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25% off audiodamage plugins til midnight tonight (GMT-7)

Quote:seven years ago today, adam and i released our first product under the name audio damage, the mayhem fx suite. In seven years, we've never had a sale or discount of any sort. We've fiddled with prices here and there, but as many have gone up as have gone down.

Today, on our seventh birthday, as a thank-you to all our customers for their continuing support, use the code mayhem at check-out in the audio damage store to receive 25% off your entire order.

This code will expire at midnight pacific time on march 16th.


Thanks mate, you've probably just relieved my wallet of some cash Teef

Been looking at Axom for a while, this might just sway me to buy it.

Cool. I might grab Discord, only £27.50ish.

Hows your midibox SID coming along btw?

My x0x kit prize, which has been the longest wait known to humanity, has been promised to be posted this week. Hahaha

Hes ridiculously busy tho to be fair, doing up to 5 x0xen a week Icon_eek

Quite looking forward to having a go at building it tbh.

Ah well that's another story. Life has taken over for me, studying for an exam I'm taking soon which is pretty hardcore - for me at least. But I have got a shit load of resistors & some stripboard to practise my soldering. Should've really got a better iron for my week off next week but just haven't got around to it for many reasons.

Got enough SIDs to start a shop, so it's only a matter of time before I get the time to do it.

Good luck with the xOx prize. Kind of next level compared to the Shruti I'd imagine?

well, dragged my own topic well off topic, but since its expired now this thread may as well be merged into the DIY thread? Removing the top posts.

yeah looking forward to it, theres a very detailed build guide and im much more experienced now, but yeah quite intimidating. 5x the components of the shruthi!

Got a PCB and parts for this too;

[Image: 808_BD300dpi.jpg]

Check out this book wilsh, free pdf of early draft. Lots of basic circuits to get going, kind of pointless just soldering resistors, might as well build an amp or dist box while you go imo...

[Image: hemcoverthumb.gif]

Free version (loads of info but less than full book)

[Image: oldhackcoverthumb.gif]

Quote:the shipment x0xb0x with shipment number xxxxx has the following status: The international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center


Thanks mate. Good luck with the xOx!

Quote:doing up to 5 x0xen


Think Axon is going back. Didn't realise as an Audio Unit it can't generate midi to other instruments. Got it working in Live but mines a *ahem* unstable version and really don't know how to use it. Logic on the other hand can't transmit the midi to other channels or even external midi. I've tried in the environment and have got nowhere. They do a 30 day money back guarantee so I'll give it this week trial before I ask for a refund. Internal synth engine just sounds the same whatever you do with it. Sure it's a real good plug but I'm not in it. Might swap for Tattoo.

On the other hand found this freeware generative midi creator. which is certainly quite funky. Using a drum machine, Drumaxx (so why I need Tattoo I dunno!), on the midi channel you get all sorts of funky stuff going on. Only been using it for half hour though so won't recommend just yet.

x0xen is plural of x0xb0x.

I have 2 x0xen.


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