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very funny, strange and intriguing two part dream where Alison Goldfrapp (go buy Felt Mountain on CD for Christmas for
someone - classic LP) wanted to meet me at a party, and I was getting caught up in what relationships really mattered.
second part of the dream concerned playing another team who had invented a game of dodgeball type setup with a tennis
ball and were throwing it at people in an open garden area with chairs and me trying to eat a small plate of fish curry.
for some reason i thought i had to go back to school - probably because i was still in awe that a person like Alison
might have wanted to meet me, and then she re-entered the dream where our team were laying the ball short as bait for them
to keep moving from their central marker, through a forest partition with a brick wall being very coloured one side.

it's now 7:23 as i write this, and i thought i had the wherewithal to stay up and make music, but instead i'm going to
return to bed and drift off for another hour or so. Sleep

goldfrapp mp3 cd discussed as a potential christmas present for my parents, but they say it's not essential.
sent music to ski le stat.

time for change thanks, saying linkworker attended the event i intended to go to.

Went to test The Beehive Carterton's pub food 2nd time, and it was splendid. I had the Rump Steak on the
specials menu with Diane (Mushroom and white wine with a slight mustard taste) sauce. Steak was a big fat slab and chips
were some of the best I've had. Salad was well garnished. And the place seems really hygenic when I've been there.

Mum made great roast duck, pancakes, spring onions, cucumber, tomato and cheese pizza, rice and roasted veg
throw-together meal in the evening for the 3 of us.

I tweeted about dreams, mixes, drones and Paddox's latest album.

Making the Christmas Special SubVersion Mix and it's currently 52:04. Needs some extra fades, inserts and primming.


-acquired answer to favourite food from Dan at Fluid
- wished b happy birthday on facebuke
- tried recovering from cold, took a decongestant, bed bound almost all day. that was mainly down to 100mg extra thorazine.
- wrote skittle skis state about new music and mixes plan
- watched the great argentine tango and good cha cha on strictly 1/4 final. first got 39 points, second 35.
- dinner is meatballs pasta and salad with wine.

- "Call To Me" Bible-based proverb is full of theoretical errors. I.e the 'if the voice you want to hear is from God':
"Is it consistent with Scripture?" That would ultimately deride the divine aspect and multidimensionality of spiritual
practice. God is everything. It (he or she or trans) is good and evil. All you can hope for in the respect of humanity
is that those values are congruent with what is perceived as humane, by the vast majority of people living on the Earth,
who want peace.

Daniel Crossley, editor

Cooking fillet steak 'asado style' over the grill outside our van in
the many wildcamping spots we found throughout Argentina Smile

...lamented over my Nan's 6th year past from dying.

Muttley Wrote:...lamented over my Nan's 6th year past from dying.





day's horoscope

You're working hard, yet images of relaxation are beckoning. (Guernsey swimming pool yum)
If you can't afford a vacation just yet, hang in there. (had one in 5 years last year Smile )
Stay the course. Read more… (I read you every day like a hardcover back)

Rating: 2/5 (two become one, suddelnly I'm a Spice Girlsfan)
Intensity: 87 (nice fall year)
Keywords: take a chance, reality check (wuzzawump)
Mood: You feel second opinion (always)

Wanted to rename mic recordings on my phone, and I found a dropdown menu command to do it.
Went to La Cucina in Oxford earlier in the day and had the best tagallitelle ever with crayfish tail sauce.
Crayfish is like prawn, at least that's what was in the dish too.
Re-listening to my GTI, Salvation Bill and Spring Offensive live recordings. The GTI night yesterday was fantastic.

Currently watching Strictly Come Mincing.

