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FTEL 019 - October 20 2015
Hanetration - Waldsterben EP (Bandcamp)

Several layers of motorik. Rotten cores purifying through an acid trip be-ath. Coloured bass notes on opener 'Impulse' fragment a landscape rich on craft-werk, Kraftwerk and Werk Disks. If you love Actress - RIP you should love this EP> it's a scorching breath of fresh air in a ultramundane 80s synthpop style stripped of the gossamer gloss in production that can weigh down the imperative functionalit y of a drum machine.

Bryan Gee mixc loud set at the top of the mix cloud search is v good. Better than I'd associates with V wobble quid that infected from the clowns top invasion in 2000-2003. Lots of gems in there.

[Image: a2516008600_16.jpg]

"We began from a kind of Year Zero," explains McBride, "nothing written, nothing recorded, just a bracketed amount of time in which to compose, arrange, record, and mix the album. For me, this was a highly inspired month—living and breathing music from sun up to moon up."

Topiary's artwork echoes its electromagnetic themes as well; Wendelbo based it on a blown-up X-ray of protein molecules, shot through an electron microscope—a form of crystallography. Or as she puts it, rather cryptically, "What is deep inside of us is a reflection of what is above us. And electricity runs through it all."
releases June 3, 2016

Sean McBride, Liz Wendelbo: synthesizers, rhythm machines, voice
Written and produced by Sean McBride, Liz Wendelbo
Recorded at Clubhouse Studio
Mixed by Rick Kwan at Clubhouse Studio
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio
'Protein X-Ray' Print and Artwork by Liz Wendelbo
With special thanks to Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, Egan Frantz

All songs P+C 2016 Ghostly International under exclusive license from Xeno & Oaklander
tags: electronic analog brooklyn dance indie minimal wave modular synthesizers synthpop techno Ann Arbor

There are 5 CDs left on BC. Get in quick if you're in the US. If yr UK based, the 16 dollars shipping Ghostly whack on might put you off - it did me. So I pre-ordered the digital and got the first track instantly.

You might remember X&O from their Wire magazine feature for the album/track "Par Avion", which I received when I signed up to the Ghostly Drip.FM offer for £10 a month at the time. "Par avion" is French for "by airplane". Suitably soaring synth work and fuzzies.

I also reviewed it for Basal Sounds column at one point.

They (Liz Wendelbo etc) have a refined style that recalls Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder but eschews the now-built EDM cliches that put to shame the use of that term as far back as the late eighties internationally. There's also an element of Alex Smoke and Adam Freeland about them. I saw the latter for 30 minutes intensely at my local Oxford 02; I can only gasp in awe at a live idea of X&O.

Gacha feat. Natalie Beridze - Send Two Sunsets (Apollo Records 2015)

The whole album really. But I've got a special place for "Abandoned City" and "Bliss" (remixed by DjRum at one point).

"I see, I see you're with me".

Who wants a listen of this? Ableton mix.

Who wants a listen of this then?

00:00 Mistic - Congo Metal (Darkwax 2003 promo, 33rpm Ableton Warp)
03:30 Skru & Mizeyesis - Dreams (excerpt from Sea Jah EP, Bandcamp)
06:10 Foci's Left - Sorry (Unsigned, open to offers -
10:00 Teebee - The End Of The Journey (Subtitles 'The Legacy' CD 2005)
13:15 June Miller & Mindmapper - Tundra (Horizons Music Give Up The Ghost EP, digital store Mp3, 2011)
17:00 Foci's Left - Some (Euthanasia) (Unsigned, open to offers, but did already come out on Bandcamp 'Nothing Remixed')
21:00 Foci's Left - Time (Unsigned, open to offers, hasn't come out yet, 2016)
24:00 Skru & Mizeyesis - Control (played twice, Sea Jah EP, Bandcamp, 2016)
25:00 Foci's Left - Scorpion (Bassomata LP, like the others, unsigned, open to offers, 2016)
31:00 Foci's Left - Default Self-Orders (Bassomata LP, like the others, unsigned, open to offers, 2016)
40:00 end

Nice to read Wire reported Full Cycle reforming. P 8 bit stream issue #386.

