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Mardit B. Lleshi
Listening Among The Scenes “A Score Collection”

Born in Tirana, capital city of Albania, Mardit B. Lleshi is a gifted musician who has been composing modern classical / neo-classical music for several movies and his solo projects. The collection score in this album are taken from various movie projects he has composing music for. The musician has been collaborating with various award winning directors over the years.
Mardit B. Lleshi is a multi-instrumentist who began studying music since he was 7 years old. He started learning cello during elementary school, continuing later at Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum. In 2003 – 2007 he graduated from The Academy of Arts in Tirana, specialized in cello. Mardit B. Lleshi has been teaching cello lessons in a music school in Tirana since 2009.
Inspired by the music of composers such as James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman he began focusing in music for films and documentaries in 2009. He composed themes for several movies and documentaries in Albania such as ‘Antena’ (2009), ‘Jinx in a Jiffy’ (2010), ’Revansh’ (2011), ‘Not a Carwash’ (2012), ‘Daybreak’ (2016) directed by Gentian RexhepKoci, ‘Farwell’ directed by Ermela Teli, ‘Last Cigarette (2010), Father (2011) directed by GledisBica, ‘Me Ne Fund Ne Shtepi’ (2014), (74 km) documentary (2015) directed by Kreshnik Saraci, ‘Atila’ directed by Benard Laze and ‘Road’ (2019) directed by Irdi Islami.
In 2017, he co-composed with the artist Bledi Boraku, for the dance theater performance in Mediterranea 18 - Young Artists Biennale, called ‘Flowers of Winter’, directed by Robert Nuha and performed by Rosella Pellicciotti and Robert Nuha. At the same year, he was the compositor and live performer of the ‘39 Steps’ play, a parody adapted from the 1915 novel by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock, and directed in Metropoly Theater by Qendrim Rijani. He presented his compositions on cello in Experimental Theater SP in Tirana which was appreciated by the audience and it stated by a critic that “It was the first time in Albania to have such a special performance.”
Listening Among The Scenes is “A Score Collection”. It contains music from various movies Mardit B. Lleshi composed over the years. It also contains two single tracks. It is our time to introduce this gifted artist to our label fan base.
Music shows us paths to find the truth of our inner world. Nothing like music can reveal deepness of our heart and our feelings. Mardit B.Lleshi’s compositions aim to form the soul and visual images through notes. As the English writer Aldous Huxley once said, what comes after silence, which is nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.
Release Date:  March 29, 2019
© Fluttery Records

Yo subvert friends

Please become acquainted with Eilean Rec. On Bandcamp. They release really peaceful music.

I think this review got lost in hyperspace, but I have done a fair few for Fluid Radio recently, so I edited up a updated version for here; a one album capsule accounting for the recent two album deal.

Eilean Rec. Capsule Article - 020419-150419 - Ciro Berenguer - El Mar De Junio

Apart from the suet pudding slew of soft-centred ambient melt this past Winter, warming us up and feasting our appetites,
there have been consistent labels like Eilean Rec, Home Normal, Low Point and Shimmering Moods (in these pages) showing their
faces in the form of releases properly for nigh on five years. For many, the point of labels like these seems to be record
emporiums turned tastemaker markers, things that occupy statically in the scene, neither left or right of stage, not as
backing props, but more as idyllic portals into plant life soundtracks that wouldn't be out of place in nature programs such as
Life On Earth or David Attenborough's The Blue Planet.

Because these labels release so frequently, it's often hard for even the regular consumer of just a few labels
to keep up. I am not so objecting to the label "consumer" now because, at the end of the day, the point of emporiums is to
set up a digital language that transcends the confines of stuffiness and into sheer musicality. And musical these Eilean Records
two albums are at this start of Spring proper. New names to me (and probably hitherto most people in the casuals scene), I am
concentrating on Ciro Berenguer's release textually for the purposes of brevity. The music has brought my attention back to
zoning out to the drug-like nature of all-consuming ambient.

Where do we begin? Ciro Berenguer might not be a name you have heard of, I had never heard them before anyway. And this work
on "El Mar De Junio" is quite quietly remarkable. Think a lure, sunken underwater on a still, fly fishing lake. The water drips
like air conditioning drones into the atmosphere, but mostly its electronic warbling sounds of "La Invernada" are dissimilar
with Sawako's feminine beauty for guitar ambience of pure bliss. As such, the comparison with "just", wholly just intoned
Japanese friendly compositional approach is highly effective throughout. This is Eilean Records at its most paradoxical.

Which is great. I love the records like these they are signing. All very calm, exact miniatures, in lieu the
Argentine's second piece suggests here. From further research we find the composer has lived for many years in Barcelona, Spain.
Having visited Spain myself, but not Fawlty Towers Manuel's famous dig from comedy portrayer John Cleese of the BBC, there is
possibly a atonement of rich intercontinental charm felt by the listener; acoustic and electric guitars ebbing into the distance
and back into the foreground like the sound of ice cream truck zither that populates the opening tones of "Luna Creciente". As
we proceed, things form brighter spires, fuller forms and less buzzing hum is felt or suggested. In other words, the music
settles into a groove and rides it without falling atop or clipping your ears. It's exceedingly soft, lavish stuff.

