Music You Shag To ..... ?

ok ok, we're all adults. i assume ? lol

so lets be honest. ahem.

clear any minors out of the room. ready?


I'll confess.

MUSIC is a must for shagging for me. totally.. um.. so, i've been known to go for erm.. hours. lol. i mean, given the right partner, the right situation, enough time.. HOURS! i prefer that actually. heh. if yer gonna go all out, GO THE FUCK OUT!! ha.

SHAGGING to music is dope. i do it all the time. we've all done it.

so... shaggin soundtracks?

i'll go first. duh.

in all honestly, this weekend, i shagged to:

SYNKRO & Indigo podcasts, on shuffle - sooo good.

a few Samurai Music Podcasts in succession


LOXY CX podcasts.. yeah you heard me.

lately, its been stuff like that. TONS more from.. erm.. occassions past.

so...? go on.

what music do you get down to?


do you think its nerdy to shag to dnb?

like.. really specific dnb? just a thought.

and yes..

I've once shagged to the ENTIRE SHELLAC discography, on shuffle. no joke.

I guess, i'm just that kinda guy. erm... no irony intended on the 1000 Hurts title. ha. hey now!!


Mid-twenties and still celibate here, sorry I can't help you. Wink

Nice idea for a thread though. Xyxthumbs

Hang on...who gave this thread 5 stars because I posted in it? Hahaha

^ ha. mid 20's & still celibate... wow. for real?

all good.

these days, i listen to music either online, or on an mp3 player. i'm the kinda person who'll listen to entire band discographies on shuffle, hours of mixes, etc. i bring the player to work, listen in the car, wherever. and.. when it happens, preferably when i'm doin the deed as well. heh. its the same playlist selections. honestly, i dont' even like the sound on for porn, i listen to my own tunes ha. it just ubiquitous.

like, shaggin to ambient music, dark ambient music, or whatevs. seems to be my thing lately ha. SYNKRO.. i get down to Synkro & Indigo podcasts. they're amazing.

AUTECHRE.. i need to get some loaded up on the player and give that a go. in Synkro & Indigo Mindset Recs Podcasts, they'll throw in an old Autechre tune in the mix, and it got me thinking:

i've never shagged to an AUTECHRE marathon. that'd be dope.. i think ha. bumpin it to "Bass Cadet"?? i must. heh.


this is my kinda thing..
get out the skulls. put the cloak on. light the candles. and bump this.. - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

...And if I'm lucky, Il make it to the end of the record Hahaha - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

Lol what is going on in here

.... Spacetime continuum - sea biscuit

Haha jokes.
I'm too much of a production geek to stick on music.. The last thing I want to be thinking about is how good a job Bob has done on the mastering Hahaha - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

SHIFT Wrote:I'm too much of a production geek to stick on music.. The last thing I want to be thinking about is how good a job Bob has done on the mastering Hahaha


SHIFT Wrote:how good a job Bob has done


like seriously..

i'm I the only one who shags to Shellac?

wtf? what gives?

I still haven't done the Autechre thing yet.

hmm... Chin

Hardly ever having soundtrack to that. Never something on purpose. Never even thought about having a soundtrack to sex!

I find a cappellas are best, or anything with a timpani.

^^ really? why?

a timpani lol

I also have a compilation of Steven Gerrard post-match interviews that is quite stirring.

stirring ha

Someone sample that sound:




i'm SHOCKED, horrified, and intrigued all at the same time? anyone else?

she did demon voice over work in the Exorcist right? Hahaha

ok ok..

last night (amazing time btw lol..) Xyxthumbs   

just a random pick I have on my comp, but great choice nonetheless. 

Fanu - Solid Steel session, on repeat 4 times in the entirety. Yes, 4hrs ish.

I shagged to a Fanu mix.   cool?

I'll do the entire Jawbreaker discography at times too. It has been awhile since I bumped to Jawbreaker, but Jawbreaker on shuffle, shagging soundtrack on a few past occasions. Smile

You can do instrumental hiphop, it works well. True story. heh.  

for more laid back (har har) vibes, I have done the deed to older A Cat Called Fritz mixes and such.

maybe shagging to hiphop is sort of cliche lol, but.. it works. Keep it chill. A Cat Called Fritz has been a previous go to for sure. On repeat as well. of course. ahem.     Wink

Tracklist :

1 - Cheers feat. the X-ecutioners - Rob Swift
2 - Just Music feat. Grand Puba & E.T. - Context
3 - What What - Brick City Kids
4 - Flying - Jazz Spastiks
5 - Chillin' - Coops
6 - Like What Like Me - The Doppelgangaz
7 - J to the I - The Nonce
8 - Room In Here feat. The Game & Sonyae Elise - Anderson .Paak
9 - Breathe - Fredfades & Ivan Ave
10 - I Wanna Chill - AG
11 - Suppository - The Doppelgangaz
12 - Science - Pete Flux & Parental
13 - Distant Land - Madlib
14 - Move feat. Apany B Fly - Jazz Spastiks
15 - Funky Fanfare - Visioneers
16 - E.V.A. - Jean-Jacques Perrey
17 - Death Wish - Force Of Nature
18 - Fantasy - Miles Davis
19 - Goodbye feat. Rachel Jones - Glad2Mecha with Ill Treats

James - getting away with it

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