today, I...

I saw a mobile food delivery driver taking out an order from Subway @ 8am today.


** same Subway, 2am on a Monday morning months back - somebody ordered 1 dozen Subway cookies & bags of potato chips for delivery. that was all they ordered. wtf.

– or rather, on Friday – I went to a surprise birthday party filled with the great and good of the British stage


Played Cd + digital versions of FSOL - Lifeforms 2CD.
Ate granary toast and peanut, cherry tomatoes, pizza and salad with new potatoes and sauces.
Grooved to homemade keyboard loops.
Man grunts.
Saw family.

It has been a long 2-ish weeks this past month. My grandmother passed away - she was 88, lived a good life!  I literally see her passing as a celebration, not a tragedy, nothing unexpected per se given her age. I even witnessed palliative care moments, during her last 5 days.

It was beautiful. Hugs  

I'm normally scared of death. I admit, at this stage, my fear has been a mere, selfish, imposed comfort to not have to deal with such things. That is generally my norm with death. This time, I saw it, I witnessed the passing of an elderly person's life. I see it as a gift. Life ending NOT in (thankfully), more tragic circumstances, is a beautiful, peaceful process. Something I've never witnessed before.   

I grew up a bit.  Smile

I listened to De La Soul & Red House Painters "Michael" the day she passed away. It was ok. I was at peace with it during the palliative process.   

Today I took an amazing road trip into the local mountain, foothills areas. We got lost driving, NO MOBILE SIGNAL in those back country, windy, gravel roads. Literally forestry, oil & gas back country mountain roads, barely any road signs.  An adventure for sure. The weather was fantastic. Hiking, in bear country.  It was a great day today!  I celebrate you Grandma.    


I wonder if because I miss my family and friends so much that I am co-ordinatively displaced from them, as in dumb deaf and blind, but not at the same time, so to be in it, an alternative reality, or if this is all just an excuse for not making real life connections, regardless of specific illnesses.

This is psychosis, to be sure.

I cooked 4 bowls of Sausage Bean Chili Rapid Recipe from Hello Fresh service.
I had a lovely bath.
I organized my areas.
I took my medication as normal.
I ve been listening to Drone Zone on Alexa Tune In.

I have also had a bath

[Image: bad_1.gif]

Yes, feel really clean, although if I ever feel dirty I wash anyway.

The new Pokémon Sword & Shield discovered legendary creatures look bad ass. Interested what the Dynamax concept has encapsulated, as well as the planned Unified Minds expanse.

I picked up my latest meals order from the doorstep, always quality, well pleased. HelloFresh Lamb Tagalatielle, Veggie Tortillas, Thai Green Chicken Curry, all ingredients 2ppl or more.

I've also completely set up the basics of my DJing / entertainment area in the rest room. Super sanctuary vibes. Currently the plan is to create big storage in small spaces.

Right now I'm chilling out to a dnb mix by DJ Ruffstuff of Chronic, mixed underneath folk act Ethemia, who "don't need another Mumford and Sons song no" from OFS OX4 memory.

The sun is shining, temporarily. I went to the pub earlier, and also bought a pack of Pokecards at ASDA for £5.47 with Eevee special card and a Pokecoin. My collection is crazy fresh.

Well, I've nothing to boast about, and that's not the point - I'm just happy as a pig in shit. Very much literally so. Anything that improves the situation is a bonus.

Concerning my mixed martial arts background, it was interesting and saddening to see Anthony Joshua taken down a peg, but he was not performing like normal that night.

I hope he wins the rematch. I've known of him for a very long time in general conversation.

I have been listening to Stevie Nicks - Stand Back 3CD too, on Alexa. Not been to Witney today, I cannot remember what day It is easily, it is Saturday, yes I remember now.

Also added a little to my second book.

And finally, to start the day I explained some engineering tips on recording vinyl in that part of this forum.


...started sorting out my records


Weird dream. People of youth in an energy centre. My soulmate featured continually.

Wonder traded a Fletchinder for a Lv60 Buzzwole Ultra Beast in Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Made all the plans to drive with family to Pizza Mic tonight.

... realized that I'm 666 this month Saevil2

....I am listening to LCD Sound System - American Dream on Alexa Echo Dot.
Very impressive it is too - they've got the slick 80s Visage / Gary Numan Alt. electronic music stint down to a tee, and the drumbeats are well arranged.

...have been arguing with Simon Reynolds on dissensus


(10th October 2019, 11:02)Statto Wrote: ...have been arguing with Simon Reynolds on dissensus


Popcornsmiley Lurk Cuss Read

(9th October 2019, 11:57)Muttley Wrote: ....I am listening to LCD Sound System - American Dream on Alexa Echo Dot.
Very impressive it is too - they've got the slick 80s Visage / Gary Numan Alt. electronic music stint down to a tee, and the drumbeats are well arranged.

I catch LCD on the radio quite often.

I sat and attempted to dissect "All My Friends" as I listened one night. 

Musically, it is a moment indeed.   Acclaim


Drove to work in a dark, rainy early morning, listening to sunn O))).


Today I edited some entries on discogs Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho

(19th October 2019, 20:51)firefinga Wrote: Today I edited some entries on discogs Smile


...sent out for a plumber Grin

Switch water on. Cloakroom fills but you can take a shit and flush afterwards.
Switch water off. Leakage ceases.

Counting down the minutes until the plumber arrives.

But at least nobody is trying to exterminate me or mine. My problems are very minor in the great scheme of things.

I quit my job today. Sort of... official last day notice is pending. Making plans.

New chapter. Lets do dis! Smile