today, I...

Here's the Spheruleus CD/digital audio and purchase link:

If you're into ambient, you should buy it deaf on my recommendation.

I was just approached / thumped on by Mormon kids, minutes ago walking home with some lunch (Vietnamese food YUM!)

do Mormons NOT realize how ridiculous they look? .. perhaps not. a uniform is a uniform, but they're waaay too clean cut for my taste. they're like.. mods / skinheads with bibles in fashion sense ha. cheaper shoes no doubt. but still. lol

buddy - picture a nerdy tall white kid with glasses & braces on his teeth, pure geek - actually told me when i waved him off ".. if you know anybody who wants to know about Jesus Christ, can you give them this card?" "uh.. no" says I. "Its a weekday afternoon, shouldn't they be in school??" i thought to myself. guess not.

are Mormons relevent much outside of NA? (too lazy to google.. )


quitting my job the other day STILL feels amazing btw!!!! Smile

Chat: social worker, roundabout theories on someone who said "I'd like to think we are at least friends" in 2008 desiring something more. Disagreed with mum on that. Good talk otherwise. Social worker helping me to get PIP to act. ATOS (in the news who let a man previously on benefits starve to death) are still running the Personal Independence Payment process. They're little more than occupational therapists, let alone actually medical doctors who know what they're talking about.

Food: Chicken Katsu Curry with jasmine rice and salad; apples; orange juice (2 pints); coffee; hot chocolate; baked beans for lunch. Few pintsat the pub, got told "good playing boss" in response to being on the piano for an hour or so. And got mentioned as a pianist in the other part of the pub! Smile

Now going to place opposite to play Mario Kart for 30 minutes. Icon_yippee

Work: 9 reviews for Organic in a day. Play: now promoted to Sargeant level on Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, and ranked 3546. Stuck on level 37 of Candy Crush. Phoned: piano friend who's in the mental health hospital I was in in 2012 to see if he's alright. Link worker, telling her "miss you too" so she knows she's valued. Arguments: still, but more truth instilling that I'll never make a good father or husband.

I want to cook this:


(But I'm trying to lose weight)

...finished two jobs (and it's only half past eight)


ooh get you with your rhyming couplets between posts Kisskiss

Listened to Mother Room - Scorched LP twice; made it past 3495 rank on C&C:TA; had dreams about falling through objects and kicking down an intruder in the house while thinking I was awake. Hahaha

Today (this morning) I have:

Ascended to 3369 rank on C&C:TA, moving my base next to a tunnel exit so I can get more resource points when I defeat outposts that crop up at these points. Lost control of my Resonator Network Tower as a result, but I still have a Tungsten Compound at halfway level between my two bases. Went to gym, burned 200 calories on exercise bike, found out Columbre de la Lune (or something, near the Alpine in France) route I virtually rode on has cheese and beef as its biggest exports. 30 reps shoulder press 25/15kg, 30 reps tricep dip 25kg, 30 reps chest press 15kg, 30 reps bicep curls 15kg. Ripped Drone Records - Substantia Innominata 10' Series: "Sing The Song Of The Unknown" Promo CDR Vol.4 / 2014, a collection of abstract drone tracks from artists including Illusion Of Safety (Wire magazine reviewed) and Thomas Dimuzio. Came home, cooked bacon, beans, eggs and mushrooms for me and my ma. Now listening to "Dear EP" - definitely my best EP yet.


I'm getting more and more nice comments on my piano (un)skills that are really helping encourage me to play more. "You're better than some of the people who come and play in here" at the James Street Tavern 2 weeks ago from two I had partially met before; "So are you a piano teacher?" from a regular I met over 6 months ago who didn't remember me a week ago. I plan to go back there again this week. Played the opening to Jake Bugg - Broken, a track I bought on his self-titled debut CD this morning and afternoon, some Smart E's - Sesame's Treet embellishments, Bat For Lashes - Moon And Moon (taught myself the mid section of this now) as curio. The barmaid a week ago said "Muttley Theme", off my "Dear EP" ( got "stuck in her head", saying she was sure she's heard someone play it before. So, I'm happy.

