it since then really. Humans are welcome to sign up, they get free music for their troubles if you get I.

There are at the time of writing this post - 21st Feb 2k17 - 116 Muttley MOF Mixes, and they're set to continue. The series has been running 11 years now.

15mof 118 - walking wounded...karma to burn (april 11th 2017) now online to stream

includes leonard cohen, jean michel jarre, noir music, tall paul, goldfrapp, mogwai; 30 minutes.

120 - the love below (beneath that mask) - muttley
eraldo bernocchi and blackfilm, 2 tracks also from "spiritual jazz: islam" and at the end ida - the love below.

121 is on MixCloud and Soundcloud since yesterday, with various artists as ever...track list on the front page of SC.


rolling out sunday afternoon with 15 mof pt. 65 - retirement. I left this one until I had the right tunes 4 years later.

xiu xiu - petite
arcon 2 - the beckoning
the verve - lucky man
slow club - in waves
daughter - doing the right thing
u2 - with or without you

track list explained in file. 27 minutes long.

anyone recommend any jungletrain djs to approach? I could email arnie to pass the message on, get the station extra exposure and the causes. I bloody well love jungletrain, but i'm just rarely in the mood for dnb now. I play loads of indie and ambient and classical.

here is the "true, first" 15 Minutes Of Fame mixtape. Called "Rare Grooves", it focuses on just that, and an epitome for the series itself. banger beats, decent mixing, 2005 style, served up with a filling drumfunk chutney and oldskool potato fries. [Image: teef.gif]

muttley - rare grooves - 2005 - 15 mof or. 55 (the very first one #decent mixing, #all key-mixed, #focus on tunes, #emotive)
really should be filed in the missing or.55 section, to replace "soul eraser" (british library) - I mixed it with my girlfriend like in 2012 as well.

01-hive, keaton, echo, gridlok - california schemin' - "welcome to violence lp", violence recordings, 2005
02-paradox - bongolia - bassbin recordings "rare grooves lp", 2005
03-gridlok - mass transit - "welcome to violence lp", violence recordings, 2005
04-digital - lucky 7 - bassbin recordings "rare grooves lp", 2005
05-hive, keaton, echo, gridlok - man vs. machine - "welcome to violence lp", violence recordings, 2005
06-resound - circular structure (paradox drumfunk remix) - counter intelligence recordings 12', 2004
07-seba & paradox - last goodbye - paradox music 12', 2004
08-klute - saviour - commercial suicide "no-one's listening anymore lp", 2004
09-krust - true stories - talkin' loud cd-r, 1997


made another one in the dawn hours GMT time - "peace (October 2017)". unnumbered cos there's so many mixes now in the series. they're also on more multifarious diversions rather than based on chronology. artists include eschaton remixed by fl, after the thought, 36 and Leyland Kirby.

pss480 liveset

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