today, I...


- Syns: 4 1/2 (egg mayo on spiced crackers, Thai Chicken Curry)

Thanks @Funny_Truth - Replace "youtube" with "youtubeskip" in the URL and you won't see ads.

- gonna try and work on some more content for TDD 5, I haven't given up hope on it this lifetime.
- probably try and cut a few clips and ruminate on the action/reaction, distraction/target relationship of the music.
- a subject could be how 'still face' in psychology relates to perceiving and collating bad experiences (mundanity in life) instead of positive happenings each day - the regular 'mind latching onto negative' facts.


In the listening queue today:

Grouper - Ruins
Boomkat 14 Tracks - Ambient Zeitgeist
Lviv - Transmission

Today's horoscope

Sticking to a budget or a certain routine may run counter to your nature, but those systems work well today, especially in formal settings.

Rating: 4/5 - Intensity: 59 - Keywords: happy in your role, paid to know - Mood: You feel absolute best

I've up until now had a memory gap between knowing what 15MOF Pt.69-71 are. 69 is We Lived In A Garden's Heart - then I thought this was 70, so Pt.70 hasn't actually been made yet. 71 is Transients, included in TDD 4, while 72-76 are at in the 2014 folder. 70 might be aptly named "Apples Fall From The Tree".

04.11.14 - 2day's horoscope

You're as idealistic as ever, but today you have strong energy and determination to pair with your vision.
Rating: 4/5 - Intensity: 55 - Keywords: impetuous, authentic - Mood: You feel cool

Syns: 16/wine / 1/sausage / 3/brunch bar = 20 (nicely set).

RT a load of interesting tuff mid day, inc 900 arcade games free in net browsers.
Called Jon a dibbler, had a whinge about nothing, read interesting mails rom Jon.
Watched over Mutley, had nice Onion Bhajis for dinner mixed in with ribs and pasta/pesto.
Researched Missile Storm on C&C:TA, upgraded a harvester to LV32, blew up some Outposts.
Napped with girlfriend, listening to ambient music, thinking about how to make next step on Novation.
Watched a bit of Newsnight and how Taylor Swift has made a dramatic statement about Spotify, woo ha.
Made several recommendation in SC thread posted by devnull about 2000s dnb and subversive precursors.
Packed for Oxford.

Beddy bo bos. aLL iN aLL, an okay day.

...found the piano score to The Conversation


...#‎justbought‬ VUM - Psychotropic Jukebox


dynamic notes started
ricky force track req & other eras if he still has it

2days ratings: 1/5 - Intensity: 84 - Keywords: white lies, shifty - Mood: You feel spontaneous

made a nice 16 minute soporific ambient feeling pad piece with lots of modulation. sent to stattski and dan crossley.
tweeted some stuff @MuttleySV, inc a shorthand description of 08.11.14's dream that would otherwise be in dream journal.
syns: 18 (wine 16, cheese on savoury crackers 2).
weighing 16'12 this morning, i might go back to slimming world soon to get a bookmark weight for the last few months.
it fluctuates between 16'6-17'. like to get down to 16 by summer next year then i won't be overweight for 6'4 height.
listened to my second lp and 'vena amoris' lp.

downloaded lubomyr melynk's 'corolloraries' which i first heard from fluid radio, via emusic.

upgraded lots of resources on C&C:TA bases to level 30, bases approaching level 25. now ranked under 1550.


Uploaded second instalmment of Kidzania.
Discovered how to use hardware with MULAB.
Produced some parts of a tune on MULAB with Novation.
Listened to Kidzania Pt.1.
Sent out 2 15 MOF mix requests to Executive Steve and Fanu.
Read Wire #367 up to page 57.
Had refreshing sleep after waking at 7AM and producing, waking up to a great brunch with chipolatas.
Studied G Diminished Triad chord for laying tonight.
Found out Buddy Lawson is a golf player.
Intended to check new Kontext LP.
Asked Shiva if he still has that amen/strings track he gave me on CD in 2010.
Posted Kidzania Pt. 2 - Mixed by a great friend.
Added some recommendations to the top 20 jungle tunes of the last 10 years thread.

