Muttley's Dream Journal

Nasty dream 17th dec.

Tyson Fury beating up musical friends in part one. Silly Tyson.

Cats rats and wild rats interbred violently in part two.

Meh bleh.

So.. another seemingly reoccurring dream theme scenerio, that I just had today. I've been having similarly themed dreams for decades now.

I had a friend in high school whom I haven't actually seen since.. 1993?  I would spend time @ his family's house, just crashing, or.. doing acid lol, and then crashing over night back then. I never formally met his family, they lived in a larger house, so the rest of his family were always upstairs if I was there at the same time. My friend had most of the basement to himself, so to crash there, he had a full tv room, his own main entrance, spare bedroom, shower, etc downstairs, so we didn't have to leave the basement much. I met his mother, briefly saw his dad from a distance, and maybe a glimpse of his older brother whom he didn't like..and then his younger sister, whom I never actually seen, but I've heard her voice. ha.  That's how I knew them, decades ago. So, I last saw the dude in 1993.

In real life, I later heard not long after 1993, his parents divorced. His father was a local architect, hence their larger house, and the family had $$ for sure. Apparently, his father started shagging his secretary or some cliche, but the parents divorced, and it sounded kinda messy. By this time I was living in another city, and so went on with my life then. I don't hear reports on my high school friend anymore, as I don't keep in contact with any of my social circle from back then. After his parents divorced, I heard my high school friend was sort of experiencing mental problems, and after a break up with a girlfriend, he started stalking her for a bit. And that's the last I heard.. so all of that would have happened by the mid 90's.  

The dreams.

Over the decades, and just this past sleep, I keep having occasional dreams where I'm back in his family's home, either alone, or actually WITH his family at the same time, but my high school friend isn't there. he's never in the dream. It's just me, or myself & his family. I'm even socializing with his family in some of the dreams, which I've never done in real life back then. Its very strange. And considering I haven't seen the dude or heard anything about him in 20 years, it is very strange to have dreams about his family's life NOW...  Why am I having dreams about his family? I woke up today with that very thought.. wtf? Hmm...


Good dream after having jukebox on all night in bed.

Alan partridge weight loss doppleganger singles me out in a seminar. Much hilarity ensues. My mum and dad were there and my dads comment was priceless.

Just had the weirdest dream... Reading a large coffeetable book, a substantial part of which was a retellling of a six month relationship I had 35 years ago, written in the third person from an outsider viewpoint, summarizing how it developed and subsequently went wrong... on the surface things appeared to be fine, the couple were still spending all their time together, but underneath... and suchlike (but in nicer language), nothing too intimate, no dialogue or anything, just an objective account from start to finish, plus some small post-relationship details that I found interesting (ah, I didn't know that had happened). Having read it through to the end, I thought about writing to the author (an american woman), giving them my reaction, praising their (as it seems to me from so much later) very fair account... yes, I was a bit of a fool, wasn't I... and pointing out some slight errors in the footnotes (e.g. it was a double bass in that instance not a cello). And then I woke up, quite calm, but wanting to look at the book again. Ah no, it was a dream. Utterly bizarre.. and really quite fascinating.


I had a weird dream last night that I took the kids to a party while drunk and drove them home via some friends of ours. Odd
beats are there to be broken

Stupid dream where I went to an out-of-the-way hotel for a chess match and then hardly anyone else from the two teams turned up and the hotel was packed full of other people for some sort of reception and the buses were completely wrong for going home and when I decided I'd just go anyway I found that someone had run off with my nice furry coat.


May 10th Dream 2017
By Muttley

It's Old Boys Resurgence again. Probably lifted by the absolute depression I had in my teens, and my ability to fall out with every friend I knew at Old Boys Grammar School, I'm back here, this time centred around those very subjects with a substantial prismatic locus towards oblique borderline personality components of then.

Sunday 28 May 2017 Dream...Muttley

Interesting creation.. .The feeling of possibly being stung by wasps or worker bees all night. I took this to mean upon waking unstung that my unconscious mind feels threatened by aggression or is tormented by itself...the colours black and yellow like yellow lines on a road.

May 29th Dream...Muttley

Evil sorcerers trying to stab me.
In this journey swordplay goblets and cats on ceilings.

May 29th Dream...Muttley

On a journey out of town, trying to get home, and it turned into a militia vigilante computer game by the end, with halves of buses side chaining and mistaken identity. All topped off by a cameo appearance by Roots Manuva rapping "I'm the greatest" while a detuned beat plays and messes with everyone's ears, to much applause.

May 29th Dream...Third Gate...Muttley

Yes, this does not happen as a recall often - the leaning into metachoric experience - and as it is a full lucid walking realisation, I take it rather seriously. Really beneficial minding of past mistakes in life concerning my general aloof attitude and arrogance towards other people.

My girlfriend may have woken me up in the night, it was getting late and she said she wanted to limit the trauma I was experiencing.

She was in golden light and walked me to my feet, out of bed and bad. Then she sat me up in a stable position and done EFT (emotional freedom technique) on me. Which consists of positive affirmations and rubbing the temples of the head to ease discomfort neurologically.

The usual white lights around me were beckoning, but we stayed like this for a long time. And we breathed life. I breathed my dream, I breathed her dream. It was bliss, after all that confusing trauma. The trauma felt real - the metachoric game in a nutshell - to breach reality.

Certainly, being stabbed, shot or tracked down are the triad of things that I fear ever, but nobody in reality has ever tried to do that to me.

As The Angling Loser - Night was saying..."The key thing is to remember that monsters exist...if only in our dreams".