Listened to Keith Berry - "The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish" / "Turn Right A Thousand Feet From Here" double CD in toime and it's lovely. Had BBQ & Tennessee Spare Ribs, Chinese noodles and salad with sauce for dinner. Now listening to Aural Imbalance "Earthlight EP". Grin Icon_yippee Dance

Oh and looking for houses to rent in West Oxfordshire area this evening.

Called estate agents, an Oxfordshire flat in a prime location had gone, also rung District Council to find out how much Housing Benefit I'm covered for from my mental illnessses situation. Went to slimming club, after a glass of wine and some food (including a cheeky bit of cake) and weigh 16' 11.5, half a pound down from 5 weeks ago - unable to go from that point due to anxiety. Bombed a Forgotten outpost's construction yard in one fell swoop with my newly researched Firehawk (C&C), that felt awesome. Dad made Hoisin sauce, egg noodles, prawns in oyster sauce, chicken, mushrooms and salad meal for dinner, tasted as good as a meal out at your local Chinese. Listened: Subtle Audio Vol.III CD 1, excellent stuff. Bought: Raum - Event Of Your Leaving for £3.95 at Petted the dog. Made jokes about the dog. I doubt we'll have him for much longer. I love him.

Figured out a super productive workout schedule.

Went to a gig for the first time in a month, eyes shut for most of it, saw the editor of Nightshift but he seemed to have left before I could say hello. I left after the first band as the next were thrash metal. Came home on the bus and bombed some camps on C&C:TA, now I'm ranked 3198.

- took dog for walk
- picked up cat from vet after surgery to remove 3 vertebrae from his tail
- made bomb ass omelette
- bike ride
- submitted abstract/bio for a conference on genre
- packed all my belongings in prep for a move
- beer

[Image: heyday.jpg]
[Image: heyday2.jpg]

[Image: 20140531_220508.jpg]

a bit depressing, but the new place is worth it! Smile

Glat to hear Smile

- thought about reading your PhD thesis again
- downloaded Horizons Music Mp3 & Wav package of 5 latest releases, Need For Mirrors - "Food" is best on first play through
- recorded an overdubbed version of "My Idea Of Bucolic" into Ableton Live 8
- recorded a PurFlute, SpacePad, TnSax1, and Erhu2 preset keyboard arrangement, to be edited. Mum said "a bit Stars On Sunday" but I like
- contacted all Carterton estate agents with requirements for rented property, and if they can put me on their books
- helped cook chicken with thyme, sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots, set table, made coffees
- base reached level 15 on Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, recruited another Firehawk too
- made more guesses for something I'm supposed to easily get on Nightshift's Dumbass Record Collection Quiz
- wrote a new piano melody motif
- played Bat For Lashes - "Moon And Moon" on keyboard again, practicing the scale movements
- spoke to sister and parents out garden
- reviewed Tropic Of Coldness' latest unreleased LP, "Demography Of Data", for Fluid Radio, and got a download of it
- checked horoscope, nothing in particular resonant

In no particular order, and in no interesting order (I am so fucking dull) Hahaha


went to ATOS appointment, it went well, the therapist actually asked good questions, and it seems likely I'll get my allowance backdated.
traded an Argos gift card from a friend's birthday present to get a pair of in-ear headphones, JVC Extreme Explosives...

My Sony XB1 in-ear headphones broke about 3 months ago so I've been working with a pair of over-head Marley Soul Rebel's to produce. The Marley's are very good and not lacking the clarity I was told - they just have more bass. Now I finally have a pair of in-ear headphones that match the sound of the Marley's for deep bass response as well as costing less than half of the Sony's (they always do overpriced stuff). They also isolate even more of the outside noise than the Sony's. Good for bus journeys into the city I reckon. Grin

listened to Pharoahe Monch - PTSD

I chilled the fuck out today.


soo... I quit my job. as mentioned. I gave a months notice (aren't I a good reliable employee?? lol), and it came to an end yesterday. FUCK that shit lol. Its like, shedding a skin of a part of your life that you walked into, stayed too long, but did your best to conquer it all for... a pay cheque. done.

had 2 victory meals since to celebrate! whoop! ha. took a drive into the mountains, sat by a mountain river, and refused to go into the woods even further because there are bears and such around. I'm smart like that. Am I afraid of bears? .. of being attacked, yes. Its summer (finally), and there are bears in the mountains, that attack people. IN THE SUMMER, i'll do what i can not to be taken out by a wild bear. cool? thanks!