Just acquired a couple of dubplate releases from a trusted provider.

Banging tunes: Liam Schachar - Legend Of The Falling Star EP / Jordan Freewood - Keep Pushing EP.

Check them out when they drop. Quality 10/10 & 8/10 for full releases.

ORTEM 006 - 'Vector Files' EP - Metro *OUT NOW*

Ortem 006 is the mysteriously titled 'Vector Files'.

The 'File' contains 5 tracks that are bleep inspired or touched by the hand of rave and days gone by. 'Bleep Space' launchesinto a trippy trajectory as it evokes a sound from early Warp and orbits off into another galaxy, pulling in space debris and appealing to alien life forms. It gathers momentum and encapsulates a Reese bass, a 2 step shuffle and a call and response from the aliens radio.

The title track takes the baton and runs with it. Proceedings notch up to hyper speed as a rolling acid inspired bass line, boom bap beat, amen chops, arpeggios all fire off as the Halle Bop comet comes into view via some remote viewing. The energy created by the track could catapult a man to Venus.

'Other Side' is Hoovers and Spray cans for '17 and as paint fumes fill the room it takes over with more Strange acid rumblings, 2 steps and Graf vox.

'Atom Smasher' smashes atoms into fragments and as protons, neutrons and electrons fly around, a rasping bass weaves in between acid notes and big claps.

'Rave Stab' starts off Vampy with Mentasm hints underpinned by a solid kick drum sending you back down Jenkins Memory Lane. Big bass and Incredible bongos make a brief but infectious appearance.

"This is an amazing release, the whole things pretty wild. Its like going to a rave on an upper and a downer at the same time. It's fast, it's slow, it's old and it's new. It's a very good EP that really shows something interesting and fresh for this scene, which Ortem has well and truly delivered." - Tony Justice.

plus all good digital stores

Image by BEAR
Check out more of her amazing artwork.


In other news...

Ortem label boss Metro aka 3times has released an album for charity. This consists of 21 electronic music tracks for £5 or more all proceeds (less Band Camp and Pay Pal fees) will be donated to The Willow Foundation.

This is a charity close to his heart as it helped his wife when recovering from a stem cell transplant. If you can please click buy and share. Big Love x

[Image: f5192d89-5b7a-4cdb-8d69-3bdc4f1a8bfd.jpg]

They say the music you listen to in your teens stays with you forever.

In the late 80's and early 90's 3times went clubbing & raving and some noises were logged.

The result of these experiences have been through a lengthy process of retrieval and the influences taken from those halcyon days recalled, encoded and compiled in this the Memory Bank.


Willow is the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days.

Since 1999 Willow has fulfilled more than 13,000 Special Days for young adults living with life-threatening conditions such as cancer, motor neurone disease, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease.

For some their Special Day is the opportunity to return some normality to their lives. For others it is the last chance to fulfil a dream. But for all, at what is the most difficult of times, a Special Day can lift spirits, reunify families and be a source of strength when it’s needed most.

Founded by former Arsenal goalkeeper and TV presenter, Bob Wilson and his wife Megs, Willow is a lasting memorial to their daughter, Anna, who died of cancer aged 31. Anna’s love of life and the enriching experiences of her own Special Days were the charity’s inspiration.

If you wish to just stream and not download you can also donate direct to the Willow Foundation here:


Please join us on the socials

Bay B Kane, Blade & Soultec, Scale, Intense, Fracture and more.
This upload was 95th in the Breaks chart .
#next phase radioshow#infest#jungle#drum&bass#breaks 96th
Archive of the latest radioshow with forthcoming music on Next Phase Records.

How do you reply to techno music with a deconstructionist bent towards society? The lyrics on James Place's "Voices Bloom" act in this way, like candy to a baby they create a hyperactive drive for the sweet soul sensations of taste and plunder. With an opening track narrated on samples involving brotherhoods of people, and how everyone is figuratively your "brother", the music takes on a less solipsist, lonely quality from the start. We fly into a cybernetic wildfire, and the mental hemisphere contracts...

