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Muttley Wrote:C&C:TA in SW

say, what? Baffled Smile

Statto Wrote:
Muttley Wrote:C&C:TA in SW

say, what? Baffled Smile

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances -World 87: SW (Europe)

Free strategy game. I've been playing since the beginning of April 2014. You might enjoy it. The only reason I got attacked is I invited the guy to be allies but he attacked me while I was offline, otherwise I would've held my own. 3 bases against 2 in that area, you see.

Muttley Wrote:I invited the guy to be allies but he attacked me while I was offline

the bastard!


I tried that C&C online game, but too many assholes with pointless bullying made me leave the game for good.

Statto Wrote:
Muttley Wrote:I invited the guy to be allies but he attacked me while I was offline

the bastard!

Ha ha ha ha Smile

widzhit Wrote:I tried that C&C online game, but too many assholes with pointless bullying made me leave the game for good.

widzhit Wrote:I tried that C&C online game, but too many assholes with pointless bullying made me leave the game for good.

Nice to know you tried it, I've only needed to repair bases 2 times, this being the second after the first day "let's just blow up someone". :rolleyes:

I'm back to my original Points Of Interest from over a month ago now, and might consider bombing him when I've grown a little bit - and he's offline. Wink

I'm getting back into eRepublik now. Will see, how long I last this time.

Is that another online game? Wave


- Promoted to First Sergeant on C&C: Tiberium Alliances, now ranked 2176 and testing Commandos in battle against The Forgotten (the in-game enemy).
- Baturica wine bought by Mum amongst other items this afternoon.
- Viewed a ground floor flat 5 minutes drive from my parents, was really nice. Hopefully they'll take me on seeing as I earn my own money despite disablement.
- Cooked Thai Green Chicken Curry to halfway point then overtaken by rap voices, only to have 15 minutes complete calm laying down and found inner peace, was so wonderful.


- Awoke at 5am, got up at 7am, unloaded dwasher & reloaded, went back to slumber
- Listened to a selection of Muttley mixes including "Positive Congruence" while rib mending
- Started work on 120th Fluid Radio review – this one concerns Time Released Sound's Daydreamer - Camus Smile
- Recorded first trial part of next LP (prospective) into Advent OS in Ableton, then recorded similar tones of the collaboration me and Bruno Bavota are forwarding
- Transferred several promo releases to Cowon for journey tonight
- Ordered Asus laptop as my Advent's screen bridle is cracked and the lid can't shut, so using it for production, downloading new releases for testing and archival storage from now on at my parents'.

The weekend just gone I saw my cousins and grandparents over a 4 day period down South UK. My youngest deceased Uncle would have been 57 yesterday, so we let some balloons go into the sky for him.

Too many Syns but I'm only weighing a max of 2 pounds more than when I got my 1 1/2 stone loss award. So hoping to even out and cut down in the next week accordingly.

Washed, coffee, mail, linkworker, piano improv at JST, Wire, Aya LP, First Floor Restaurant, TRS review, Prince Rapid EP

Syns: 40


- Recorded sample on Advent through Casio – piano melody at 120bpm called “Missed Subtlety”
- Cooked King Prawn Dopiaza from Slimming World's Fakeaways recipe book. Tastes better than the chicken version; chicken swamps the flavour a tad. Could see this as a reg meal.
- Installed my copy of Ableton, X7 Hds and D2 EXT HD on new Asus laptop to back up files.
- Helped Dad put up reed fencing out my parents' garden.
- Rested rib and it seems after a week of it repairing itself I'm pretty much sorted minus ache.
- Noticed the “Sonic Master” terming on the Asus and its “Clean and powerful sound” tag – this actually seems justified as the Waves drivers sound better than my Advent.
- Listened to Slowdive - “Blue Skied An' Clear” again, which is my tune of today.
- Upgraded lowest level C&C:TA base to LV 18, now ranked 2140 World.
- Syns 12.
- Reviewed TRS – Camus – Daydreamer release for FR 120.

On Friday I had a great day playing piano for an hour at JST and then testing out the Moog Sub Phatty analogue synthesiser in Oxford's music technology shop, that I had my eye on for 6 months. Naturally it was far too expensive for me but then I was recommended the Novation Bassstation II which retails at a much more palatable £399. I like the sounds in general on the Novation more and it has a 4-track step sequencer. It fits on my lap and is massive fun. Purchasing the special next wk.