I needed to free up at least 1GB on my Asus laptop.
So I have removed the "Brain" folder contents except track 1 (TRACKER 1, Soma FM electronics).
The rest of the deleted (here) sounds are on my longest running Advent laptop (still in warranty).

In related space news, I have 3 new short tracks in a newly assembling C subfolder for my digital recorder.
Downloads soon come or not at all.


Having a good listen to Eno and a constant stream of ambience from the Alexa Soup Dragon. Really calms us down while chilling out in the lounge atmosphere.

You can do this with any compatible Ambient artist on Alexa. Simply ask her "Alexa, play Brian Eno" or "Alexa, play music by Brian Eno" and so on in experiments until you find a good piece of liquid gold.

The music can gravitate to surprising heights and longitudes because of its surprise quality...there is no interpreting it all, only the interpretation of first impressions, besides the odd looping gesture.

this is pretty good...

"Grey Frequency's fourth full-length album, 'Ufology', is an audio exploration of British UFO sightings from the second half of the twentieth century. The album offers eight tracks, comprising of lo-fi drones, dark ambient textures, and cassette-looped field recordings. Each piece focuses on a specific encounter from UFO folklore and reinterprets it as an excursion in unsettling sound and atmosphere."

[Image: very_first_smiley.gif]

I'll listen

36 full catalogue physical and digital $12 deal goes live on Groupees site tomorrow. All money goes to Crohns and Colitis UK Foundation charity.
If you're a collector, there are some RARE bits here - even 36 doesn't have most of these editions himself. They're from Ryan A Strangely Isolated Place's dubplate archive.

Amazing, absolutely amazing music here.

Yagya - Stormur

New album out now. Be warned, it's all beats, all dub techno. But Ambient as Electronic music gets, if you get me.

New mix by Muttley in 130 + category of instalments from the 15 Minutes Of Fame archive since 2006.

The Dicemen - Open Your Mind (Omni Music 45rpm)
Donna De Lory - Praying For Love (Unknown label vinyl 33rpm)

And many more...

If you like what you see and want me to upload it, you'll reply to this message. If not, you will let me move on...

Have to Bing satellites (Brin Coleman) is producing some exquisite ambient music recently.
The Atmospheres & Textures series is top class and well worth purchasing.

ML, if you like or love those, check this out, it's very similar:

Releasedate: 13.5.2019
- 100 CD's (sold out)
- 75 Cassettes (sold out) 
- 25 CD/Cassette Packages (sold out)
- 10 CD/Cassette Packages (4 left)

Handmade and hand numbered packages with prints of øjeRum collages included. Released on both limited edition CD & Cassette with different cover art and print for both editions.

All Physical copies are sold out during pre order, we have added another 10 extra and the last CD/cassette packages, there are 4 left at this moment. 

About this release:
All the worry and the sorrow. All the anger and the guilt. All the resentment and the regret. 

When faced with the death of a loved one, it’s difficult not to fight, as the rising maelstrom of emotions swallows you whole. Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is accept. 

And the storm never truly stops. Sure, over time it subsides: grief is brought under control, and slowly, slowly, life resumes a sense of normality. But it’s a new normality. More melancholic, certainly, and often haunted by regret. Anger is a difficult feeling to sustain and soon subsides. Guilt is rightly rationalised away. Worry is superfluous, and sorrow, despite what it might feel like initially, sorrow too becomes more manageable. A background constant, sure, but one that informs rather than interferes – that often dulls but now rarely dents. 

On the other hand, regret can flare without warning, as raw and as unforgiving as the day it was first realised. Or it can simmer in the background, a constant nagging. And the most painful regrets are not for those things we did (that’s mostly guilt), but rather for the things we didn’t do. Things we can never now do. Things we could have done and things we should have done. Things we could and should have said. 

Things undone produce the most lingering of ghosts. 

But slowly you learn to cope, accept that what is done is done, and what was not done, can’t be done. You slowly learn to live with your sorrow and to become slightly anonymous, neither sad nor happy. With a calm mind, you can allow yourself the acceptance of this new state of being. 

And it is here that we join øjeRum on this, the 100th Shimmering Moods Records release. Recorded live with no over-dubs and only the most minimal post-recording editing, these two long tracks are subtly different from much of øjeRum's exceptional back-catalogue. They are more oblique, less explicitly emotional than past works. This release isn’t trying to elicit a particular response from the listener, it is instead discrete: the music is content just to be. The approach could be said to be soothing (Track A, Don't Worry Mother especially), yet this is not the purpose – just a by-product of an expression of the acceptance of being. 

With Track B, Everything Is Going To Be Okay, the melody and structure are looser: things develop and dissolve as time stretches out, and the music seems to be coming from all around, yet from far away. 

And yet, listen intently, and there is throughout it all a touch of the eerie, of something missing. A hint, however elusive, of unease. A quiet, buzzing distortion undercuts Track A, Don't Worry Mother. Track B, Everything Is Going To Be Okay builds and builds. and just as you detect a sense of tension or disorientation or ‘wrongness’, it twists away as if to avoid capture. 

It’s regret. The ghost of things that had no chance to be said. 

Don’t Worry Mother, Everything Is Going To Be Okay. 

Words by Andrew Sherwell 

Music and Art by øjeRum 
Shimmering Moods Records 2019 

Thanks for listening and all your support in advance!

Shimmering Moods Records
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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