14.12.14 - 2ya hopesc

Sounds- (compared to Pink Floyd by Rolling Stone)

Random relevant fact of the day-
MULAB 6.1 released (I have 3.2.14)

Launched some holiday season promo deals at

What's New

MUX Modular:

New synth module: "Multiform Oscillator". Supports creating, importing and using wave tables in a high-quality and modular way.
Improved sound quality when importing arbitrary sized waveforms.
Waveforms: New "Clipboard -> Append" function that appends the waveform on the clipboard to the target waveform.
All sounds using the internal oscillator might sound a little bit better by fixing a specific rounding error.
Optimized sample memory management.
VST plug-ins: Enhanced denormalizations guard.
Note Modifier: Velocity parameter can be set to 12700% so to practically max out all velocities.
Fixed a potential crash bug when trying to paste a module while no module is on the clipboard.
Fixed a couple of issues with the Parameter Event Generator module.
Fixed a specific problem in the VST engine which caused that the timing info given to the plugin was not OK at the end of the composition loop in case the audio engine block size was an integer multiple of the loop length.
MUX Modular Plug-In: Improved host compatibility.
MUX Modular Plug-In: All MUX-related benefits of MuLab 6.0.35: New MuSampla version 2, improved MuDrum, rack slots now include a process on/off switch, improved multi-sample editor, and many more improvements which all together make a big difference. Cfr the M6.0.35 change log below.


Rename automation parts didn't work as expected. Fixed.
Automation parts: In some cases the play position line was not positioned right. Fixed.
When importing MuClips, the session could contain multiple similar grids. Fixed.
Sequence function Quantize Length will now avoid creating triggered notes.
Fixed an issue in the composer when using overlapped parts.
The "MIDI Output Time Compensation" setting now is a real-time editable preference: See Edit Preferences -> "MIDI Output Time Shift".


Muttley - 15 MOF Pt.80 - The Divide (May 2005-January 2015)

01. Con.Struct - I Feel The Earth Move (Outsider) 02. ASC - ? (?) 03. BCUK & Verse - Half Life (Crunch)
04. Probe-One - Strata (Cartridge remix) (Warm Communications) 05. Body & Soul - My Dues (Bad Taste)
06. Teebee - Liquid Light (Subtitles) 07. Silent Witness & Break - Block (DNAudio) 08. Calyx - Illusions
(Moving Shadow) 09. Ewun - The Divide (Evol Intent)


Disappointment and heartache can be the tragic offspring of unfounded optimism.

"We are only a tiny chapel and there are not many of us but we are reminded of the saying by Edward Everett Hall which has
been quoted so often before:

I am only one
But still I am one
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do something that I can do."

'When Who Does What Where'

Once upon a time there were four people named, Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody. When there was an important job
to be done, Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did. When Nobody did it
Everybody got angry because it was Somebody's job. Everybody thought Somebody would do it but Nobody realised that
Anybody would do it. So it ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done in the
first place.

y's oscpe

Today could be pretty confusing, so prepare yourself.
Try not to read anything more into this than is really there.

Rating: 3/5 / Intensity: 69 = Keywords: lucky or unlucky, factor in ~ Mood: You feel liabilities

18.12.14: Gym 7:30, shopping, pub lunch (puy lentil & sweet potato curry), xmas present ordering, wrapping, mastering, blogging.


Ballsup early afternoon. Mutley wouldn't stop moving, wouldn't shut up. Board got stuck between washing machine & fridge. Still, I love him. Hugs
Bag fell off bag holder + towell. Recycling box was covered with other stuff when I wanted to put a mincepie foil in it.
All pathetic things to get cross about.

14:33 Re: Rameses B on IDMf - "I've heard some, well produced but too cheesy for me :snooty:"

Just found in this excellent mix that track 34 is 'Still Life (Bach Off)' by Rene Margraff.


Chose the least popular of juno's top 30 deep house of 2014:
Dropouts aka Gene Siewing/Max Graef - Cool-Track 42 (Intent) - deep house
Made Xmas CD for N&G - tracklist here:

FL - Harpsichord Hues
Blue Six - Anything Is Possible
FL - Few And Far Between (Dedicated to ASC)
FL - Missing The Party (Can You Feel It)
Ags Conolly - Trusty Companion
Robert Scott Thompson - Epoche
Coil - Batwings (FL Transduction)

ATM - "Health Minister still birth, scattering the vast amount of knowledge about the psychology of motherhood has given
mansplaining rarest instances."