FR 120: Camus – Daydreamer (Time Released Sound) – Mick Buckingham

Comparable to Fluid Radio's own Margins – Fragile Existence released recently, Camus and Time Released Sound offer up a smorgasbord of fleeting yet fantastical ambient work with “Daydreamer”. More organically multi-tiered in instrument usage, Camus opens with fingerpicked guitar and bubbling bass ostinato. The track gradually morphs in texture and temperament and is accentuated by volume dips and peaks – the creator knows how to make use of the headroom. It's perplexing in effect as the timbres wash towards a rocky creek but decelerate into an ambient prelude, befitting the nature of the rest of the work on this record.

The second and third pieces, “Cloud Castles” and “Immortal” are stylistically similar through trumpet and voice to French Entropy artist Hutch Demoulipied, featured in The Wire magazine in February 2012 on the clutch of her “Otherness” 2CD. But do compare Camus any more and the individuality of the music doesn't dissolve, rather it becomes greater in its lifting from the parallels of the well. The airy nature of the sound sourcing never threatens to envelope the paucity of the listener's horizon. Guitar chords don't become restrained to just chords, instead working as assemblages of melody that punctuate the content. On “Immortal”, too, beats pervade the soundscapes, and they crisp up the focus of the instruments to act as less wafty, discrete entities.

The main strength of “Daydreamer”, though, is its tendency to absolve from strict rules as to where each sound should go next in critical infrastructure. Things are seen to not matter; flights of fancy return to whispers from the past. This gives the music and the maker's mind ability to deviate from concentric structure altogether. In a long album that goes over an hour, that ultimately feels longer than it is however, Camus displays an extremely talented way with his tools: guitar, trumpet, drum machine and analogue synthesiser, like they are being crafted into diamond nitrate and fed into the veins. A moving LP and a verifiably superb addition to any ambient fan's collection coming from Time Released Sound.

Words: 338


- Ripped Songs From The Chillout Lounge 2CD I had when I was 14, and parents' Neil Young CD.
- Listened to CD 1 of Chillout Lounge, Neil Young – The Gold Rush and Paul Mckenna.
- Planned possible gig attendance for next week. Dead Rat Orchestra at Holywell on Monday.
- Messaged Code and auntie with Foci's Left music
- Made another guess on Nightshift's Dumbass Record Collection Quiz
- Read through to The Boomerang in The Wire #366, finishing up my reading there 2moro.
- Recorded Dionysos and Ableton synths over piano recording with Analog Tape Delay.
- Repaired all bases on C&C: TA for the third time after an attack from WillPenson LV 20.
- Moved bases to 3 new Points Of Interest.
- Disabled Asus DVD and enabled Windows Media Player 12 as default on Asus X550C.
- Transcribed Mark E - “Product Of Industry” review with less words into Asus.
- Listened to Organic Podcast 006 from SB81 – Headz style Smile
- SV Stop 157: Children re-viewed.

Listened to Dreamscape 21 again.

My track of today is Scanone - Sahkil

Muttley Wrote:Is that another online game? Wave

Yeah. Real countries with e-citizens. Mostly politics and planning war, building an empire.

Hehe. My sister plays Age Of Empires and has an alliance with France being bigger than the US or something. Then she'll get more powerful and invade them. Hahaha

I understand why people blow each other up on C&C - hell I've done it myself with someone's base of a similar level. However that was only because they were playing for fun and to destroy as many other people as possible.

My kind of fun from the game is different. When I'm happy I really enjoy planning attacks against The Forgotten, the in-game enemy. I've since changed status to saying I don't attack fellow players so maybe I'll be left at relative peace in what some consider a complete war game.


Today's horoscope

Today may bring complex issues to light. Good thing you can suspend logic and proceed on instinct. That helps you understand others deeply. Read more…

Rating: 5/5 - Intensity: 63 - Keywords: sophisticated, motivated - Mood: You feel optimistic

- Read The Wire #366's Soundcheck in full, really enjoyed Greg Tate's piece in The Boomerang about R&B duos.
- Composed a new track in 30 minutes, a short one fittingly, that's ultimately ad music, or I may add vocals to it (spoken word angled). SlowBossa drum machine. 120 BPM. Piano and FantasyPad2 on Casio with added/subtracted reverb in C Diminished 7th.
- Text Slimming World consultant saying I wouldn't be able to make the weight loss group this week and found out the Madras on the curry and beer night was from the Hairy Bikers cookbook. At least I think it's a Madras as it was yellow and quite hot. He's going to find out from the woman who cooked it.
- Listened to Angel Olsen, Camus, Paul Mckenna
- Called estate agents' and received a call back saying no-one else who's viewed the property I want after me has put an offer on it. More news soon I'm told.

