today, I...

Nice Statto.
Hi Fada.

Went for a 3.5 mile flatlands late night dog walk.
Not horrible.

(16th September 2018, 23:29)Fada Wrote: Hello.

hey hey Wave

Threatened to reverse Paypal chargee on for making me pay 20.39 every new item that gets delivered, on top of delivery charges.
I am not rich. This is wrong. So wrong. Pickets.

(16th September 2018, 23:29)Fada Wrote: Hello.

Bonjour Wave

Ate a toasted sardine and butter sandwich for dinner. Very nutritious. But why can't I be able to eat 'proper' with taste in Statto Crisp Sandwiches?

Bridewell assessment
Got accepted
Florence album
Crayfish baguette
Ate chili
Ate eggs
Pandemic doc

The amount of times my prefrontal cortex has fired "nigger" and "paki" insults at me in the last hour is unreal. Still, for some reason I get high off the idea that there are so many racists and rapists out there. Because while they get exposed, I am appraised.

Today I had Quorn Thai Green curry, poppadoms, naan, and Lime Pickle for dinner. Cliffy Chicken recipe in the day...Jerk chicken by Goldie.

Made 2 fifteen minute autodidact sessions.
4 pints Carling in the pub massive high.
Listened to Covert Operations Series 4 12s, Alison Moyet, SVIIB,

...looked at the board and no one had posted anything


I'm still here Jon Wave though mainly lurking. I've been up since 730 working on a good preface for the transgender fictionovel I've been commissioned to write by the big Just Fiction Edition book publishing company.

Here is my preface draft Jonathan...can I ask if it's interesting or not?

Brigite had long been a sufferer of a bisexual identity crisis. She was male, and is in this tale, and hir friend who she
identifies as Matthew is female, a femme fatale at that, of common origin. But the distinct 22nd Century-ness of this story is
that body dysmorphia - the ability to take on a mutated form each alternate day in a continuum - bears considerable weight over
the dementia Brigite (real name Brian, hir's a cross-dresser) also has. As for Matthew's real name, we never seem to really
find hers - without the transgender "hir" pronoun in use - out for certain.

It might be because of this ideological hotch potch of realities, criss-crossing as they do, that Brigite is so emotionally
overwrought. Or rather, confused and troubled, by a distinct breaking down of hir formative clusters of ideology herself. In any
case, hir reality is a unreality - too perpelexive to be normative, too anti to be anything in particular. The precision
instrument nature of hir interests over the years: sound about architecture, dancing about sound, and writing about dancing
around sound of the nomenclature, is perennial to a sense of egalitarian worth in Brigite. This author has often found hir to be
a complicated personality and person at that - one who exists, but doesn't, as well. In the tale, there is also a distinct idea
that Matthew only seems to exist because of Brian, to be formal, who is Brigite, to create a characterful cosplay of elements.

Based on a true story of love, loss, relocation, confusion, life as a whole, and simply, the causality of opposites, "Freeze Dry"
is Mike Robert Buckingham's first novel under his own name, foretelling a life story dredged from being empathetic with darkness.
As we shall all starts, and ends, here.

Well, the subject matter is certainly of interest to me Smile – though I don't actually read fiction along these lines. What I read is memoir, people's stories from their own lives. Fiction never really rings true to me. Very often it's just someone's idea of how things are and is consequently rather shallow and formulaic.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue your storyline. For instance, as a framework for a novel about internal disorientation, writing from your own experience, you could probably make it work Xyxthumbs

Yeah the main editor suggests a meanings page for stuff that isn't ordinary terminology, like transgender.

This might appeal to you Statto...fleshing out a structure for the Freeze Dry memoir.


Preface as Prologue

Chapter 1 - A Colossal Knockout

A look into the breakdown caused by all elements that found the story.

Chapter 2 - Freeze Dry

The formative years of a dysmorphic revolution.

Chapter 3 - Humid Cupid

Lust for greener pastures as Britt's health takes a turn for the worse.