I'm also afraid of being taken out by a cougar in the mountain forest too. it happens. lol just thoughts i have. I respect animals enough NOT to be killed by one. so far, so good!

I just realised that I'll be missing New Order playing in Vancouver B.C in a few weeks, didn't hear about it until yesterday. gig sold out anyway.

On the drive back from the mountains, we took this back gravel road for part of the way. it was dusty, bumpy, and kinda scary if you go too fast. we almost spun out INTO A LITTLE LAKE on the side of the road during one part of the drive cuz the gravel was so thick & slippery on the tires. I was scared for a second. Yes, i was. we listened to Todd Edwards during that drive back, and I love telling the freaky religious story of sir Todd Edwards to people cuz dude is such an amazing, inspirational producer, who STILL makes the most forward contemporary gospel garagey house tunes with the most innovative, cheeky production. the samples & subliminal vocal snippets he creates about praising Jesus & G.O.D are crazy! you ever notice that?? and it has always been funky as fuck! dang. big up to Todd. i bug out to his bass lines. still. always a treat.

we listend to Somos on the drive back too. I realised, they are my new fave band. their debut lp is only like 25 mins long. I smile for 25 mins each time. they sound great driving through the mountains, almost dying spinning out on a remote gravel road into a lake while bears & cougars eat your eyes out & shit. respect nature. when we were sitting along the river, buddy actually said out loud in all seriousness ".. i wonder how much the earth weighs?" mm. ok.

i feel good today. Icon_razz


Really good night with Ronan and Richard from Nightshift who turned up for Ultrasound before Peerless Pirates came on, 3 acts in. He said "Just enjoy it" in regards to not putting a review together. Said "Oh yeah" in regards to if he enjoyed my latest demo, "it got more coverage than anything else in the demos". I had to take a Diazepam just before I left first time (went back up and they thankfully let me back in with my ticket intact an hour later, once I'd had time to sort brain). Ultrasound were good, definitely not run-of-the-mill rock, but they were too loud for me after hearing so much earlier in the day. As for earlier in the day, I went to Crisis Skylight music industry talk, expecting it to be music production group, and drew up some ideas for their CD pressing plan.


Food: Eastleach Downs Farm bacon (praised by Monty Don for a Soil Association Award!), Cumberland sausages, eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms – best pork I've ever tasted! Lasagne for dinner with roasted peppers. Acquired a Reactor at Level 14 on Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, as well as a Uranium Deposit at Level 15 (moved both bases to gain control over these). Earned over 4 million research points. Saw my close family again. New Genius bag from my Mum that doesn't cost the Earth. Received Zygmunt Krauze CD from Nagiri, not sure what to say about it yet – it's good, I like it, but it'll take some getting used to. Found I'd put on 3 pounds max from 4 days ago, too much pub. Put hoover through, petted dog, helped Dad get his materials in, brought shopping in, updated my Freelancer resume:, read further than page 18 of Jason Os' An Ethnographic Study Of HJDB, meds, fell asleep from 11pm.

Yay, got a ticket for 65 Days of Static in Portsmouth in July \o/

Completed Level 38 of Candy Crush Saga after being told my other completed it before me. 311,440 points. Beat that Ian Patterson! In your face etc. Hahaha

Uploaded a vid of my weekend ride:


Cleaned all windows of my parents' home and the front door / recycling out while listening to 3 compositions that are demos for my fourth album, to be released next year. Composed 2 standalone synthesizer-only pieces and recorded them, the first is in G Augmented Triad chord and going down a scale, the second is B and D notes playing back and forth on an effected synth patch while chords from intuitive locations (all played on laptop keys) are mixed with. Argued with Statto earlier in the day about the term "RIP" on Facebook.

finished a book
cleaned the house
did some work
complained about someone else's useless work
ranted on facebook
watched telly

just a normal day really 201tongue

girth_maul Wrote:Uploaded a vid of my weekend ride:

Xyxthumbs That was bad ass! There were some sheer drops off the sides of the trail man.