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Already bagged that Muttley [Image: icon_wink.gif]

Previews of a forthcoming Clem Leek album on Drifting Falling

Marta Mist - Tonnes / Years (Self Released)

2 track single, issued on hand numbered reclaimed USB stick.
20 copies for the world, 1 per order.

Early heads up - an email I got yesterday night:

Helen @ Soundfjord Wrote:SoundFjord, Audio Gourmet and Pleq are delighted to announce that your work has been selected (and has now been used) to produce the forthcoming fundraiser album:

A Silent Swaying Breath: A Public Record

The album itself will be released on Monday 17 October on Audio Gourmet's netlabel as a digital download.

To promote the album, Pleq has kindly arranged for a video to be produced for "Sutures", one of the pieces created for the album. Watch it here:

Thanks go out to for creating a work of such subtlety in mood and colour palate.

Please feel free to circulate this information to friends and interested parties.


Edit: and here's a kind feature by Peter Van Cooten, support which helps raise money for the charities involved; this release is for those suffering aftershock from the London riots.

PvC Wrote:Though in fact they (the separate artists) are the actual creators, Pleq and Spheruleus don't take full credit for it, listing it under "Various (Artists)". But they have done a remarkable job creating such coherent, homogenous tracks from this "eclectic selection of field recordings, samples, spoken word pieces and instrumentation, creating momentous emotional landscapes for the listener, delicate, tender moments and most of all, a yearning tumult of haunting quietude: a silent, swaying breath ".

This album is available as a digital download only.
For only 3.99 GBP (EUR 4,65 / USD 6,40) or preferrably some more you don't only download this amazing "compilation", but also help support the following charity organisations:

The Capital Community Foundation
Big Brother Big Sister
Catch 22

Preview a track from the forthcoming album, ASC - The Light That Burns Twice As Bright (Silent Season)

DIB Wrote:Preview a track from the forthcoming album, ASC - The Light That Burns Twice As Bright (Silent Season)

Look forward to hearing the rest of the album. Added also to November shopping list Smile

I met Clem at St. Michael's At The North Gate, Oxford's oldest building, last November. He was playing violin for David Wenngren (Library Tapes) and gave me a copy of "Holly Lane", a very nice drone LP. His newer stuff seems to be taking a more classical direction, as befits the composition course he studied when at university.

This is high quality also; Benoit Honore Pioulard comes from Portland like Grouper does, and she featured him in her boomkat "15 records of the year" selection.

Benoit Honore Pioulard - Plays Thelma (Desire Path Recordings)

Release date: November 1st.

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:While Benoit’s Kranky outings 2009-2010 concerned honeyed tones with a watery, floating feeling, like a buoy caught in a jacuzzi entrance, here he’s casting shadows: radiant ones – “Malick”‘s disciplined harmonium distribution; aloof ones: “A Land Which Has No End”‘s drawn out cello; tired ones: “Autochoral”‘s sparingly athletic chord changes, but never boring ones – onto that background.

Various - Air Texture Vol.1

Air Texture presents a 2CD curated by two of the leading artists in the world of electronic ambient music, bvdub and Andreas Thomas

CD 1: bvdub Selection

1. Orla Wren - A Canvas For Your Yearning
2. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Flowstone
3. Let’s Go Outside - Hold Still Without Me
4. bvdub - Tried So Hard
5. Maps and Diagrams - The Shape of Things To Come
6. Ian Hawgood - Me, You and Nagano
7. Hessien - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
8. Konntinent & Ian Hawgood - Ollo
9. The Green Kingdom - Kalimba Sketch
10. Ryonkt - Return
11. Arc of Doves - I Remember When