About the author

Michael Robert Buckingham - or Mike, as most know him - is a transgender bisexual man who fell ill and in love at 18. The two
elements were inextricably linked rhizomes for his music, writing and voluntary projects aged 20-30, when he wrote the majority
of this novel. A broody teen, Mike enjoys quiet time, meals out and relaxing with his soulmate, Catherine.

About the book

Freeze Dry is Mike's first novel without a penname. It is a fiction turned memoir about internal chaos. And most of the ideas
in books come from reality, as well here with a visit to Nerja, Spain that inspired the main storyline and chapter block mould.


TDD - The Dastardly Diaries - formatively a trilogy which this fictionovel is based on, can be found at
Dedicated to my family, those far away, and those resting peacefully.

For Catherine.

Chapter 1 - A Colossal Knockout

"For Christ's sake, do not hurt any of us in any way ever again".

It was a mysterious voice that emanated from the emissary's tones. Did it intend to distort reality? Trouble was, Brigite always
had been a dysmorphic, symbiotically conflicted individual. He, a bisexual male in his late teens, crevassed the attentions of
his long-suffering silent admirer Matt, who chose for the sake of security to never give Brigite her real name. Matt had been a
reference to Brigite's halted painting career, painting pictures, some pretty skylines, some dreadful blotches of ink mixed with
water. In any case, Brigite made money, put down a deposit on a flat in America, where him and his soulmate Matthew
lived peacefully together. It hadn't always been this way though, oh no. Originally, Brigite had no freshman status, no higher
education. He was an autodidact, both in his thoughts (loneliness played a big role in being non-expressive) and in his music
and archivism interests. Having a keen interest in the English language, and the English in general, because hir grandmother Britt
came from Scotland, the days of Brigite's school education ended at 16. He took up pretending to be Monet on the inspiration of
his late father Rex, who had died of a heroin overdose before he was born. Business was slow to trickle in, flowed when the femme
was around hir, and dried up like a soggy matchstick the moment those first words scuppered hir's thought patterns for good.

The main thing about Brigite's life was it was not. Dysmorphia lead to internal disorientation, internal disorientation lead to
dementia in later years. There wasn't much hope of a straight answer to the problem, not to create a pun on Brigite's genderfluid
nature and sometimes irrational deductions of logic. In the first year of the couple's time-unbound breakdown, Brigite was
prescribed four different types of bipolar disorder medications. At least, that's what the doctors thought it was. As we shall
see, there are so many pigments to a real Mona Lisa; what separates the trash from the monologue of the mind.

"Rose coloured tablets go well with rose-tinted glasses, don't they, misery guts!"

That was Brigite's adopted mother Kate chiming in. Chiming...well, more like bellowing in Brigite's language. Because of an
internal conflict in mind makeup, Brigite never interpreted his adopted mother properly. Kate was soft-natured, well-spirited
and a good person through and through, and Brigite knew this. There were just a few too many black dogs at hir, and her, feet.
Why wouldn't the blues go? Brigite would look into the blues in depth, so we shall see.

...spent too much time on social media getting depressed about stuff Neutral

Enjoyed a lovely pure colour visit to Blenheim Palace Smile

...went through a couple of boxes of records

some of them I've got no idea what they are or where I got them from


Wrote a novel ending, realised the term "you couldn't make it up" triggers something healthy.

After a shit night at The Beehive last night due to nobody in particular, just confusion, I didn't go to Bridewell today for a day trip to garden and doing charity projects.

I did, however go to Rapture and GAME in Witney and bought meself and wifey 4 rettles and a Groudon Pokemon cap.

The artists included a Venetian Snares and Daniel Lanois collaboration, Sia, The xx, and Tim Heckers latest album.
I've been reading a lot of music groups.

Created a planter for my new Chilligant Capsicum flower.
Listening to Traumatizes latest dutty playlist of real rap.

...drove to Sheffield
played a crap game of chess
and then drove back again


^^ is there much debauchery in the chess sub-a-culture?  

are there chess drinking games, .. or strip chess?    heh.  How crazy does chess get?    

I don't partake, just curious.   Chin

chess is something to do while drinking


but apart from that, no

Now listening to Sundrugs-Endless Reverie on Spotify.

... did nothing much of anything


...drove to Manchester for a lunchtime meal and then came home again