Foci's Left & Geoff Brooks - Hypnosis Sessions Series, parts 1-2

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I, Mick Robert Buckingham first met hypnotherapist and alternative medicines/therapies specialist Geoff Brooks in 2010, when I was going through a transition in diagnosis from bipolar and psychotic depression to schizo-affective disorder. Within 1 session I felt really at ease and liberated by Geoff's emotive techniques with positive affirmations and anxiety disorders. He trains in imaginal realities, psychotherapy, dream work, EFT (emotional freedom technique), hypnotherapy and Reiki healing.

With 3 degrees with distinctions to his name, I was motivated by my deteriorating 2013 health to seek guidance from Geoff once again. After this particularly resonant opening session to the series - on the subject of dreams and activating their merits - Geoff commented since I was recording these sessions for my personal use if we could make them publically available to be bought on the internet. This not only increases Geoff's audience just by having audio online, but benefits both of us as we split any profits from downloads equally.

The price for the first 51 minute, carefully mastered (by myself) hypnosis session is £15, since Geoff's sessions, lasting roughly 90 minutes each, are £40 each. I hope this gives you a taster into the curated content discussed by me, Foci's Left and Geoff in the session, gives you an insight into what I want to create, a showcase of Geoff's remarkable skills in his respective fields, and maybe motivates you, if you are within reach of Swindon, UK, to look up the Shaftesbury Centre where he works to arrange a session of your own.

Order here (51:42)

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First sale of this today Grin

Damn, I released this almost a year ago. 510 views since then, that's a lot!

The long-awaited second session has been sitting on my hard drive, mastered, since "Derelict Career" was released in May.

I'm going to make it available at the weekend. Same bargain price, different subject: "The Musicians Healing".

I've actually pitched 2 price points this time: £5 if you buy "Dumping The Rock" EP as a whole (now added to the EP as a retrospection/symbiosis piece); or £15 if you want to support me and Geoff more. We split profits down the middle whenever there's a sale, so I and him would get £7.50 each sale, or £2.50 on lower rate.

Jon, can you amend the thread title to "Foci's Left & Geoff Brooks - Hypnosis Sessions Series, parts 1-2" please? I tried editing the first post but the box is blank.

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Muttley Wrote:Jon, can you amend the thread title to "Foci's Left & Geoff Brooks - Hypnosis Sessions Series, parts 1-2" please? I tried editing the first post but the box is blank.

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yes, I can edit thread titles directly through Admin

but you can do it yourself with a bit of fiddling, even with the forum bollocks going on:

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that should work Xyxthumbs

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