Rating: 1/5 - Intensity: 84 - Keywords: two faced, small talk - Mood: You feel proper

Today's horoscope

Today, you're beautifully aware of your past.
You may feel deep gratitude toward your forebears, or a sense of compassion and forgiveness.

Rating: 5/5 - Intensity: 63 - Keywords: traditionalistic, establishe - Mood: You feel proper

sent Miz some coffee money for her forthcoming "Spring Hope" track.
posted a letter and cleared my head.
got a tape pack from when i was 15 out my friend's loft.
dad says my 'ambient feeling soporific' sleep track is brilliant. Smile
had excellent caremelised onion sausages, bacon, mushrooms, beans, egg and toast with tea, for tea.
listened to and sent this lp link to a friend for a christmas agreed present (if she wants it) idea.


Compassion is part of who you are.
Today, this empathetic quality helps you feel others' emotions as acutely as if they were your own.

Rating: 5/5 / Intensity: 63 / Keywords: devotion, compassionate / Mood: You feel amused

"Life's too short to be afraid of the dark". ~ Atmosphere

Some tracks to make for 4th LP:

Delusions Can Change The World
Ball Of Wool II
Degenerating Splendour (made this today, title from SoundFjord)

Chickpea Dahl and Tilda Mushroom Rice is a great lunch.

Chinese Vermicelli for dinner, thing was big, top value for money, filled the entire plate. Even the hiccups bearable.
Played Cassius for Mutley in the afternoon and evening, he seemed to enjoy it. Dad played guitar. Chord ideas forming.
Just nice to jam.
RT about remembrance Sunday.
Shared Code's tunes post on Facebuke wall.
Uploaded Kidzania - Parasite - Dreadlock 2005 Mix to MixCloud, posted SC thread.

"i don't care how you feel about Obama, but this needed to happen. Basically, he's telling the FCC to classify the
internet as a 'utility' like power and water. That's a good thing, despite what some misinformed people and websites may
lead you to believe".

Muttley Wrote:04.11.14



I can't help but notice that it has now been 7 days since you posted this word.

Please tell me it isn't so.

um.. normally i bitch about winter and the cold snaps when they happen - like the cold temps right now - but, I'm Canadian. "meh".. suck it up right? its only been a couple of days now worth of the action, so far so good i think. when the cold snaps happen, i'm really not outside much tho, sleep, work, back home, sleep.. repeat. so far, its tolerable. (.. strange optimism on my part here, personally noted..hmm)

had a great Chinese meal tonite, at a REAL Chinese noodle joint with weird gnarly things on the menu, but all made with such great flavor. inexpensive. dope soup. I'll be back! Smile

fortune cookie fortunes for tonite:

- Happiness surrounds your events this week
- Avoid scattering your energies.


Muttley Wrote:04.11.14


I can't help but notice that it has now been 7 days since you posted this word.

I thought stuff like 'washed', 'wee', 'poo', 'shower', 'sex' etc were a bit too banal for even me. Wink

12.11.14 2day's horoscope

Your pride and ambition are stronger than usual today.
Take steps toward a treasured goal by making warm connections with other people.

Rating: 3/5 @ Intensity: 69 @ Keywords: something bigger, green @ Mood: You feel by the rules

Having a beef stew in less than 10 min, no curry powder this time.
Sad to hear Philip Guy Davis, Famous Monday Blues promoter has passed away at age 79. But better to hear in his sleep.

