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walmart people black customers attention leave store the now all quot

Thread Contributor: cordani"Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now."

america is so fuxxored


tbf, it sounds to me like a shopper found an unattended mic and thought it would be funny to yell that out. If so, the individual is a twat, but i'm not sure you can blame Wal-Mart, or extrapolate to say America as a whole is fucked up.
*great words don't cover ugly actions, good frames won't save bad paintings*

sounds like an Onion story, only not funny.

Blunt Wrote:sounds like an Onion story, only not funny.


and i was thinking the same thing metal, thats why i wasnt all "fuck walmart" - its just such a ridiculously cruel thing for a person to do. esp with racial tensions so high in the US. i mean it was just a couple years ago since [Image: picJimCrow.jpg]

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