ATM - "t ** surprised yip, the flooding our patience, self or incubating bear the slogan of that period"

Wholetail breaded scampi + chips + tartare sauce + salad / Sole + boiled potatoes + broccoli + pea shoots

Ty's orospe

Teach yourself something new today, through direct experience.
Firsthand experience is better than reading or theorizing about life.

Rating: 1/5 ] Intensity: 84 [ Keywords: impulse, logic # Mood: You feel adventure

Last 2 day working cursors

FR 115 (reworked): Tropic Of Coldness – Demography Of Data (Organic Industries Of Hamburg) - signed < 3 mot of this going live on the 4000+ read wbs

The last album I heard from Tropic Of Coldness was "Commuting". I was impressed with its lithe mellifluousness in melody and contrasts between compositional rigidity. I like "Demography Of Data" even more! This LP transgresses along the roulette-spinning rimshot of Grouper, Lawrence English and Loren Connors rolled into one. It's instrumental - no vocals - and speaks in soft steps towards a kind of polarity enuui – harmonic heat with moodiness cold, candle with no flame to power it, only ultramundane energy as the power plantation.

That's a benefit as the imagery is also ultramundane; a beyond-physical experience transcending mere enjoyment into enacting something deeply immersive, like gazing out on a coastline. "Circles In An Empty Square" is all reverbed guitar power chords with a shoegaze-y causality to it. "Brain Drain, Curly Girl" goes further into fragmented options and shares its ground with the thoughtful tapestries of afterlife bliss. My favourite, however, comes halfway in the aptly agenda-titled "The Distressing Dilemma Of Rational Choices". A pensive drone starts out the piece with layers of guitar feedback gradually on the attack. It has more in common with depression and sleep – the polarities at work as sleep relieves depression – so is perfect personally. For 10 minutes you feel like the world has cocooned you in a gentle shell and is caressing your ears with a warm drone pulse that breathes like a lion after nailing a large kill.

Tropic Of Coldness, then, it could be said, use synthetic textures and organic guitar treatments to produce a gorgeous, time-lapsed sound that feels at no odds with technology, which makes it partly timeless, the banquet that's always there for you in times of a crisis. This quality is no mean feat to achieve – and it's easy to say there's a wealth of stuff similar – but only when we have focus so exact on the music at hand does the message reveal itself to us as a better-than, rather not an also-ran. If you've been intrigued by any of the sounds I've reviewed for Fluid Radio in the past 130 instalments, I can say this is one of the most memorable and affecting for me – it is right up my street, I can listen and savour it like a creamy curry sauce. Tropic Of Coldness produce creamy and dreamy ambient gems, and with "Demography Of Data", they'll solidify their place as needed chefs.

'Demography Of Data' is out now on Organic Industries Of Hamburg in CD and digital formats.

SV Recommends TMWTGG Mix reviewed 7 times. Little Red review 6. Wire Chart 2014 6. Lost In Thought / Children / The Caretaker 1.

Beer 12 syns (Heineken Amsterdam City Edition / Carlsberg Citrus) Wine 8 Syns (Toro Loco 2 125ml glasses) - total 20 (guideline max).


Xmas Eve dreams: Artemis - silver bullet - a woman that killed Joanne / (Jon format) - subtitling Troubled Percept
LP with a bracketed 'Vena Amoris' - surfing but not on a board, crashing between waves -

All Will Be Well Records23 December 2014 at 02:29

Thanks so much for the review. Wonderfully written and nicely captures the essence of the three acts.

