today, I...

Yes, everything did seem normal at first. Thanks for the update. But then supermarket chain greed ensued, now there are proper waiting lines outside shops. If you live in prison you'll never know anyway.

- watched Vitali ice Chisora
- ate less than 1500 cal today
- scratch for cards
- long conversation with nurse

uploaded from yesterday.
listened to Boc - Twoism LP, love "Melissa Juice" and "Oirectine" like it's still 1995.
uneven sleep. need to change bedding, on top and have another shower to shake off the grot of outside.
too many people going around with grubby gloves that I wonder, where have you put those before - in some dog crap?
just jesting. but yes, people are revolting. currently i'm listening to Drone Zone again.
plan to listen to at least and last one new compact disc (dubplate) today, and master it on my Chinese Buddha Mach.
plan to eat sausages (3 jumbo) and rice for breakfast, or for lunch, i need some peanut on toast or honey inside me.
yeah honey on fave. washed down with a nice warm cup of healthy black tea. i know how to clean my cups so they don't have age.

Today I edited several Entries on discogs
Music critic for the Tally Ho

I just made late night peanut butter cookies @ 12am. 

I'm too full.  Peanut butter coma.   Sleepbed

...received new trainers through the post Rainbow


Good sneakers Drizzle. My reconditioned Taccinis remind me of those. I wore their left sole out running out and about. Walking daily and weathering killed their durability.
How durable do they feel? My newest shoes rule (modelled by Kill Bills Kate Moss on Little Britain in full Chav as Vicky Pollard's sister).

Durable enough since they'll be "special occasion" trainers rather than everyday.

And seemingly they were designed by Miley Cyrus.


Today I dreamt in bedtime that I visited a cabaret party in a old multiplex complex, and met a bunch of funny new people guessing my age at one point, and a decent kid at school turned up. One kid was 25. I am 32. We went our separate ways, or rather I wanted an adventure and decided to find a shop in the complex that sold CD players between 7 and 9 inch CD ports, worrying in dream 3 inches was one mini CD - I wanted to play two discs simultaneously or in interchanger, when it isn't, 3 inches is the regular CD size. Met up again before going home and drank a mini wine each, arched our bad backs and sat on benches by a Spanish beach.

Uploaded some tune ideas to SoundCloud, which immediately got re-orchestrated by some players (hence royalties) on my Discover Weekly Spotify selection.

Uninstalled crapware (malware) Reimage Repair off my computer. Remove this from your computer people, it slows your computer down a lot for no gain whatsoever and demands money to clean the infect on your PC.

Listened to the new ISAN, Mogwai, David that order of appearance in my day, production albums.
Listened to Stars Of The Lid, various streams, FAX label stuff from Lee Anthony Norris collaboration, and Ludovico Einaudi piano CD as well.

Put all 7 empty wheelie bins back for the flat block - thanks to who put them out - and also topped up rinsed out / washed bird bowl.
The garden is looking well, out front and out back, reasonably anyway, I will try and be out there more soon, I think most people will enjoy the sun.

Cooked some bad ass Bombay Chicken (9pcs drumsticks in oven) and devoured those with the spirit friends. It's all I've consumed except water, and a ready meal low fat Cottage Pie. I've washed up a little bit of stuff this morning, went for a 45 minute walk on little fluid.

Not bad.

Just enjoyed a Spaghetti Carbonara. 

Fascinating. Teef

i am alive and well
feeling happy to be here
the  rivers of belief
they make me care more about failing
but less about grave whims

it's good to be grateful


i could just be drunk


I watched multiple US cities descend into flaming anarchy.

feel better than yesterday.
planning to cook tonight.
bought dijon mustard at shop.
rick stein swears by it.

i feel happier knowing people around me have friendship with me, still, my heart goes out to those.
i am always with my ancestral family and pets in spirit.

mainly peaceful day. it sounded like a Judo club for the kids upstairs from me, but it was okay.

i cooked a 1p reduced meal
bacon, spaghetti, tomato & mushroom porcini sauce, cheese heated, pulled chicken, spinach.
very very good dinner.
2 helping for 1, tom soup.

started listening to "cold mission" by logos after 6 years break

- went to Witney earlier today once on the bus
- bought test presses by Bibio and Luttrell 
- awaiting Rival Consoles and Willie J Healey CDs
- bought a pack of cards for good behaviour 
- petted my stuffed animals 
- rewatched Lewis Rahman 2
- using Cakewalk to program The Drone Zone 
- cooked my parents dinner at my studio flat 
- ready to do it all again tomorrow