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upgrading software help?

can anyone enlighten me how the 'upgrade software' works?
do they send you the complete new software bundle or do they send you just the right software which adds to the existing program?

whilst i am eligible for wavelab 7 upgrade (multi platform), wavelab 6 is PC only (my PC is fucked) so hoping the upgrade will work on the mac without the previous wavelab 6 software - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

Depends on the program. Usually it's just a case of running the installer and it'll update it, lose no files etc etc.

When it's a MAJOR upgrade, say from v5 to v6 there maybe a slightly longer process or reinstall of the whole program but usually it's seamless. That's not to say you'll find thousands of posts on the internet with people having problems upgrading.

My advice, backup personal settings, files, music etc then run the upgrade. Should it fail you have a fallback.

Being a ligit version that you've got (or sounds that way) you're in a safer place than those naughty people who use cracks.

WRT Wavelab as weve discussed;

according to the sb info, once theyve confirmed your proof of purchase you get sent a special link to a discounted product. You then choose mac or pc download.

as its never been released for mc before its bound to be the full installer rather than an upgrade.

most new versions, 5,6 whatever are full, its the x.1 updates that are generally patches.


Twothumbs - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

seems a bit odd your buying a pc prog youll never install just to upgrade. but its the steal of the year imo. Will be joining you when i get paid next month. skinted atm, need to flog some crap pon the bay.

i may even return it to the store un-opened. i have 7 days.
Chin my only worry then, although steinberg do not mention this, is that youl have needed to register the license of v.6 first.

Hahaha i refuse to believe there is no catch

another thing ive noticed is that if you follow the links to upgrade, they charge you £82 for the boxed or download version. perhaps the €29 price they advertise will be on the personalized link they send you. - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

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