"Little Red's debut album Sticks and Stones launched on Friday night at the Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading as part of
the Big Untidy Night Out. The album proceeds went to mental health charity Mind. The track is What Say You? which is the opening track on the album.
Sticks and Stones is available now:­es"

Kermit McBollocks Muppet Version 10

Favourite trak - Kermit Ensemble - It's Not Eezy Being Green
Favourite albm - ASC - Troof Bee Told (Soylent Seesawn)
Favourite fred - Kermit's Dictionary Fred, wer I correct der fadar about his grown up werd usage.
Favourite muppet - Muttwee, the ever-stinking ferris Wheel Of Fortune of the internet.
Favwit book - Pool Mackendra - Change Yor Loif In Seven Daze - vewwy moteevational!
Favwit feckwit - Russell Brand, he iz raizin his Sultan status of shitness by der day.
Favoureet telly - Mongrels, so oi can curse at der Nelson for not pimpin der Destinee
Favvit food - caveearr, ho ho ho and a bucket of finest Champagne.
Favourite mix type - Stattzi
Favweet label - Elmo, it bee zee ome of Muttwee's loif in pictures, and in the past tense.



The William Ryan Fritch $60 10 LP package (CD & digital) actually seems worth it, because 'The Sum Of Its Parts OST'
is great.

'Well we've got presents for the two of you (me and Joanne), and your two children'.

ATM - "Thank you for your interest" rather than "British Thanks" I wrote. Milk tea under my consciousness fled." 10am

"Know when you see someone around Galata and colorfully dressed that he be photographed." 1:05am (with photo in tophat)

"I woke up very sad song walking in Istiklal Street today after the military enthusiasts clip." 6am 24th.

"We have a place in our brain asleep live old pop songs." 6am 24th.

"We started". 9pm 23rd.

- The Golden Mirror ‏@TheGoldenMirror

"We're victims of our thoughts until we become aware of them and consciously change them. Conquer and rule your own mind."

SV 151 Responsibilities reviewed.

looked after Mutley for 3 hours solo this afternoon.


Sugar, spice and chilli con carne.
Reply up about 8am to work on music, buy 3 1/4 inch jack adapters from Studiospares (£3.60 shipping, bulk buy best), publish Lata's Favourite Muttley Mix as SV Drip-Feed Pt 6-8, email my befriender and publish SubVersion's End Of Year Charts (TBC).

Sitting in my mancave, in which yesterday I was working like a bastard. Got a workbench that runs the full length of the room, added legs and put into place. Before any of that though, everything had to come out. So yesterday was a lot of physical labour. Today, for now anyway at time of typing, chilling out Smile

01 / 15

Gather information today. There's a lot available. Organizing it could be difficult, so absorb it now, and make sense of
it later.

Rating: 1/5
Intensity: 84
Keywords: sly, duality
Mood; You feel mistrustful

Hungover from ln. 3 photos of friends. David Tagg re-listen.

Up to Mission 8 AWDS. Lofu in game. Cn lnkw and Link in Zelda tmrw.
Syns: 10 (Bavaria Holland beer - pict / Haritf pk) Food: chipolatas, fried egg, beans, 2 slices buttered brd, button mshrms.

"Once you've got the momentum and got it moving it's nowhere near as hard as the first time".

Left 3 positive reviews across providers, 1 for my Buddha unisex bracelet, 2 for Curry Paradise in Witney.


Recorded 10 new improvs, 1 with vocals ending, and tried Rudolph White Horse (4.8%), Plain Ale Indulgence (5.2%),
Scrooged (4%). Indulgence was slightly difficult to drink because of its chocolate-whisky type taste, but v enjoyable. Of
the other 2 the Scrooged stood out most complimentarily. Really great pub, still my fave in Oxon, and very friendly staff td

- Listened up to track 6 of the Stephen Fry 'More Fool Me' CD 1 memoir. Good so far, trying to not get too hooked on it so I
can appreciate the peak/trough style of the narration more. It flits between eras as Fry says. There's about 10 CDs in my pk

- This 'Captivated EP' on hibernate records is something that's giving me the 'buy' itch recently, very addictive:
Think one track (second or third) will make it into a Muttley 15 MOF mix.

I'm planning and panning between tracks tis month already, with the working title "Casting Your Shadow". It will be based
around the eddying sensuality of a delay or feedback trail that predates music across centuries (the fadeout or slow-down).