CD 2: Andrew Thomas Selection

1. Klimek - Ice Storm (Prelude to a Fratricide)
2. Andrew Thomas - Black Sky Bright Sun
3. Atlas Sound - Diorama Rendered
4. Oneohtrix Point Never - Sand Partina
5. Chihei Hatakeyama - Road After Rain
6. Klimek - Live in Murmansk (re-arranged excerpt)
7. loscil - Hyphae
8. Biosphere - Iberia 5
9. Markus Guentner - Senses
10. Oneohtrix Point Never - Alexander Scriabin (edit)
11. Bevan Smith and Tristan Dingemans - Dispatch 1
12. Leyland Kirby - Departure
13. Markus Guentner - To the Place
14. Wolfgang Voigt - Fresko 1
15. Signer - Farewell (Digital Bonus)

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 51 - Water Under The Bridge (November 2011)

"Water Under The Bridge" continues the 15 Minutes Of Fame series by me solo since "Exponents Of The Guitar" in August 2010. It's on a somber note - I've just left my family to live in shared accomodation, and the dedication of this, is to my two Bridge Building workers: one an Art Therapist who has helped me channel thoughts to paper, with discussions, and reflection time; the other a traditional facilitator assisting me re-integrating into activities post Stories Of Solace In Miniature Episode 1, my psychosis prevention project.


The music is akin to water flowing from one stream to the next, reinforcing the creation process as something natural. Let me know your thoughts or if you've ideas for future mixtapes to implement into 15 Minutes Of Fame.

00:00 Marsen Jules - Endless Whisper Of The Old Brigade (Nostalgia LP, OKTAF, 2011)
00:00 Hallock Hill - Ligonier Point (There He Unforeseen LP, HH Bandcamp, 2011)
01:59 The Winterhouse - Lost (Lost LP, Data Obscura, 2011)
05:04 Christopher Willits & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Toward Water (Ocean Fire, 12K, 2008]
07:56 36 - Vesl (Memories In Widescreen LP, 3Six, 2010)
10:30 Claro De Luna - Irse (Lo Que Ha Sidho Lo Que Sera LP, CDL Bandcamp, 2011)
11:07 Nest - Koretez Meteor (Body Pilot EP, Serein, 2011)
15:07 Rafael Antoni Isarri & Goldmund - Dissolution (For Nihon LP, Unseen, 2011)
15:38 Leyland Kirby - This Is The Story of Paradise Lost (|Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP, History Always Favours The Winners, 2011)
19:37 Beautumn - As The Snow Leaves The Ground (Northing LP, Infraction, 2006)
30:32 end


Any feedback much appreciated. Smile

Check this track by Slow Walkers (Lawrence English & Grouper)

[Image: lovesmilie.gif]

I'm loving that DIB. Very hypnotic pulse. You should've been at Cafe Oto last year. I stayed with very kind subverts Ben Kei and B who put me up for the night so I could attend. Sadly, and I wouldn't publicise this unless it could be seen as complimentary, but Lawrence English before Grouper was so meditative I fell asleep 20 minutes in. Luckily, indeed, waking up with time before her headline slot, where Lawrence and Rafael Antoni Isarri of The Sight Below played together in their trio.

Cafe Oto put on lots of good events; I wish I could get to more of them. The next one that caught my eye was Sleepingdog + support, the band formed of Stars Of The Lid's Adam Wiltzie and a female pianist.

Do head over to Fluid Radio as you're a fan of FareWell Poetry to catch their excellent exclusive mix with extra narrations.

Another free Bengalfuel album here

FTAL Reviewed 011 - October - November 2011

David Tagg - Dream Compost EP
INSTC01 (C20) cassette / download

[Image: dreamcompost_front.jpg]

David Tagg always sidesteps quote unquote. His drones, part shimmering vista, dense anti-dissonance dually, impart an idea of new life existing beyond the next second, minute and hour of solid concoction. No surprises this man released "Persistent Repetition Of Phrases", The Caretaker's modern day Ambient classic on the subject of memory disorder. Speaking of thoughts from the hour glass, like a tuning fork in a field of electric amplitudes, it's not easy to pick up a hint of where things are going next; "Canna", all evolving Last Days-ish harmony, makes lace from resonance, only tying down the structure to increase the overall compositional weight. "Anemone" bulges with tonal warmth, and sequenced with final EP cut, "Dream Compost", sculpts a beautifully voiciferous emanation in purely essential drone.

