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Great little article about the tempest...

Looks simply amazing

[Image: tempest_proto.jpg]

obviously will never be able to afford / justify... just need my mid life crisis to kick in..

You won't be surprised that we've already been drooling over this one.



Yes very much.

Thing is, while an amazing product there's absolutely no way I could justify the cost vs the use I'd get out of it. Shame.

ohhhhhh lord

would love one but know i'd probably sell it a year later when I needed the money and a wave of stark reality struck..

love it when Roger bashes out a beat on the video!

I've just heard it. Damn. Love it.

Annoying that a pensioner, albeit a very talented one, is 10 times better on the pads than I would be. Can't for the life of me use the Maschine's pads like I thought I would.

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