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ableton 8 users

ive been using cubase for the past few years and been very comfortable using it but i gave ableton a try the other week and i'm getting more turned on by it day by day
the session view is fun to mess about and i'm pretty much riding an idea of a tune much quicker.. getting ideas out faster and easier per say.
im still learning thru the program as I work on tracks.

anyone here strickly use this program for there music?

any tips or helpful pointers?


Yep, I'm strictly Ableton these days (not counting VSTs).

Some good advice here.

I use only ableton live, + (some plugs)

difficult to recommend what to look into, but I really like the slice to drum rack, which allows you to take a sample and chop it into a drum rack.

I like how they have implemented groove, take a clip you like the groove of, extract the groove, and then you can quantize (non destructively ) other clips.
You can even drag a groove into a midi track and use that as a start for programming out an idea. Quite useful if you are trying to recreate an existing loop for example.

look into unlinking envelopes for automation in clips, if you like session view delve a bit deeper and look at follow actions, which allows you to sequence a set of clips.

any specific questions, I can try and help!

i got 8.1.3 yesterday and trying to get my head around max. crazy stuff.

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