Roo Stercogburn - Snow
Omni Music download

[Image: 2951804220-1.jpg]

A few close encounters between John Cage and Robert Haigh, or so it seems, Roo Stercogburn's first full-length brims with blameless vitality; schoolgirl-singing-into-hairbrush hyperactivity melodically while maintaining a constant accent of cinematic, slightly creepy ("The Shaman"), sometimes forlorn ("Epher") impassivity. Opinions are like snowballs: they all get thrown when the weather gets worse, but what's steadfast in "Snow" is it's charm: a feeling that Roo understands it doesn't matter if what is done is good, just that it's attempted that matters. Hitherto the piano jumps around past the traditional C standard, but as a weakness to improve, the looping is begging to be extended in sections to fully achieve a sense of phrase completion. But who passes up a frosty gem when it's this good?

Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby - Appearances
Musical Philosophy CD / Data Obscura shop download

[Image: Appearances300.jpg]

Ultra deep, fantastic collection of spooked drones from Tomas and APK, the owner of the Data Obscura label. All titled as "Vision" in 1-10 format, take 5 uproots BJ Nilsen's prized searing granular drone, supplanting it onto craterous masses of unexplored phantasm atmospherics. There's a strong feeling of analogue sources - seldom are soft synths this rich in texture. "Vision 6" introduces a delayed piano, vibrating up and down like a cellphone in an abandoned poker waistcoat. That's the musky sensualism of the release talking as well - an ability to transport you into an underground room size, free of Ambient's relationship with minimalist and information obscurantism. Weiss and Kerby also subvert the broken synergy of spectrum decay - a rarity when sound is this densely crafted. Absolutely magical.

Offthesky - Boy With The Golden Cough

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:Corder’s selected instruments: a washburn acoustic guitar, violin, saxophone, VST plugins, woodwind and bell set, are spread across “Boy With…” so they execute subtle motifs when layered and sequenced unitarily. In effect, this collaging of melody gives the two tracks a shared gumption for dredging up your skull’s memories, via a reading-between-lines corroboration of basic elements and mental interpretation. Within the bare bones of the composition lie prehensible themes of apparition and apprehension, as if the brain has been stripped of it’s prefrontal cells and rebuilt for a forthcoming lifetime. This secondary hypothesis for listeners is not frightening aurally: “If I Had An Ocean I’d Give You To It”, for instance, takes the guitar and smears it against protruding synthesis and Flamenco-simplistic harmony, welcoming you – instead of estranging – due to any virtuosoic arrogance that peppers the experimental scene’s worst case scenario.

Various Artists - Sequence 2 (Futuresequence)

A 43 track free download compilation >

bvdub - Then (AY009) Release date: 7th December


DIB Wrote:bvdub - Then (AY009) Release date: 7th December

Im in love.

Pulse Emitter - Meditative Music Series

Four editions, one recorded per year from 2007 to 2010.
An hour long each, designed for relaxation.

Ekca Liena - Downer Supine (Entropy)

[Image: cover6.jpg]

(A big pic this time but I adore the art).

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:An episode of The Clangers is how “Downer…” begins, with “Icenode”‘s whistling synth automation, malfunctions in metre, oceanic drones paddling against the previous right-ear-channel communication. And there’s a glacial, tectonic gravitas to proceedings, like their lonely planet being burrowed into by Martians. Warmth of measures brush a definite coldness, sonically marinating hives of insectoid warblings in the title submission. Whereas “Landing” takes things prettier with piano tripping on key opium, then whisked aloft a Barn Owl-esque electric guitar drone, re-interpreting the opening three minutes’ chord progression, fashioning it towards Oneohtrix Point Never’s spacier outings.

Paradoxically unlike a downer, where the deeper you sink into comparisons with others, the more indistinct one experience becomes from the next, “Downer Supine” has it’s own meticulously crafted character, a “Thought For The Day” installment to Entropy where you actually question the necessity of drone being usually quite linear, dense or intense. Not everyone has to go Eliane Radigue or Eleh minimal to achieve sonorous eminence, and I found myself enchanted by the depth Mackenzie displayed, over what is less than an episode’s length of Oliver Postgate’s animation programmes. There’s a rarefied postulation from “Downer Supine”, possible whatever side of bed you wake up on: experimental drone lives – witness it. Come on, don’t get down on us now.