Umor Rex have certainly made a good signing here. "Move In Blue" reminds of Burial's "Southern Comfort" era woodblock dub. The piston-precision and monotony of thought disordered techno is replaced with an organic clicky chirrup, a monkey head scratch that is endearingly primal. In Umor lies a rumour mill of flowing ideas, anti-gentrification of the foundations of house music and the bleeding of electronic primitives. This is sound that speaks a sensuous language with grip on the hypothetical musique concrete mural ethic. Long mellifluous synthesiser lines pad out the release and speak of illustration depths.

"Rumour And Choir" also brings to mind Actress to end at two comparisons, and valid signposts they need to be, because James Place has forged a enigma gem. The album careens the best elements of slow-build, slow-fast 160bpm lower tempo disfigured jungle and footwork and reinvents it for a Excel spread ratio that is fully in line with how techno can bore into the brain. I love being bored at the best of times, but for boredom to be valid, you need exciting life - nice music, in other words. "Voices Bloom", create a new dimension to the cranium shutdown, the mind is on the E's of futurity through sheer information amnesia, lacular amnesia at that. This keyhole protocol James Place has to incise into the cultural super-brain ideologue, is a fine example of how deconstructionist art, doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, to roll with the punches that techno is willing to dish to all and sundry.

FR Review 190 by Michael Robert Buckingham - Thursday 18th May 2017.

equinox - acid rain(breakage's century 47 remix)

b-key - man of science

14.09.17 - Room40 - Enderie - Tape 1 LP

This "Tape 1" release from Enderie is likeably glitchy. It's discordant and percussive, a dove with post traumatic stress quips.
Flying and darting through tunnels of vapour on opening mechanoid sample collage "Let Systems Decide (A Laser Beam)".
Block beat drum n bass foments an acidic bassline exercise in tension and release. Within all the mass lies a effect
from the technique of using a sample as a depersonalised cog.

Yet the music is wholly bassline techno in style and speed from hereon in. If you've ever heard Mouse On Mars's more esoteric
excursions or Atomhead on the Subvert Central label, this type of subtle noise techno should appeal. Yes, the film samples are a
little cheesy in a film score type of way. But the bounciness of the beats offsets the austerity, making something really
quite charming overall.

Through an auto-assisted melange of discordant cropped techno sounds, Enderie's creator has built their samples into a patchbay
station of moving 808s, to quote the Optical track that this recalls. "Sore" is my favorite piece here for its multi rhythms and
solid bass squelch. Highly recommended electronic music.

New FatGyver album due out in 2018, hip hop for your inner heart beat. Mainly instrumentals since 2012, the project was in its infancy as far back as Fanu made dnb, and I look fwd to listening to these tracks. The link is for the vinyl campaign. I bought "The Silent Watcher" which is pretty decent. Heavy beats as ever. Heavy smoky atmosphere. Like being in a permanent state of decompression. "Low Intensity Interval Beats" is on SoundCloud too - search for it, I'm too pooped by this activity period's end to find the link myself, and it works better if you have SC open.

Rising Bristol based electronic artist Henry Green announces debut LP & shares beautiful new single!

View this email in your browser

- Shares new single "Another Light"
- Announces debut album 'Shift' due March 30th via Akira Records
- Announces UK tour dates!

Rising Bristol-based electronic artist Henry Green is announcing his debut album 'Shift' today, which is set for release March 30th via Akira Records. He's also sharing his new single "Another Light" online now.

Speaking about the track, Green said "I had a really vivid image/moment in mind when I wrote "Another Light". I was sat on a silent beach in the early hours of the morning, slightly hazy from the lack of sleep and I wanted to write about the whirlwind of colours and textures, both in the landscape but also in my mind at that moment. So much change had happened in such a short amount of time and I was just reflecting on it all."