This is an interesting Facebuke quote on Pomedos in Spain from yesterday
Aurora Cu - How is he going to turn Spain into Venezuela? They are two completely different countries with completely
different problems. The problem in Spain at the moment is the bi-partidism and the corruption, and the first step to
get rid of those is to vote to a party that is not PSOE or PP, the ones whose campaigns are financed by big companies
and that once in government they use the power to benefit those companies while people are HUNGRY.
Did you know that there are 1 000 000 empty houses in Spain, mostly owned by the banks (yes the same that were rescued)
and that they are evicting 115 families each day? They don't do anything of course, because the bank provided them with
the infamous "Visa Black" cards, direct access to public money for free! I do trust in Podemos and like many Spaniards
who are tired of the same old crap, will probably vote them next election. Most of the time the other parties do half
the campaign for Podemos, it's unavoidable.. And how much I enjoy how scared they are, it was about time!

...thought about watching this film, Memphis:

15.11.14 - 2day's horoscope

Be flexible today. Don't turn a gift into a sacrifice. It's all about how much perspective you let yourself have.
Stay generous. Read more…

Rating@ 2/5 - Intensity: 87 - Keywords: learn, not immune - Mood: You feel help or protect

Ripped Little Red CD, great performance at All Will Be Well label and album launch gig last night, very reflective,
with good sets from Stuart Clark and Gus Hewlett. The best OFS night I've been to, despite the celeb carers thing dwnstrs.

Makes me want to usher again as it was the most full of all the nights, most hectic, and most stressful, but still okay.
Need to watch Syns for week. Had Beef Stroganoff late last night so that's more calories, but I was hungry. Lol

wrote this shorthand for little red

opening with a drum-free, acoustic version of "Cures", the vocal interplay of frontman Ian Mitchell and the elusive female vocalist
parries inflections from finn and more contemporarily fink, but is sweet-natured enough in lyricism, "names carved in a
tree"-esque as they sing to engrave itself onto this reviewer's memory. it's a tale about where two lovers first met,
and the usual bushy beard, folk-centric influence in context of there being woods that can lead either lover astray.
this leads into a comparatively acoustic rendering of "the garden", the triplet vocal assemblages making things "wrong to
right" - in this setting the sound carries further than the "face melting" joke mitchell coyly nods to later in the
performance, about the material not being wall of sound enough for the friday night gurner massive. "what say you?" after
resonates stronger, the lead track on "sticks and stones", what mitchell dubs to me as an ep talking to him on the night,
even though the 9 cd tracks are filled out naturally for full length status. little red definitely sound like a very new
band, but instead of amateurish triptych on behalf of the singers and instrument players, they form a cohesive whole not
dissimilar to duotone or xl's blue roses. they close post-"chapters" (a track from their forthcoming record) with "the
boxer", where ian sings "i'll still be coming back for more" after metaphors for being a broken man. given the right
studio treatment of the exciting live incarnation, little red could have a rosy future, and close this night in fine style

made one synth improv track lasting over 7 minutes, named 'the elephant in the room is smoking'

18.11.14 - 2day's horoscope

Perhaps you'd rather not participate for a few days. You're just withdrawn, but they think you're gutless.
Pride demands that you explain.

Rating: 3/5 - Intensity: 69 - Keywords: bandwidth, study up - Mood: You feel make it work

I'm scared of playing live because I'm scared I'll actually do something good.

19.11.14 - 2day's horoscope

If you feel yourself slipping or faltering, push yourself harder than usual to keep going.
Extreme actions will make waves.

Rating: 3/5 - Intensity: 69 - Keywords: acceptable risk, paying cash - Mood: You feel shrinking toward zero

(Don't read next sentence if you don't want depression - and anyway, avoid stuff by association otherwise)

Been on a total downer earlier - alchohol effects, even though I had a great night last night, my fault.
Eating some Moroccan fish and pizza bread perked me up. Fakeaway Korma and Brown Rice for tea, thanks Dad.
Listened to 2 Goldfrapp CDs. Listened to Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales tape.
Read Access Autonomic article on Urban Essence.


