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so I bought a new hardware synth

actually that was a lie, I still have the S612 as a glorified monitor stand. I should really fire it up some time... when I get some time. Still haven't written anything for a while.
Just found I had a valid serial for FM8, which I bought second hand earlier year on eBay. I forgot that FM7 and FM8 can read the sysex files for all the old FM synths.

I did have a 727 and a 707 synced together, but I sold them as a pair a couple of years back. You could probably buy a second hand Aira TR8 and get the 7X7 expansion for the same price as a second hand 727 unit now.

Those aira things look and sound awful imho, no separate outs either, much rather get the OG and circuit bend it.

I also bought one of the new acid8 acid boxes, being built to order, so will get in 4 weeks apparently. Mrgreen

Finally hit the point where child 2.0 needs his own room; we are moving into the studio! so having to minimise as much as possible... Icon_sad Not actually used the studio in a while, kids, work, life, and trying to fix the mixer have buggered that up!

Cheers Smile

The Aira's aren't that bad, but for the money you can get much better in the secondhand market. You could try and get a Machinedrum with UW+ and stick 727 samples in it. I did that. I wouldn't mind a RZ-1 again though. 4 samples so agogos, cabase and whistle.
Acid8 box looks pretty sweet. I've been weighing up the AY-3 for about a year, but not yet committed.
This month has been about VSTs for me, I grabbed a couple of SonicCouture packs in the sale, an OP-X Pro II licence, Korg Legacy Digital Collection, Plogue Chipsounds, and fixed my iLok to get the H3000 factory working with Windows 10.

i really want my acid8 to turn up

TBH i had half an hour to kill near a music shop so went in, the TR8 is nowhere near as bad in real life as the demos suggest, but looks horrible and the lack of separate outs is a killer for me. Sounded pretty decent but not the heart rate increasing vibe you get off the the real 909 and 707... £2k cheaper tho! 

I went in to try the MS20m, the Sub37, the Korg Odyssey and or the Reface DX, and they had none in stock Lol


Anyone want a roland sde330 3D (!) delay, and or a Dynacord VRS23 analogue delay/reverb?

Im gassing after a really nice synth, prob a sub37, and have got too many fx units.

Acid8 is on its way from La France! Formidable!


well, one of those months.

splashed out on the mfb dominion1, what a synth, lifetime centrepiece hopefully. and chanced across some cheap oakley modular on ebay, so got the most basic system possible, vco, vca, adsr and vcf. will make adding all the diy stuff easier to test with a known working system.


and thats me all done really.


Clavinova £10 Soberly what a gem to play.

woo, my oakley modular starter thing has arrived, and sounds amazing! really need more lfos, adsrs, etc... :crack:

no sign of the dominion tho. Icon_sad


I haven't bought anything. I need shot of a couple of bits: Maschine Studio and a few Korgs mainly. No time, no space.
Can't decide if I want to drop on the new Roland boutique things though...

Well, my dominion 1 finally turned up, and it really is a beast. best synth ive ever played hands down. really powerful too, modulation, sequencer, ring mod, FM, VCO sync...


I haven't bought anything that makes a noise. Joined the Plugin Alliance though, scooped some awesome stuff on Black Friday.

GEM CD2, cheap and nasty arranger type home keyboard, but some interesting sounds. Might come in useful.

I'm gear addicted. But I've mostly been using my acoustic guitar and bingos in the last months. But the Yamaha MA-80 nails the sound DX modulation capability. Got so much done with it. 'Early Riser' LP being released tonight. With so many playing samples from the synth. An old 80s style charity shop synth.

I'm considering getting a Blofeld to add to my groovebox collection.
beats are there to be broken

(13th August 2015, 10:09)KKND Wrote: actually that was a lie, I still have the S612 as a glorified monitor stand. I should really fire it up some time... when I get some time. Still haven't written anything for a while.

[Image: J0XRvQQ.jpg]Mostly used as a table.
[Image: VMNrtNH.jpg]
mostly used w/ ax60 for noise.

I know this is crazy talk to most people in tne synth world, but I actually like the Rhythm Wolf. If I hadn't found a Techstar for cheap, I think I would have bought one by now. The howl is a bit touchy.

I don't know.
I like unnecessarily noisy stuff.

I'm also a bit intrigued by the minilogue. Pretty interesting what it can do.

Was'nt expecting the OB-6 to be released. Looks like a stripped down pro-6, but I really haven't read up on it.
Has anyone here played around with one yet?

Ordered today, arriving in a few days:

[Image: 1087092.jpg]

it's a sexy beast. I recently bought a Soulsby Atmegatron Icon_yippee
beats are there to be broken

That looks bloody good fun.

(16th January 2016, 07:23)noisemonkey Wrote: I'm considering getting a Blofeld to add to my groovebox collection.

Do eeeet!  Xyxthumbs

Just bought an Electribe ES2 Sampler. I know what I'm in for.

Also been looking at the Soulsby and also found the MAM MB33, TB303 clone. Cheap as chips, seems to sound great. That's probably next on my list.

Did someone say they built a Dr-110 clone? Pretty fantastic drum machine IMO. I hear it in quite a bit of music I listen to.

And what was the consensus on the Minilogue? Seems smack dab in between a SH-101 and a Six-trak...if that makes any sense.
Only had a few chances to use one though.

RE: DSI/Oberheim OB-6 - I did patch design for it and can confirm it is a beast of a synth. One of the simplest new synths I have used but such a deep sound! After having the beta unit for a week for sound design I ordered one as soon as they were taking orders!

I put some recordings up at

Great work Bob Smile Does sound a very nice synth.

Minilogue Hue, consensus is good pretty much all round from the press and users I've read and watched.

What's it like Roo?

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