buying one record reviewed in The Wire each month

Statto Wrote:#412 shortlist:

Kamaal Williams - The Return (Black Focus)


I recommend this album, absolutely fantastic musicianship

#416 shortlist:

Olivia Block - 132 Ranks (Room 40)

Gazelle Twin - Pastoral (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)

Heavy Lifting - Mortal Springs (Pan Y Rosas)

The Necks - Body (Northern Spy)

WeFreeStrings - Fulfillment (Bandcamp)


#417 shortlist:

Dead Rider Trio - Featuring Mr Paul Williams (Drag City)

Ectomorph - Stalker (Interdimensional Transmissions)

Morton Feldman - For John Cage (All That Dust)

Puce Mary - The Drought (Pan)


#418 shortlist:

Black Replica - Black Replica (Metaphysik)

Chandra - Transportation (Telephone Explosion)

Guttersnipe - My Mother the Vent (Upset the Rhythm)

Kepla & DeForrest Brown Jr - The Wages of Being Black is Death (PTP)

MoE / Lasse Marhaug - Capsaicin (Conrad Sound / Substrata / Utech)


and my list for the year is compiled here:

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow

So I got a chance in the early morning just now to get up and read with the sweet. She's been cheering me up by reading me a Wire article while I transcribe it here.
This isn't ambient, it's a single (two-tracker) by Obituary a thirty plus years old death metal group. It bloody rocks though.

Relapse CD/DL/LP

Last year Florida death metal legends Obituary released a mini-album titled Ten Thousand Ways To Die. Made up of two new studio songs (the title track and "Loathe") plus live material from their 2016 North America tour, the release was intended as a taster for the 30-year-old group's self-titled tenth studio album. With its grinding guitar intro, ballistic drum and bass beats and throttled vocalising, "Ten Thousand Ways To Die" resurfaces as one of the key tracks here. Lasting around the same time as a classic jukebox single, its sheer force is something to be admired - a nailbomb attached to a fast burning three minute fuse. get the idea.

Review's by Edwin Pouncey. Two para. The Residents cover issue. Issue 398, about two years old. Search Wire archive by reviewer, or by title. Title's much more randomised actually.


That's on page 52 btw.

I'll try and track down these records too, although Alexa is not having it when it comes to auditioning the building blocks of them:

Amadou Binta Konte & Tidiane Thiam - Waande Kadde
Sahel Sounds DL/LP
Jeich Ould Badu & Ahmedou Ahmed Lewla - Top WZN
Sahel Sounds DL/LP
Agrim Agadez - Various
Sahel Sounds DL/LP

And this one...

Mono No Aware - Various
Pan DL / 2xLP

Reads very well.

Ed: I'm just listening to "Waande Kaade" now on Spotify, it's pretty good. Very mellow guitar ambience. Perfect for waking up to and morning medication commencement.

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