new collaboration between Foci's Left & Sasquatch Nutcase - People Are Quick To Judge, But Slow To Correct Themselves
uploaded it to SoundCloud in very early state, along with one of my own: Ball Of Wool II - Hold And Dream

some scribbles, some lifted text, some remodelled

a relentless, melody-free sonic assault
shrapnel-infused, like apples with razor blades in them
shranpnel-free, a dust cloud of snowdrops
treacly goodness
then go and tend to your wounds, machman
the other seems to have got lost on his way to a geography lecture
hollowed-out clamour
draw from a dark well of post-punk rock nihilism
that dark, dark night

but, ignoring a few life licks, comes stars with a box of tricks

2day's horoscope

Pursue a subject that fascinates you today. Go broad.
The current influence supports wide-scale theoretical and philosophical pursuits.

Rating: 1/5 ] Intensity: 84 ] Keywords: answers, eccentric ] Mood: You feel unconscious

Added cp_ffm on FB too. Actual decent recommendation by the site.

Read lots of Nightshift Magazine November copy. The Maiians band sound like they're up my street.
Played Command & Conquer online for 30 minutes or so, now ranked under 1530, with highest resource at LV 33/50.
Had a lot of fun tackling camps over level 25.
Spoke to ski le stat on Facebuke, listened to punk band Magazine's "Real Life" LP as a result. Track of the day is

23.11.14 - 2day's horoscope

Welcome to an enjoyably scattered day. You don't have to make sense of what you learn or experience.
Just keep thinking and interacting. Read more…

Rating: 1/5
Intensity: 84
Keywords: missing piece, revisit
Mood: You feel investigate

Uploaded Kidzania Pt.4 - Islander, got a comment from dwarde.
asleep versions listen on spotify
won a point on nightshift record collection quiz with the london philharmonic orchestra
put in entry for favourite food of 2014 cooked by dad - beef rogan josh

25.11.14 - 2day's hcop

You're emotionally grounded. This makes it easy to be disciplined. You're focused on overall stability.

Rating: 4/5 / Intensity: 59
Keywords: oncoming weather, protect
Mood: You feel recoup

sleepy afternoon. and feeling a bit sickened by lack of audience in an active sense for what i do musically.
it's all well and good being indirectly appreciated all the time, but words carry weight.
syns: 9 so far at 21:29, small chocolate for once, and moroccan fish. not had tea yet, which is salmon and sausages, tatas et al.

i live near 2 banks literally across the street from me. when i got home a little while ago, the street was blocked off for maybe a 6 block radius. police everywhere. we couldn't drive through, and I couldn't even walk up the street from a block away because of the police blockade. so i made it home walking through the alley. when I got the to my apartment building's front door, there's a news camera man with incredible looking camera gear just hanging in the front door area of my building, talking on his phone, and trying to get a good view at the bank across the street. I asked him "what's going on..?"

so the one of the banks got robbed, and there were / maybe still are (??) hostages inside as I post this. they were telling people sitting in the restaurants along the street to stay away from the windows, hmm. I wonder if they were able to leave the restaurants?? I just wanted to go home and go to bed. its just been one of those days. I need my bed.

i wish them luck. good nite. zzzzz.

+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:i live near 2 banks literally across the street from me. when i got home a little while ago, the street was blocked off for maybe a 6 block radius. police everywhere. we couldn't drive through, and I couldn't even walk up the street from a block away because of the police blockade. so i made it home walking through the alley. when I got the to my apartment building's front door, there's a news camera man with incredible looking camera gear just hanging in the front door area of my building, talking on his phone, and trying to get a good view at the bank across the street. I asked him "what's going on..?"

so the one of the banks got robbed, and there were / maybe still are (??) hostages inside as I post this. they were telling people sitting in the restaurants along the street to stay away from the windows, hmm. I wonder if they were able to leave the restaurants?? I just wanted to go home and go to bed. its just been one of those days. I need my bed.

i wish them luck. good nite. zzzzz.

Damn, unpleasant stuff there ....
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^ update..

