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Cubase fukin 4! (delay fx issues)

im having trouble with my delays cutting short (regardless of feedback settings)
anyone have this trouble?
the problem occurs when im using really small splices of audio. it seems fine using bigger files but using these small splices, the delay cuts off abruptly after about 2 seconds.

ive tried the updates.. still no joy Icon_sad

Steinberg had this to say:

"It sounds as your Cubase project is corrupted. In this case the easiest solution should be to create a new Cubase project after the tracks' exporting.
However you could decide of deleting the Cubase 4 Preferences folder and all its contents: I usually suggest it when the problem appears always.
You will find this folder at the path below:
Go -> User Name Profile -> Library -> Preferences -> Cubase 4
If you have some particular setting which don't want to loose it's enough you rename the folder "Cubase 4" with another name. Cubase shall create a new folder when it shall restart itself again "

Sorted then yet mate? Had loads of weird quirks like that on most DAWs I've used at some point Roll

i used to have a prob a bit like that. i fixed it by having a bit of audio miles further down. When you bounce you get the full delay, just set the locators to the right places.

I think cubase thinks that the project is finished and then cuts the fx. Might even be a preference buried somewehre.

Although this may have been acid pro, i def have had this before and this fixed it. I went from sx3 > 5 tho.


Hovver Wrote:Sorted then yet mate?

i had issues exporting the tracks and was too afraid to fuck with renaming the cubase folder (at where i was with the track) Hahaha

so i carried on laying the foundation of the tune.. just about done now. gonna try the export thing later tonight.

after this im getting some hardware fx fuck it. got the old Carlsbro delay out tonight Hahaha [SIZE="7"]LO FI[/SIZE]

Paradigm X Wrote:i used to have a prob a bit like that. i fixed it by having a bit of audio miles further down. When you bounce you get the full delay, just set the locators to the right places.

yeah, this seemed to work at first but i think the project just got crazy messed up. i have the problem with bigger audio edits now.
i didnt want to start bouncing then coz i wasnt sure exactly what i was doing with the delays.
thanks for the reply mate Smile

i miss my four track

this is fukin stupid!!!!!!!

i exported the tracks / included copies of the media files in the export / imported the tracks / copied media files to the project folder....

all the track data is there but no fukin audio files in the project window..
opened the pool, the names of the files are there but "?" next to all of them.

seems like the only way to get the audio is to hit "search missing files" and individually locate them from the external hard drive!
this is fukin stupid! i have way too many to do that.
its not even finding them from the original project file saved on the computers hard drive.

surely there must be an easier way to get the audio files into the region parts than this?

any help would be mostly appreciated

finally located the files and restored it to its previously corrupt state (i wont bore you with the details Hahaha)

tried Steinbergs 2nd suggestion of renaming the Cubase folder in Applications... and the computer says "EHH EHHHHHH" no change what so ever. so im just working round the issues and shouting at the screen now and then.

its got to the point where my heart races every time i move a sample in fear of it crashing Hahaha

#9 forum may be a good place to post this.

Xyxthumbs i think il do that. i had a brief look on there before i contacted steinberg. didnt think to post there.

been using this [url=[Image: 2udx3ea.jpg]][Image: 2udx3ea.jpg][/url]

it actually sounds better plus its more fun Smile

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