Living under drones

Excerpts from the summary:

Quote:Drones hover twenty-four hours a
day over communities in northwest
Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles,
and public spaces without warning.
Their presence terrorizes men,
women, and children, giving rise to
anxiety and psychological trauma
among civilian communities.

The number of high-level targets
killed as a percentage of total
casualties is extremely low—estimated
at just 2%.

From June 2004 through mid-September
2012, available data indicate that drone
strikes killed 2,562-3,325 people in Pakistan,
of whom 474-881 were civilians,
including 176 children.

I wonder what it does to you, living 24/7 in fear of the buzzing sound of drones patrolling over your house. Too poor to relocate and in constant horror it might just blow you or any member of your family to pieces, without trial or even an announcement.

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