3 stupid kids tried to rob the bank, two of them are ages 21, the other 23. they were all caught as they tried to flee. there were a lot of police blockading the area that night, so nothing was going to escape that heh. the bank staff were being held in a room in the bank for a time, but there were no injuries.

moral of the story: stay off of drugs idiots, don't be so needy. get a job, don't be a c*nt, the world doesn't owe you shit. nice way to fuck up your lives kiddies. bank robberies never work out right?

tsk tsk. Nono


+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:moral of the story: stay off of drugs idiots, don't be so needy. get a job, don't be a c*nt, the world doesn't owe you shit. nice way to fuck up your lives kiddies.

tsk tsk. Nono


Yeah, that's about right.


Good food Saturday with Chilli & Garlic Meatballs, spaghetti, salad. No Diazepam this night.
Had some good food and memories from staying with friends from Sunday afternoon onwards.

1. Completing Sonic & Knuckles Hidden Palace Island / Sky Sanctuary stages against Dark Sonic on the last level after sis
got me set up on the controls, and after I'd managed to get comfortable (can't cross legs easily atm) 3 lives was enough.
2. Spaghetti Carbonara, peppers, tomatoes, then Blackberry Sponge Cake with Cold Cream was great.
3. Cajan Chicken, peppers, boiled rice, sauce and seconds on most of that, then carrot cake Sunday was great too.
4. Loosening up in area lounge with shadow boxing to stretch my legs and now managed to get more leverage on
right leg roundhouse kick.

Apparently Cecillia is another of my girlfriends along with Synthia according to Mum. Hahaha.

Today's cope

Life feels less complicated today than usual. It's easy to be honest about your desires.
But you may encounter overly aggressive people. Read more…

Rating: 4/5 / Intensity: 55 / Keywords: immediate, prompt / Mood: You feel intellectual

Arranged some folders on my music section of OS. Sorted things into more neat places. Pruned a few bits on Mp3 player
to make room for more therapy based stuff - "a moment to relax" audio CD I transferred last week seems a good bet.
Looking forward to Oxford tomorrow and meetings during the rest of the week, however many happen. Probably the more,
the better.


#nowplaying at 19:59 - Name - Blissful

"Lost In Thought" re-viewed. My second SC Podcast. I should listen to that tonight.
"White Blush Influences Mix" re-viewed on SubVersion too. That's a good mix. One for Christmas listening.
My Nightshift Charlie Baxter review got a re-view:
And it seems I got some nice appreiation in an RA thread centred around a Boris podcast.

Syns: 27 (5 glasses red, 3 Garlic & Cheese & Onion crackers, Chorizo in salad).
Now ranked 1493 of 35,000 in C&C:TA World 87.

#nowplaying 20:07 Name - C In G
#nowplaying 20:09 Name - Long Days Short Memories - really poignant after the last cut.
#nowplaying 20:12 Foci's Left - Causing The Direct
#nowplaying 20:18 Laurent Garnier - Acid Eiffel
#nowplaying 20:25-45 Wire - A Touching Display - played it for 20 minutes straight, hitting me pretty hard atm.
#nowplaying 21:23 Blue Six - No Two Things
#nowplaying 21:33 SC Podcast Episode 45 - Lost In Thought
#nowplaying 22:42 SC Podcast Episode 44 - Gravitation To Resolution - that "Sad Skies" track by Gordon Giltrap is so great

Meds increase isn't causing too troubling voices as yet. Or rather I've got enough supportive people around me.
Finally done and dusted on the Jo Quail Fluid Radio review. It will go live on the site when we have an image.

FR 129: Jo Quail - Caldera (Jo Quail) - Mick Buckingham

'Jhanoem The Witch' the cello and beats stream on Jo Quail's opener to second full-length 'Caldera', shows her to have an excellent use of counterpoint in melody, an ability to synchronise frissons well enough with the percussion to give the impression of a live orchestra. Instead of a rambunctious full-on sonic assault, the overall mood is infectious and the little touches of cello pizzicato that edge out of the timbre in an interwoven pattern careen effectively with the elaborate musicality.