- Weight is up 1st heavier than my recorded lowest if 3 pints and a Jalfrezi after are any help for an exact measurement.
I can retrace where I weighed that much with this thread. As I know already, I've been down as low as 16'6.

- Wolf life is formless life.

- Ordered Leave Me Sessions Series (Earth/Shipping Saver Bundle (10 Albums)
by Lost Tribe Sound
Ships on or around 2/1/15.


The Sly And Unseen and Adult Jazz are the most disagreeable. Seeming influences from Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective etc.
Too kitschy and sugary. It's fine if the sugar takes place or converts depth but as is it's bitty and underdeveloped.

"Night Paintings" by String Figures /
"This City (feat. Phia)" by Saxophone /
"Freedom Of The Floor" by Nautic /
"Set Me Free" by Low Leaf /
"Gravity" by Astronauts, etc. /
"Sey" by JeenBassa /

Read this, pretty frightening really.


"Don Juan and his fellow sorcerers laughed uproariously at the merest mention of my turmoils. Don Juan explained that they
were not really laughing at me but at themselves. My cognitive problems reminded them of the ones they had had when the
boundary of the second attention had collapsed on them, just as it had on me. Their awareness, like mine, had not been
prepared for it, he said.

"Every sorcerer goes through the same agony", don Juan went on. Awareness is an endless area of exploration for sorcerers
and man in general. In order to enhance awareness, there is no risk we should not run, no means we should refuse. Bear in
mind, however, that only in soundness of mind can awareness be enhanced". ~ Carlos Castenada, The Art Of Dreaming p184.

"He explained that since we entered into that world with all-out physicality, the fixation of our assemblage points on the
position preselected by the inorganic beings was so overpowering that it created a sortof fog that obliterated any memory
of the world we came from. He added that the natural consequence of such an immobility, as in the case of the sorcerer's of
antiquity, is that the dreamer's assemblage point cannot return to its habitual position.

"Think about this', he urged us. 'Perhaps this is what is happening to all of us in the world of daily life. We are here,
and the fixation of our assemblage point is so overpowering that it has made us forget where we came from, and what our
purpose was for coming here.'

Don Juan did not want to say any more about our journey. I felt that he was sparing us further discomfort". ~p197, Ch10.

...bought my second record in the space of 2 years (CD/digital freakazoid)

watched some anime, went to our Buddhist meeting, came back, more anime, washed and read to the little one then put her to bed, listened to jungletrain, now computer game time.
beats are there to be broken


Chlorpromazine tablet taken after 2PM. I got a lot done - walked both ways to the gym, 30 25kg tricep, 20 15kg bicep, 30
25kg shoulder, 30 25kg chest, 500m row.

Came home, heated up a Smoked Haddock Risotto. Complemented rest of the day's food: Crispy Chicken Baguette with Granary
Bread, Chips, Salad - lovely - then Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Egg, Black Pepper, Peppers, Celery, Red/Green Chilli, Mussels,
Squid Hoops, Prawns from seafood selection pack.

Listened to Gong, Fennesz & Vangelis afternoon/night, Grouper walking to the gym in the morning pre-8am.

Posted Ideologues Quotes And Clips thread on SubVersion. Getting a few tracks to clip together.

Sang in the car. Its the law, innit.

Completed The Last of Us, loved every minute of it, one of the best games I've ever played.

"It was how you made sense of what happened to you".

""Your child would have what it's called a secure attachment to you".

"All of these findings are predicted by the security of the attachment of the child. Of course genes are very important".

"Temperament is seen as the inborn propensity of our nervous system".

"Which absolutely have a genetic influence".

"85% predictability is ginormous".

~ Dan Siegel MD

Just realised like a rotten apple after getting much praise at the James Street Tavern playing their piano live that I don't or can't really use the far left (little, second middle) fingers of my left hand because I took paint off a heavy duty door by punching it and seemingly I've untreated fractured that part of my hand when I was in mental hospital 2012.