2.7 dream - muttley

before i started dreaming proper, i was drifting off to sleep wondering if i could resolve my upsetting childhood dream traumas.
(everything concerning school that could be deemed negative). golden scarab beetle sort of dedicative symbology.
it went back to kickboxing once i had a first gate welcome entry about my girlfriend. as you know years later i've gone back to
it, and i was reading about it this afternoon before dreaming in my diet plan to "throw out the scales, lose weight naturally".
so it was on my mind, and i was drawn into a scene where a crew of fans who bought tickets for my casino rooms fights in kent
(just 2 major fight, i retired early because i started to realise i didn't like hurting my opponents, which i did). i won my key
contest with the ikf (international kickboxing federation, like the ibf to martial arts) after i lost a majority points decision
in my first fight, and lost a unanimous points decision in my third international fight to a norwegian named wim austgulen.
interestingly enough, it really depends on what "actually" happened in the fights. i can remember everything that happened, i
mean piece together most stuff very accurately in order without looking at the videos. whether i won or lost, this was gold.
pure magic. sadly in this dream - and perhaps the cause of my childhood trauma outlined - was the fact when my key trainer
turned up in my sister's room, which we were rearranging for me to sleep in down kent with new furniture, with an entourage, my
much-loved dad turned up "from the police station" with the 3 video tapes of the fight rosters i have been looking to acquire
again for over ten years. as well as my instructive move technique and sparring tapes, which i used to train with outside gyms,
the meaning became that i had "severely damaged" some of these people. ironically enough i still see my first opponent from a
gym called waltham kickboxing with the onset of anthony joshua fever - he looks very similar to me, but i have said nothing.
now he's the wba ibf and ibo world heavyweight champion in boxing. philip lawther (my opponent's name, then brad larder at the
circus tavern, essex) beat me fair and square, to me, yet my dad said "he said it was the hardest fight he's ever had!" lol.
i worked so hard for all my fights - and my sister worked even harder, like 100% harder - all the time.

perhaps the fear of hurting others - rather than the "fear of people [hurting me]" was my teenage class a problem all along.
obligatory Chin

1.8 dream...muttley

Strange, strange. Sister dream. I am private about my family on the net because I respect them too deeply, so to be universally safe...disengagement. as my sis was becoming her own person in my late teens, things surfaced in this dream collage more like just people who were retroactively thinking about me the night before.

13th August 2017...Muttley

pok e mon in dreams...mewtwo emblem using psychic attacks to beckon water creatures through an electric unit into an otherworld.
a fourth gate dream explaining my longest serving name in history has been George, through the ages, but no real detail.
girlfriend kissing me and waking me up so I could be with her and actually see her in out-of-marriage credence.
cuddling cobwebs of candy floss and deep dark blues, mixed with golds and hues of red

while our dreams are an inlet
of the seas of regret
tears we shed
weeping in beds at night
over loved ones lost
come now, what cost is this to life?
behind the game set and match
the racket we create to catch
and having the balls to stash
a prize at the end
redemption, sweet, redemption
while our dreams are an inlet
of a nova ocean...

inspired by the dreams of the last week.

At last I can contribute something to this thread as I don't dream too often. But recently I had a very weird dream: I watch some youtuber here and there and recently I had a dream where I actualy saw people running around with those youtubers' faces. Was odd to say the least.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Was it an Ed Sheeran video?


(14th August 2017, 10:47)Muttley Wrote: Was it an Ed Sheeran video?


no, but the following guy was in the dream Icon_eek
Music critic for the Tally Ho


as i get older and more wise, i remember when people die, their imaging lives on. they - the dead person - is still there, but their assemblage point has displaced, in the same way that energy displaces through people. this intends the belief that even though you may not see your loved one or deceased relative, to some people elsewhere, they are still there. it really all depends on luminous energy, built from dream theory luminous eggs, where The Art Of Dreaming is so good at describing in detail.

so for example, when i post this, there are not any "don't talk bollocks" or "kill yourself" ideologues shown to me, because i am to them dead...

^^ Anthony Fantano in a dream...


that's crazy talk! lol

I was visited by a herd of friendly horses this past sleep's dream. Before going to work this morning, I checked dream interpretation sites, and most say that is a good sign. Crazy.

No, Torment, it is not crazy talk - it is talk that is understandable to people who aren't stupid. Xyxthumbs

So.. maybe i may have had a youtuber dream as well the other week. True story.

In other news, this past sleep I heard a variation of Source Direct's "Technical Warfare" in my dream.. as random as fawk.

This past sleep as well, in one dream I was going to an airport, travelling alone, i obviously had $$ to travel frivolously, which is far far, from the contrary in real life of course, sigh. For some reason in an instant, I decided to board a flight to Australia (of all places) and not tell anybody I was going. I was really conscious I was doing it on a whim, and I was really confident in my decision to just get on the plane and go. Like it was all just a random impulse.


Just dreamed I sold (?) my remaining dj gear to a past friend I had in elementary school whom I haven't seen since childhood lol (what?). I thought to myself in the dream ".. the gear is old anyway, anolog stuff, basic old mixer, turntables without flashy cartridges, even the first generation controller isn't worth much these days".. etc. For some reason in the dream the friend still lived with his parents, in a neighborhood I used to live in the 90's. I gave him the gear, and I remember I didnt' give him the turntable covers and flight cases, but thought that I would have increased the price for the cases lol. I have no idea how much i sold the gear for. I thought to myself that since he has my gear, I'd be spending time at his place actually using it all. I still had cdj's (which I do in real life, but old old cdj's), and remembered that I stil had them to play around on if need be, and that I can start again, save up $$ to buy new stuff soon.

I don't dj anymore. But.. i do have dj related dreams tho on occasion. Such as this. Rather specific subject for dreams huh? ha.

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