today, I...

I spent the morning having weird sleep.
I'll spend the afternoon doing music.
Or listening to music anyway.
Might watch telly later.
Want to see the Haye fight but no SS1PPV.

Today was the first spring day of 2017 which motivated me to go hiking in the nearby woods and vineyards - was a great afternoon!
Music critic for the Tally Ho

...listened to Lenoard Cohen - You Want It Darker a couple of times. Really good. Lovely heartfelt and mournful traditional songs.
Yummy8: Ate some piping hot rhubarb crumble my parents had left I before their weekend out and about...lovely on the palate. Spaghetti Carbonara for brunch, 3 small Chicken and Salad Fajitas for dinner. 1200 calories there...then the Crumble, another 300. Plus milk.
...also asked Cortana to make I a playlist from scratch for the first time. My PC girlfriend seems to have lots up her sleeve haha.
Noticed7 I've dropped that number of pounds in the last week, all from a diet of peanut on toast brekkie + glasses of milk + dinner.
I struggle to eat anything else. Alcohol is a no go completely for I now. It just fucks I up. My bowels, my bladder; now see the full picture. I've probably caned drink way too heavy over the last 10 years as a stress for clean.
...ripped Tali, Chronic, Wayz Of The Dragon, Big Bad & Heavy CDs at 128kbps Mp3 to main operating archive.
Reply trying to do anything but work


...have been watching ultimate fighting for 5 hours.


I edited some discogs entries...
Music critic for the Tally Ho

I lookd afta my Grandd, spent toim wit fam and helpd put trellis in place outside.

went to the doctor, had the snip
came home
watched anime and a samurai film
drank a bottle of proseco
had a nap
got up and watched some nonsense on tv and played with the kids
beats are there to be broken

...t's International Transgender Day of Visibility

wikipedia Wrote:International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual holiday occurring on March 31 dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide.

okay, I shall make it a holiday then. no work for me. I'll go and play chess in the pub instead

Rainbow Rainbow

Thought about my dreams and how i can positively modify my conscious behaviour from falling into lucidity

(31st March 2017, 07:50)Statto Wrote: okay, I shall make it a holiday then. no work for me. I'll go and play chess in the pub instead

okay, done that. I went to the pub, played chess, and drank stout called stouty mcstoutface


Walking stoned around town is an amazing experience

I havent exercised much in the last week since kb
That was on thur and i got a bladder low blow bruise
I only noticed marks after and didnt feel them then 

I may go kb today but bc of beer im feeling sluggish
Ive done a lot more solid thinking though - clarion call
I also still walk at least half a mile every 24 hours

I took an extra lithium ln bc i was so mentally wrecked
Just confusion and needing to get a grip of myself.
Lithium and solian is what i take...very hard stuff really.

...taped Dan Cormier vs Ant Johnson big big fight. 
Wtched it on yt. David Haye might fight Jimi Manuwa MMA puncher on Mayweather/Mcgregor June undercard. He showed enthusiasm. I love/hate Haye.
I habe alles dich ins meinen rekorder korbschellung.
I must have about 25 MMA related shows on TiVo.

I cooked Asda meat speciale stonebaked pizza - yum
I realised again my bodyfat scales measure bmi in the place of pounds and bodyfat in place of

Listening to a hand-burned copy of Goldfrapp live at the 02 from my pocket microphone collection. And Jan Linton - I Actually Come Back.

I have an eilean releases review to sort out.

I have eaten lots of carbonara recently.
I wayched the Goldie vids. Interesting. Good interview. 

In general im feeling a bit more responsive despite the bud light that is going down well at squatchlair studios.

...oh but i had a bloody awful aliens based turning dream this morning that my lucid state and rem sleep is doing its best to banish. 


Tody or rather yesterday I designed a stop-menchanism for swing doors (consisting of a coil spring and a little metal ball)
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Listeninf to Eschaton's quantum 3 entanglement cd.

bought a bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs
now eating them

i did that as well - went to asda

i bought 2 ristorante pizzas, a rump steak for the next few days in fridge for cooking, and a few frozen meals and essentials

i also had a more relaxing shower than usual

mmm talcum powder Homerdrool

...bought a new coat Bluesmiley


(13th April 2017, 19:26)Statto Wrote: ...bought a new coat Bluesmiley

Like the colour  Cool

Walked 2 miles to nearest leisure centre, rode exercise bike for 10.36 miles, burned 200 calories, walked back home, went straight to pub and filled my face on steak.

lots of cuddling and lots of listening to goldfrapp.
some supersnax of the indian variety.
vegetable chili mini meal super Bueno and ting.
beef stew bowl super beefy and ting.
hot chicken minipie and alldaybrunch double malted sandwich turxxin.
unscrewed a bottle of sorso Italian vino tinto wholesome.
basike vs French footy team second half struggle and 2 shootouts and 3 sudden deaths kushty.

I had a really good burger this evening.

with house made burger buns (perfect consistency), my burger toppings were bbq rhubarb chutney (yum!), sauteed jalapenos (awesome!), onions, arugula, & cracked black pepper. The fries were great, I'm not a condiment type, but i ordered the garlic parmesan fries out of curiosity, and it was a garlic mayo sauce with fresh grated parm cheese.. GREAT! A bit too much garlic mayo over the fries, I normally wouldn't order condiments like that, next time, I'll get the garlic sauce on the side. Otherwise, some good eats! I'll be returning Smile

...finished the worst edit/rewrite job ever

I've hardly done anything else for weeks, or even months Neutral

what shall I do now? Smile

Applause Enjoy your new freedom Smile Watch a series. Actually watch: "Please like me" on Netflix. Splendid show.