[Image: mattbartram-thedreaminginvisible.jpg?__S...1776643076]

I love it, check more info here

Yeah it's a goodie. My review for Fluid, online this morning:

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:“I had a sense of invisible, intangible powers at work, which caused this feeling of aerial stress” wrote Oliver Fox in 1962 regarding false awakenings, outsourced by Celia Green & Charles Mcreery in their ground-breaking “Lucid Dreaming: The Paradox Of Consciousness During Sleep” book. “I became expectant. Certainly something was about to happen”. Like tossing a pearl into the ocean, only for it to remain hovering, licked by the waves and resplendent against the sun, Matt Bartram’s “The Dreaming Invisible……. – seven full stops no less – and it’s works float softly, cosmically drifting, then falling into a bracket that might squeeze as Robin Guthrie’s “Everlasting” intrinsically dreamt by Slowdive’s searching instrumentals.

Certainly, there’s shoegaze history for Bartram, cutting his teeth prior with Air Formation, who split up in Spring 2011. These newer recordings, spawned from eight track improvisations, yet have very specific sizing and taste to their delivery. They’re all built on simple, layered riffs, whereby “Cadence”, this album’s standout track, comes off as exceedingly polished, a Mr Kipling meets Mr Sheen melody rendezvous. What can normally get lost in reverb blankets, edges upward to the clouds and creates dissolution comparisons to waking state dreams, returning to driver’s-seat consciousness.

Flashpoint two, “Healing”, employs angelic synthesizer chords to caress the guitars. Time feels cooped, and Bartram has the listener in the palm of his hand. “Illuminate”, meanwhile, takes too long to mutate, leaving you concerned when things will finish. When it does change, though, there’s a lavish drone to be had that sees the LP out well. From “Lucid Dreaming”, Oliver Fox’s story sums up the finale: "Then, wishing to observe more closely the source of this mysterious light, I made an effort to overcome my strange disinclination to move. Instantly the light vanished and things were as usual. I was really awake now, with my head half raised from the pillow.”

“The Dreaming Invisible…….” is released 28th November 2011 on Drifting Falling.

FTAL Reviewed 012 - March - November 2011

Joe McMahon - 3AM

Earth Mantra download

[Image: earman184.jpg]

I find many netlabel releases a composite of emptiness (in feeling, and mood) combined with fullness (in depth, at the right time). It's as if you have to make enough steps in purchase territory to find the quality differential, and also uncover music in a slower frame of being. That's to fully appreciate why someone is putting out yet another digitally stockpiled assemblage, and not losing you in a morass of sameness. But then you have occassions where you immediately are taken in by a work, for it to affect you without hesitation, for it to give you a predisposition that you'll be revisiting it, and ultimately, that it's worth keeping. Joe McMahon's "3am" is such an album, dispensing piano notes with the precision of Harold Budd, synths with a tonal discharge akin to Cluster, and much loveliness.

ASC - The Light That Burns Twice As Bright
Silent Season CD

[Image: 30499953-1.jpg]

The Generation Game presented by GAS' Wolfgang Voigt, flowing Ambient autopsies on a conveyor belt. Miniaturised drone, where the light of spirit and function coalesce into more than their sizes alone. ASC's effective soldering of these attributes by use of repetition, atmosphere, minus overindulgence and overcomplication, equates a golden ratio of less to more, where you feel enwombed and not breaking the changeability cord soonish. "Low Clouds", "My Mind Is Not The Same As Yours" and "Lunar Industries" are keepers for late night playlisting, while the remainder sits efficiently in the LP-to-inspector food chain. Lightly exuberant harmony not exempt from a momento of eeriness, ensures a qualitative reasoning why you're choosing to attend, as well as a paradox of isolating bonds for tracks.

