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A freebie from Bay B Kane Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Free Gabba/HC-Techno track from Symtek "Church":

Music critic for the Tally Ho



Free album by Cryogenics

(23rd October 2015, 18:45)Simon Bean Wrote: Free album by Cryogenics

Nice Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho


Amen Jungle for free!
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Free Juke/Footwork track : SpamM - "Only Me"
Music critic for the Tally Ho

a set of compositions by the late Dutch composer Margriet Hoenderdos:

a free instrumental grime type LP:

More free microfunk bizness


Free EP by Eye on feather

this is pretty damn good too:


Something new from ambient veteran Woob - Statto, Cube and Annastay might like this one:

'Tales Of Arcadia' is Name Your Price. I think I'll add it to my Wishlist, don't have the cash at the moment, but bear in mind others it deletes itself around the beginning of July from public viewing.

Slow Jungle for free (or a donation) by Concealed Identity - The Phoenix:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Focis left- something free

"Lofi improvised minimalism can go many ways, but often we find it going in the bin, since far too often it seems to be about indulging in the worst kinds of whimsy.
The highly prolific Focis Left - the work of electronics/piano dabbler Mick Buckingham, whose Bandcamp boasts close to 70 releases and demos - has produced some intriguing moments over the last couple of years, although brevity has never been his strong point, and this latest album, twelve tracks spread across seventy-five minutes, would test the patience of a saint, even if that saint was Saint Fidget Of Moog. 

Performed mostly on a Korg Triton, it's a random scrawl of piano planking, fractured beats, sub aquatic rave squelch, occasional disembodied vocal samples and the most cursory excursions into drum n bass, jazz and contemporary classical. Occasionally, as on the second, fifteen minute, track, (none of them have titles), things fit together, albeit haphazardly, and he creates an uncomfortable, shifting, stuttering ambience, and when his ideas cohere he can carry you along, but the longer it goes on the more infuriating it all gets, like a kid with no prior engagement with musical instruments let loose in Professional Music Technology and told to recreate their favourite Stockhausen piece. 

Doubtless a scholar of International Art English, as identified by Alix Rule and David Levine, could, given enough acid and a big enough thesaurus, describe all this, doubtless using words like liminal, binary and Dadaristical (yeah, that last one isn't in the thesaurus, we just made it up, so what) but there's only so much randomness we can take before we're forced to reach for 'ABBA Gold' and remember that a decent tune is not a crime".

Dale Kattack, Nightshift Mag September 2016 Issue.


Xyxthumbs nice review, Muttley Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho


plenty at, because the ethos is tribute or remix greater than overhaul or new work - in short, always a mixing pot.
a good example by eeeblee.


Homeboy sandman / Aesop Rock - free download - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums


Music critic for the Tally Ho

This is supposed to be a free DL (though I can't find a download link), however nice tune:

DJ Harmony - Let Me In Kid Lib Remix:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

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