Winter in places where it actually F*CK'N snows ...


yeah yeah, winter in Canada.. igloos & beaver raves (wha?)

its cold. we bitch, we gripe. we cope. some like it. most don't.

its life tho.

how are y'all holdin up in your areas?


we were supposed to have big snow last month

but we didn't

we didn't have any snow in fact


Things to do when its HELLA cold & wintery outside:

- DON'T go outside
- have sex
- have sex partnered or otherwise lol
- sleep
- chill on internet.. check
- listen to tunes.. like this
- eat
- laundry.. check
- sex
- think about mixing an all vinyl set with records collecting dust in your apt that you NEVER listen to anymore
- eat again
- sleep some more whenevs
- finally get to throwing out that funky ish still sitting in your fridge... PIG!
- "am i goin to start that blog or what?"...
- watch dumb shit on youtube
- "are wintery nature pics all that great".. ponder why you bought that expensive camera but don't use it much
- porn.. fap it. just do it..
- imagine what black metal you can listen to to encapsulate the desolate cold reality that exists outside
- post threads on SC
- Xmas? who's that?

etc. etc. Cuss

+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:Things to do when its HELLA cold & wintery outside:

- watch dumb shit on youtube

- imagine what black metal you can listen to to encapsulate the desolate cold reality that exists outside

check & check


Tomorrow it's supposed to make it past zero! Smile

Finally there's some snow outside! It makes everything much brighter and merrier at this dark time of the year. And kids love it too. Need to take a picture, what it's like from my windows.
And I would def go outside, if I wouldn't feel like shit.

Went mountain biking in the snow yesterday, leaves are still more slippy!!

girth_maul Wrote:Went mountain biking in the snow yesterday, leaves are still more slippy!!
Waiting for the snow here to do the same, i love bike riding when temperature is slightly below zero, trees and forest roads are covered with snow (but it is possible to ride) and shining sun makes the landscape beautiful.
It is still +2C here though.

Looking forward to some brutal snow down this part of the UK.
It's pretty mild out though, about 9° today. Sunny too. Not very festive.

we have generally been having milder winters over the past few years in my area, but his past month its snowing like crazy, and it has been severely cold over the past couple of weeks, high wind chills, etc, like all last week. I literally don't go outside except to go to & from work when its that cold. hence my bitching & griping lol.

i lived on the west coast for quite awhile in the past, so i still very much prefer Pacific NW rain & grey skies for 4 months straight than the overt cold & barrage of snow when it happens. I LOVE RAIN.. i love listening to brooding, sulky dark or depressing music & walking around with an umbrella for months, i can really get into it ha. Lol i rather much prefer an onslaught of cold ocean rain than fuckin shit tons of snow & frost bite. but i'm used to both scenarios. this is Canada for christ sakes!! suck it up!! its the kinda crazy cold when people put booties & sweaters on their dogs. awe. dogs wearing shoes? yes.


This basement is so cold

so. so cold.

torment, where are you in canada?

Calgary via Vancouver, & visaversa

ah, right on. im in toronto. calgary is cold

yeah we've had below zero ish weather the last few weeks and it's not even technically Winter yet! I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter... :shiver:

I'm in Michigan and it's been snowing for the past few days. About 6" more is supposed to accumulate over the weekend.

+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:Calgary via Vancouver, & visaversa

I was in Vancouver for a few days earlier this year. Great seafood and Vij's has excellent Indian!

Stayed in a mountain hut this weekend. 30 people sleeping in one room, yuck. 30 people to ride a whole mountain area, YES!

still holding out. got my first cold of the winter this past week. I love being a snot machine. it amazes me how much mucus the human body can produce in one hour.


and yeah, snow is still around. i bitch internally, on the outside i appear indifferent. thus, is life.


So far, 2015, winter has been mild. Which is good. Nothing to really complain about, but I still freak out that it wasn't that long ago that I was wearing shorts outside. So far so good. There hasn't been the long periods of extreme below 0 wind chills at all really. It is weird that winter has been very warm as of late - environmentally speaking of course.

Speaking of which.

People who wear shorts in the winter.. or all year round. I've seen lot of those. Like they'll wear shorts, with a winter jacket, and a hat. I saw this kid this past week, NO JOKE, shorts (swim trunks?), flip flops, winter vest & hoody, and a toque (google "toque" if you are not Canadian).

I don't get it.

oh god, reading my posts from 2 years ago is making me shiver!

Thankfully the coldest we've been so far is in the 20s...week forecast is saying upper 30s lower 40s!! Icon_yippee

Wave Here in the Eastern part of Austria we had some snow already last week, all melted in the meantime again tho.

In the Western parts of Austria, which also happen to be the mountainous bits, Skiing and winter sports is quite an industry and they are actually waiting for colder weather, bc almost all of the resorts have these snowblower devices. But, it needs to be at least around 0°Celsius to make them work. But lately, it was too warm.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

i forgot about this one.


I mean, basically Immortal = winter. No other band has the monopoly of epic winter themed videos.

over 10 million views on this jam here. WINTER!!! lol


winter hip hop


^^ heh. nice. the image of the blizzard lol

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