Bruno Sanfilipo - Subliminal Pulse
Wanderings CD / download

[Image: 600x600.jpeg]

Sanfilipo's milestone recording post the dreamier, escapist "Auralspace", violins wink at Modern Classical minimalists including The Dead Texan's Christina Vantzou and Erased Tapes' Peter Broderick. Things have a whitewashed, sophisticated and romantic timbre, coming up flush against Hadron Collider synthesizer particles. There's New Age touch to "The Third Geometry" that doesn't decline Enigma's "MCMXC" (1990). Generally colluding high frequencies, as in proven psychoacoustics, maintain arousal, but there's enough low end from the tones, which lope and inform, to have "Subliminal Pulse" affect you on polar grounds - a delectable caveat whatever your entry gate. Sanfilipo's most emotive piece on this, "Spirit Allies", is timeless, the sonic posit saying "let my melody be your anchor".

hibernate have a sale on at the moment with cd's costing less than the download versions.

soundscapes are so not nice....

01 – John Carpenter – Escape From New York (Main Theme)
02 – Ernesto Ferreyra – El Comienzo De Todo Lo Demas
03 – Der Rauber Und De Prinz – Moogwalzer
04 – Can – Soul Desert
05 – Neu – Neuschnee
06 – Stereolab – Golden Ball
07 – Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 3
08 – Minilogue & Sebastian Mullaert – Lyssna Da Bjorkana
09 – Wareika – Movement 3
10 – Boards Of Canada – Hey Saturday Sun
11 – Frivolous –Fredrick Cokanose
12 – Gescom – Key Nell

These are!

Will Long - Rosy Reflections

[Image: cover2.jpg]

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:An array of consonant breaths, elongated eliptically around a thermal element: the distillate a by-product of strangely alien matter, defying identification by regular means. The breath creeps, protrudes, resonates as an afterthought rather than punchline. Then we get to the bass, which drapes, sobs sympathetically over and over, like a lament in perpetual motion. Frequencies dip, bob metrically arbitrary to disruption, and traverse a solid category. All for Will Long’s “Rosy Reflections”, this synopsis is meant. And as ever, he delivers a masterclass, here spread across two tracks for Avant Archive’s tape series, in its definition walking wise.

To make a statement about drone’s refrain mechanism: it produces a counter-reversal effect on thought when reverted to so much, for such a period. Divulging: the continual backtracking of sonic information in repeating patterns, suggests a line ready to take off, a space to think – but also to wonder when the next progression will arise. Will’s strength, with his work in Celer and solo – as shown on “When You Fall Out Of Love With Me” earlier in 2011 – is to reside in that zone, make you feel at home, then apply subtle variations to give his compositions – or loops, as they first appear – a real appeal. Of course, you can only work a formula so long before you, the artist, becomes tired, whereby these pieces nod at outside influences including nature (“1″ sways its sound branches as a tall tree would), leisure (“2″ is great material for the inner bookworm) and nurture; growth as a musician, doing something you enjoy, and making the most of what drove your love for music up to now.

“1″ really reminds me of Jon Hassell’s “Last Night The Moon Came Dropping It’s Clothes In The Street” in mood, though in this case, the piece relies just on deposits of synth to let its order stand. The revolutions are vintage Long, and Celer by extension, while “2″ strolls closer to producers like Milieu and Language Of Landscape, and their “Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow” from Phantom Channel. While the similarity liaison may put off Fluid readers due to lack of knowingness, it must be said that Will’s work is all acquired – the “Black Vinyl” series was highly limited, CD-Rs and download channels are sparse despite the wealth of product, and this should assure you whichever entry point that your listening time is worthwhile. All that’s left for now is to have the Celer name and all it’s offshoots emboldened as a choice for hypnotherapists, and part of this underground legacy will be complete.

“Rosy Reflections” was released in a limited edition of 48 with full-color glossy j-card on November 30th 2011.

great music here. been really enjoying the winged victory for the sullen album, got me right back into stars too. cant turn off tired sounds of stars of the lid, must sleep to it too

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