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Thread Contributor: EuphonyOut now: Jiva - Periods of Constance LP (Omni Music)


Hola guys Grin

The outstanding Jiva returns to Omni Music with a collection of soundscapes that transport you through new dimensions.
Mixing chopped drum and bass rhythms, exquisitely crafted melodics, powerful thought provoking pads and with a clear nod to electronica, this LP will appeal to a wide variety of people who like their music to take that experimental and transcendant edge.
12 tracks of timeless sounds that Omni Music is more than proud to release. Jiva refuses to make dnb by numbers, and Omni Music are very happy it's that way.

[Image: JivaLpCoverSmall.jpg]

Expect more from Jiva over the coming years, as he ventures further on in his musical universe.

[Image: JivaLpCreditsSmall.jpg]

Full clips available on the Bandcamp site here

Also available at:






Huge respect to Jiva for the production of this LP, I Lovesmilie what he's doing, and hopefully you will too Cool

Show it some love Grin


Chris Eschaton

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Really liking that release, will be bagging asap.


Smile lovin this will bag when i get home from work !

Seems like good gift for my birthday, will check the clips tomorrow and probably bag it shortly, as I've been a big fan of Jiva tunes so far.

Cheers guys Smile

Really pleased with this LP, Jiva has just done his own thing, and what a beautiful thing that is. The clips on soundcloud don't really do it justice Wink
Massive value for money too at 1 hour and 40 minutes long altogether

Thanks to everyone who has supported Omni Music this year, 2 releases before the end of the year, one free one and one magnificent LP from the man like Fushara...big tings a gwarn Grin


Would this generate more comments if I said it has an amen in it somewhere and comprises lots of drumfunk rhythms?



Euphony Wrote:Would this generate more comments if I said it has an amen in it somewhere and comprises lots of drumfunk rhythms?


Definitely on the cards. Just I have to wait to sell music to get money in my paypal, as have no bank account to link to it.
Always liked Jiva's Ultimae meets Inperspective style.

Statto Wrote:
Euphony Wrote:Would this generate more comments if I said it has an amen in it somewhere and comprises lots of drumfunk rhythms?


I am waiting with my comments until I buy it. Due to the hectic week the purchase process caught a delay Grin
However when I was checking clips last weekend after 2nd or 3rd tune I was sure that I don't have to check the other clips, as this album is a must have. Jiva has his own style which is much right up my alley.
The only thing which concerns me is how I fit whole album into one CD Chin Grin

One reason why I couldn't put this out on CD, as it's too long and epic!! Lol

purchased although I probably will burn this to a couple of CDs to help get our baby off to sleep
beats are there to be broken

"Detaching" nearly brought me to tears. G-sus!

Euphony Wrote:One reason why I couldn't put this out on CD, as it's too long and epic!! Lol
You should have addded a note on the artwork saying "Too long and epic for CD", just like some big labels do with all these "Breathtaking, awesome" stickers on the covers Lol


I'll start putting 'Too good for other labels' on some stickers soon Lol

mono_sono Wrote:"detaching" nearly brought me to tears. G-sus!


"Constelations" and "The Vault" Homerdrool

this album and the Aural Imbalance - Legacy CD are the best ambient jungle albums I've heard in years.
beats are there to be broken


Thanks mate!

bought and listened to this at the weekend, fantastic music! Cool Cool
Jiva has excelled himself with this, never really took notice of him before, but now this should put him right up there.
a lot of music for your money!!
Yes this album and the Aural Imbalance album, the two best drum and bass albums this year!

I would just call it good music, drum and bass style.

Wow, that's wonderful to hear, Jiva will be stoked to hear that (as am I!) Grin

Feel free to check out his earlier free EP in a similar style Smile


Lovesmilie to Jiva's sounds

Thank You All verry much, for taking time to check the lp, guys! This is so pleasing to hear words appreciation here considering that this forum is the place where i`ve been checking out all the cool dnb. Really happy!
Also i refreshed the cloud page first time in half a year,so if anyone is in the mood to see what`s happening at my place now there it is Smile

I'm just having a special Xmas treatment with this album on my stereo at the moment
"Leaving Home" Lovesmilie

Night Shores EP is pretty awesome as well. Look forward to more Jiva productions on Omni Music (and hopefully other labels too) in 2013.

Dinsdale Wrote:"Leaving Home" Lovesmilie


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