"Caldera" literally translates to "cauldron", the metaphor Quail uses to staple her artistic imperative to her flagship instrument: the cello. Accompanied by many other instruments in her career so far, such as percussion, poets, timpani, violin, spoken word (and in other languages than English, as on later track "Volcano"), Quail never flits too fleetingly between observation and interaction, always giving each element a strong sense of necessity and place between the shape of the cauldron, and the arc of apothesis.

As one would imagine for a record that contains Jo's sonic modus operandi, 'Caldera' has a substantial backstory, which I've chosen to feature some parts of in agreement with her here. "The album for me has a very strong link to that particular earthy sensation that I don't suggest is limited to women's perceptions only, but is certainly to do with my pregnancy at the time of writing 'Caldera', the birth of my baby Eila, and the life-death-life cycle, the rawness, earthiness, absolute connectedness to a very spiritual and also sensual place. Short of calling the album 'womb' or something (incidentally Neubauten's Womb was a big life changing track for me quite a few years back) I felt that 'Caldera', as 'cauldron' was a very good reference for what mattered and what was happening for me back then".

The second track, "Amberay", with its eastern feel in harmony full of close seconds etc kept me haunted in suspense all the way through, tight playing of the violin-style cello pitch polluting its own shape by a feedback trail of notes that edges out into the dynamic foreground. "Amberay' is a picture that you see close up at first, and as the piece develops it's as though your vision widens, by the end of the track there is huge sonic space. It all begins in one octave and moves apart with each 'verse' so by the end I'm occupying super high octaves and the bottom register of the cello too, but sort of leaving the mid range empty. The theme remains the same, accompanying harmony alters etc, it's something I use in other pieces too, to create immense space". Intermingling is the beautiful and captivating vocals by Lucie Dehli.

Without a storyline, the music is quaintly atmospheric and austerity partial off its own accord. The dovetailed forest themed two piece is nicely decelerating as it closes into the next track movement. Not too meandering, like it's hanging on for another pass or word to interject. A sullen, quietly creeping emotional leverage collapses on itself through pure indecision. Clawing chords jut into an empty void. According to Quail, it's based on a South East coastline's underwater forest near Pett Level. "It's about 5 miles from Hastings", she says, "and is somewhere I know very well. It's quite a dense place in terms of energy, the sea is absolutely unfettered there, it paws or ploughs its way in to the cliffs and reclaims it's stake on a yearly basis. Many houses are now derelict on the cliff top, and sometimes you can walk, at low tide, and see the edges of a living room high above you. It's not that that inspired me, but more the ambivalence of the sea, and how it reminds me that we are simply human, tiny cogs (albeit relevant) in a much larger wheel, and we can do what we will and get ourselves in to whatever state we will but at the end of the day the natural elements are the power, they are what feed us and ultimately what we meet at our end."

"It's where we shot 'Adder Stone', so hopefully that will give you some idea. I've always loved and been drawn to the sea, and the sea at Pett Level is my kind of sea, don't get in it but respect and admire it. Under this tide is a 'sunken forest' which is basically a load of upright planks of wood visible at low tide, but in fact is a petrified forest from yonks back. Hence 'The Hidden Forest', I tried to capture the energy of the waves in part one, and the haunting beauty of this place, and strangeness too, in part two".

Good stuff. Personally tracks 1, 5, 7, 8 & 9 (Jhanoem The Witch, Laurus, Volcano, Adder Stone and South West Night) are the strongest, the rest fills in the textural gaps nicely. This is the best album I've heard from Quail by far, the most memorable, the most structurally accomplished, the most emotive without being crass. Echoes of War Of The Worlds OST, Mike Oldfield, Egyptian music, Celtic music, Arvo Part all whirled together into a cohesive and alluring whole. The beats don't sound tepid or tacked-on, they actually lift the sections and buoy them. The instrument playing doesn't detract from fusion, or rather the collusion between technique and effect. While "From The Sea" was good, I only really remember the first track, "Rex Infractus", whereas this stands as a full score.