Tonight planning to cook or help cook a food optimised Lamb Rogan Josh Indian meal.

Ed - now it's 21:42 and that meal by my Dad and Mum was the best food optimised Slimming World Indian Fakeaway I have tasted. Very spicy and tasty, I'm a sucker for lamb, and we bought some Creme Fresh to calm the intensity. Lovely!

Muttley Wrote:I may have just found my new home.

1 month 3 weeks later, I actually have - I've been invited for a second viewing on the place I want. Going to meet the landlord 2moro with my Dad. He wants to meet all his tenants. So happy, but holding some in reserve in case of disappointment. Icon_yippee

boh Xyxthumbs

Glad you approve. Smile

It's a lounge/bedroom apartment with kitchen, bathroom and garden purpose built to rent. 10 minutes fast walk from the shops, 15 from my parents'. I will confirm with the landlord if the neighbourhood is very quiet like the current tenant says. It would be much better than the shared accommodation I am in half the time as I don't have to share with people who leave the place dirty or nick my food. A month's notice from my current flat fits in well with this move.

Today's horoscope - 05.08.14

Reckless acts could lead you in the wrong direction today. Watch out for phonies and double-dealers. Do your research and check references! Read more…

Rating: 1/5 - Intensity: 84 - Keywords: eccentric, idiosyncratic - Mood: You feel disappointed

...I'm presupposing I'll feel sad tomorrow, as it is uncertainty is gripping me. Will I get it, won't I etc.

- Played new complete piano improvisation as ad music into laptop from Casio.
- Decided my next EP will be called "Ad Music", in line with the music for advertisements sub-theme one track on my last LP took.
- Found out my Advent workstation is configured with 24-bit audio - perhaps this is fitting for all newer laptops in Win8.
- Listened to Paul Mckenna, Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd's "After The Night Falls" on Darla, CeReNeM tracks on Wire site.
- Made a guess of Gucci Mane on Dumbass Record Collection Quiz, never heard the music but it fits in letters, prob wrong.
- Sent Harry Towell second Foci's Left sample pack for the first Omnimous EP due out later this year.
- Listened to 3 recommendations from firefinga in the ATTN Muttley! thread, prob gonna buy the Martyn and Answer Code Request.
- Happy Aaadam player on C&C:TA got demolished by WillPenson after me. Teach him for bullying me. I'm now ranked 2087.
- Noticed the SV Stop 167 post with Natasha Khan in SubVersion's album of the year recommendation is re-viewed in the stats. 613 page views < last month.
- Syns: 15 (celebration Rupali Malai Goost and Mushroom Rice with family for prospectively getting new flat, from Bilash).

Researched phoneline-free broadband - Virgin Media cable is my only option there. £26.50 a month.

I got the apartment Icon_yippee Icon_yippee Icon_yippee Icon_yippee Icon_yippee

nice one Twothumbs


Today's horoscope

It's easier today than usual to concentrate. Focus on the bottom line in all you do. Emphasize practical, sensible ways of completing tasks.
Rating : 4/5 - Intensity : 59 - Keywords : self-assured, administrative - Mood :You feel protective

- Went to Professional Music Technology in the morning and bought the special version of the Novation Bass Station II

[Image: ImageGenerator.axd?c=1&image=DetailLrgTh..._76025.jpg]

Got £15 off as it was the display item.

- Went to James Street Tavern at the turn of the afternoon and played some moving, subtle pieces on piano. I will miss going here greatly.
- Went to The First Floor in the reasoned fashion of the above and Mutton Dopiaza, Chef's Special Chicken (Indian) and Chinese Lamb with Szechuan Pepper, combined with a white chocolate mousse cake for dessert was some of the best stuff I've tasted from there.
- Saw link worker and social worker in the afternoon on the same day; they're really happy I got the place too.
- Filled in form for Housing Benefit in relation to disablement.
- Played Novation for over 2 hours, making new patches in its bank.