Listen to "Another Light" here:

The main theme of the album for Henry Green is movement. He explains "We're constantly moving in some manner, at some pace... whether its physically or emotionally. This year was all about progression and change for me, so I found myself constantly gravitating towards that idea of movement in my lyrics. 'Shift' was a word that just kept reappearing when writing the tracks, whether I was describing the structures of the tracks, the instrumentation/arrangement and obviously, the lyrics. I wanted to exhibit a feeling of constant movement in the album and that idea that every element is constantly shifting, but at a variety of paces."

The result is a sound both subtle and cinematic that combines intimate, confessional songwriting with an obsession with electronics that has built in him since age 16. 'Shift' is laden with delicate, complex electronic sounds that show a maturity far beyond Green's age of 22.
“I vividly remember a friend showing me 'Swing Tree' and 'Osaka Loop Line' by the Vampire Weekend side project Discovery and it just blew my mind,” says Green. “Its sounds were so refreshing and exciting. The same friend showed me Jai Paul's ‘BTSTU’ and it had the same effect.” Also among his inspirations are Jon Hopkins and Erased Tapes favourites Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm (“my dream collaborator”). It’s a different artist he’s most associated with, though – Norwegian production megastar Kygo, who in 2013 remixed Green’s cover of MGMT hit ‘Electric Feel’ to the tune of 10m SoundCloud streams.
Green has two cult adored EPs, over 8m Spotify streams and shows with London Grammar and Nick Mulvey to his name. With his debut album 'Shift', set for release on March 30th, recorded in both Bristol & Berlin and co-produced by Nico Rebscher and mixed by Jack Shuter, he’s continuing to push the boundaries of his sound, drifting further away from the guitar that formed the epicentre of his early songs and leaning heavier icy synth shimmers. “I’ve become obsessed with the idea of creating atmosphere. As I learnt more about production,” he explains, “I found it easier to translate my ideas and find new ways to create the sounds that would reflect my lyrical style.”

Henry Green will tour later this year with a headline London show already announced for Corsica Studios on 3rd May. More live dates will be announced soon.

'Shift' tracklist:
1. i
2. Aiir
3. Shift
4. Another Light (stream)
5. Stay Here (stream)
6. We
7. Without You
8. Contra
9. In Bloom
10. Something

See Henry Green live:
21/4 - Motel Mozaique Festival, Rotterdam, NL
24/4 - Paradiso (upstairs), Amsterdam, NL
25/4 - Nochtwache, Hamburg, DE
26/4 - Privatclub, Berlin, DE
27/4 - Wohngemeinschaft, Cologne, DE
2/5 - The Exchange, Bristol UK
3/5 - Corsica Studios, London UK

For more information please contact / t. +44 7921 176502.

special dubs that will make it into several new 15 minutes of fame muttley mixes. (although eventually they will not always be accessible through an online link, have to ask she).
downloaded the latest Jango Music tribal house crop on legal sub service

block & crown x damon gray - give it to me
zeds dead & illenium - where the wild things are (golf clap remix)
felix da funk - algarroba
monaus - feel you
kayligs - 1850

the tunes are all excellent, I am a fan of felix da funk and monaus' dubby styles the most; very atmospheric and full of footwork traction. then I heard kayligs, and that trumped the lot.
these tracks are being listened to on low volume on my asus notebook while paul butler fights somali tete, also an excellent collection of data on the boxnation united kingdom channel.

Rregula and Dementia - Turning Point (Remixes)

Eksman & DJ Wildchild - DOA Mix

"Rudegyal flow!"

Justice - Soothe My Soul (94)

On Bandcamp now, courtesy of MUJ.
3 mixes, includes Blame and Bay B Kane mixes.

But the best mix is the Warpcore mix - very hardcore.

The new Moby album "Mere Anarchy" is great.

Something special

Cassie - Don't Play It Safe (Radio Edit & Intro Clean)


Nice success for Dua Lipa at the Brit Awards last night. I have just been downloading some backstock.

I absolutely love this RMX by Indijinous. From 2013:

Flatliners & Mental Forces - Mount Erebus (2010)

Repertoire yesterday released a new album by Flatliner to the world's Bandcamp collection. I'm sure that is something to check out in the public domain.

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