Wavelab 7 out ! (PC AND Mac)


The essentials one looks perfect for my needs, only £82 might pick up.

I just want a decent audio editor, full version overkill.


yeah, was looking at this this morning.. full version is crazy money!

heres the full feature comparison: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/wav...tml#c61312

Yes i saw that; doesnt really explain what 'limited' means...

I asked on the wavelab forum and got this response;

PG Wrote:Sorry, there is no detail list. Would be complicated to explain without a program knowledge (eg. Audio Montage, which is much bigger in pro than in elements).


Doesnmt really help.

For £82 i might grab the elemtns, £500 is far too much. Need a decent wav editor. Ive used a 'demo' of Wavelab 5 in the past but not using demos anymore. Worth £82 for the three nice denoiser plugs i expect.


same here.
was looking for a student license but there doesn't seem to be one for Wavlab 7

ive finished my studies but am still on the system til' some time this month Smile


Only for Intel macs...argh Icon_sad
I think I HAVE TO buy an intel based mac to myself as a christmas gift Grin

fuck! i need snow leopard for it. im .2 out Hahaha

I will stick with 6 until I'm forced to upgrade my machine. Audio Montage is basically a multitrack editor (and recorder) - very powerful but I doubt anyone here would make much use of it over a DAW, it's not a sequencer. I use batch file processing a fair bit, and for this I love Wavelab Grin

yeah, ive used montage before to put together the exegene cd but all i need now is a decent audio editor. Ill never use it now, and cubase will do if i ever ( Lol ) have to do that again (never!).

This looks perfect but a bit pissed off they wont/cant explain what a 'limited' feature is. Roll

I guess the only way forward is to try the cheap one and see. But the difference is huge (~£400).

Ive asked a couple more questions at cubase.net. Hopefully wont get banned Hahaha

Hmm no batch processing in Elements Icon_sad

Except batch file conversion, woohoo ! Teef

Studio 6 looks like what i need but for some reason theyve dropped the studio version for seven. Doh. Baffled

But studio 6 doesnt have the 3 sonnox denoiser plugs.

Scouring ebay now...

Hmm, although a studio 6 > full 7 upgrade is only 29euros, so the full wavelab 7 could be ~£189+29 euros, massive bargain. Hmm... Chin


gutted.. i cant do it that way as Studio 6 is only for Windows system.

actually im confused, the system requirements say Windows, but then further down the page it says PC, Mac compatibility Chin

you dont even need to install it - you only need proof of purchase. Mrgreen

Best ive seen is 179 free delivery from andertons. So around £200 all in for Wavelab 7. Buy before oct 31, claim before 31 dec. takes up to 6 weeks. Might do this when get paid, just spunked on a new uad2 quad... Oops

Or you could sell me your studio 6 ...

Meant to be stopping spending money. Need to put some crap pon ebay.

Paradigm X Wrote:you dont even need to install it - you only need proof of purchase. Mrgreen

i could then sell you 6 but... "LE versions, second hand or used products — regardless of purchase date — are excluded from this offer."

Yeah, i meant just get a cheap Studio 6. Id be happy with that. Not upgrade. I really dont need the full version. But not sure yet.

Still thinking about options.

this is getting silly... looks like cubase 4 is NOT compatible with Snow Leopard.
so.. to get Wavelab 7, il have to upgrade from Wavelab Studio 6 (which isnt clear if it runs on intel mac - it doesn't run on Snow Leopard) and then upgrade to Snow Leopard for Wavelab 7 and then to Cubase 5...

*edit* cubase 4 not OFFICIALLY supported, still works fine for some.
although, steinberg have stopped any progress on 4.5.2

Id shoot an email to Steinberg via your mysteinberg... dont know anything about macs. Strange, cubase/wavelab works on all versions of windows, would assume the same.

BTW 'supported' means youll get support in Steinbergs language, doesnt necessarily mean it wont work on others. Id join cubase.net if youre not. The wavelab author responds very quickly, cubase side is ok on PC side.


um... can anyone enlighten me how the upgrade software works?
do they send you the complete new software bundle or do they send you just the right software which adds to the existing program?

whilst i am eligible for wavelab 7 upgrade (on the mac), wavelab 6 is PC only (my PC is fucked)

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