A personal highlight is the dramatic abode walked through on "Laurus" and "Volcano", shining light on lesser worn areas of post-classical and performance art worlds. "Adder Stone" manages to stretch elements of River Dance sonic aesthetics (the foot shuffling beat) with forthright cello descent and ascension. It's the longest piece in the set, and like a snake, the scales weave over a moving, predatory encapsulation.

I'd quietly call the LP a gentle masterpiece to be honest. But what say you?

Video for Jo Quail's "Adder Stone":

04.12.14 / Today ope

It's a good day to work in your garden, or to spend time around growing things like plants and children,
to stimulate your creativity.

Rating: 4/5 / Intensity@ 59 / Keywords: moderate, pacifist / Mood: You feel reasonable

Put together V1 of a present for a friend.
Message from our family's dead dog Tara "I shall have a gander" "Tara" "Tara B" in dreamtime this morning.
The message only re-occured to me after it was included in Euphony's latest PM hours after waking up.
As it was the emotions felt were more important than the message to start with - she's happy, enjoying herself
in formlessness, and there's nothing to worry about. The actual message arose in the context of a chat window
on a Mary Anne Hobbs broadcast, if such a thing exists.

Also had a reccurring dream of Uncle John as I was flying over forests, telling me he's alright and well, that was nice.
Syns: 6 (wine, cheese)
C&C:TA now ranked 1488. Thanks for the extra Command Points bonus.

The "Refractive Assuaging Musically Explained" and "FTEL Catchup" articles have been re-viewed.

As well as the 2 Case Studies on Music as part of OU theory time.

And Richard Skelton's "Landings" LP review:

Dazed And Confused related email from cyanotape this morn.

Ashley Pool @DJPool1

@MuttleySV trust me on this one!

Rogan recipe (For clarity when using Lamb instead of Beef as in the original Slimming World guidelines - just get some
fry Beef Steaks or Boneless Beef for the Beef version and cook for the same time)

"This rich and meaty north Indian stew is infused with enticing spices that leave a lovely warmth in your mouth. We've
added carrots and swede, though you could use other root vegetables like potato or parsnip).

Free on Extra Easy and Original SlimmingW plan, 9 1/2 on Green (more vegetable based weight loss plan, the quickest diet)
Ready in 2 hours.


low calorie cooking spray
500g lean lamb steaks, visible fat removed, cut into bite-sized chunks
2 onions, finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, crushed
2cm piece of root ginger, peeled and finely grated
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tsp chilli powder
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp cardamom seeds, crushed
4 tbsp medium curry powder
400g can chopped tomatoes
1 tsp sweetener
600ml boiling lamb stock
2 carrots, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces
1 swede, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces
salt and freshly ground black pepper
small handful of finely chopped fresh coriander, to garnish

(Me: you might want to add natural yogurt/creme fresh to cool the heat down).

Spray a large, heavy-based casserole pan (or wok) with low calorie cooking spray and place over a medium-high heat.
Add the lamb and cook for 4 minutes, stirring, or until browned (you may need to do this in batches).
Transfer the lamb to a plate with a slotted spoon.

Spray the casserole pan with low calorie cooking spray again and add the onions.
Cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring often, until soft and lightly browned.

Add the garlic, ginger, cinnamon, chilli powder, paprika and cardamom seeds.
Stir-fry for 2 minutes then add the curry powder and return the lamb to the pan (or wok).
Stir-fry for 2-3 minutes then stir in the tomatoes, sweetener, stock, carrots and swede.
Season well and bring the mixture to a boil.

Reduce the heat to low and cover tightly. Simmer gently for 1 hour 30 minutes or until the lamb is meltingly tender.

Remove from the heat, scatter over the coriander and serve with rice of your choice.


No, didn't have that tonight - instead, Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, Broccoli & Gravy.