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(29th January 2019, 00:15)M uttley Wrote: New album by 36 on ASIP is something of the celestial late at night.

This sounds really good. Great to hear 36 back in form, as imho his recent output (post Void Dance) was kind of less interesting and - don't know how to describe it - little bit repetitive.
Looking forward to bonus CD which was announced to be sold separately - if versions there are much different than the actual album then I'll also grab original album as digital download.
And the artwork (yellow vinyl) is stunning too.

Dinsdale (you ain't lol) my fave 36 tracks are "Always" (for epicurity) and "Stasis Eject (Version)" for mind melting depth.

"Dream Tempest" is my fave record of Dennison, Dennis Huddleston to be precise.

It's also the first review for Wire I did.

I'll likely find greater depth in the ambient drones.

Yes, "Dream Tempest" is one of my favourite 36's albums too.

this Low Light Mixes set by Paul Asbury Seaman of The Boats is titled "Liminal Space: Long Form Droning", and does rather marvellously what it says on the seal.

Yo yo yo, subverts everywhere who want to know wha blo...I'm juss fuckin', that you should be sure, and dreaming of anywhere was always dreaming of a door.
Because I am on the regular, and that my friend Annastay knows what's best for me better than anyone else, I will leave posting this latest effort to anywhere under her discretion. She's told me before anyway that she gets my mixes on Subvert.
It's also my favourite place to post stuff, that I have been doing indirectly on here since before SC began.
This latest live set is just shy of twenty minutes.

1. Ornate Scenery
2. Chamber Breaker
3. Decompression Blip
4. Epiphany Integer
18:52 end
192kbps compressed DAT MP3.

It's all composed live on a Casio CTK digital piano. We took the sustain jack out for this one. Makes things much more sonically detailed. Do not actually need that to make things sound professional.
Me and my soulmate hope you like. Thank you.

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