FS: dm100, blofeld, mackie recorder, bitcrusher, nanocomp, AX73 analgue polysynth



Selling my Akai AX73, works perfectly, in good nick too, the odd very minor scratch. Can take photos later if required.

Its a 6 note analogue polysynth, with MIDI, and a 73 note keyboard, if unsure.

Its a huge heavy keyboard, so would need to be local, at least at this stage. (Marple, Stockport, UK - near Manchester). I can deliver within a reasonable distance for petrol money.

Asking £225 ono please.

Any queries, please ask.

Boss DM100 - Completely refurbished.

I have replaced all electrolytic capacitors with either poly box caps, or high quality Panasonic electrolytic caps. Ive also given it a good clean inside and out, removed the fixed cable and added a euro (kettle) socket, and moved the little chorus knob from the back panel to the front, where the power switch used to be. It sounds immaculate, beautifully clean analogue delay. Oh and a nice new LED. Smile £175, plus shipping etc.

Waldorf Blofeld White. It has a couple of scratches to the paint. It also had the (common to all!) blofeld low output issue. I have succesfully fixed it, and it should be ok, but i will add in a spare fusible resistor in case. £175 plus shipping, includes original manual but not box, will include (generic) wall wart.

Also have an alesis nanocomp, Alesis Nano Compressor

£30 plus delivery, with psu but no box or manual.

Bugbrand ucrusher, mint, boxed with instructions, £90 delivered in the UK.

mackie sdr 24/96 hardware digital recorder. it is absolutely perfect for what i thought i wanted to do with it; i.e. record onto 24 tracks live, then play back via the desk to do dubbing. it comes with 6 new dsub to balanced trs cables, which do the 24 inputs and 24 outputs.

Mackie SDR24/96

Unfortunately, or not, we just seem to rock it live to stereo now, so its going unused. Coincidentally, ive also got a used once (manchester wiggle!) gator 4u flightcase which i also dont need, so i can potentially ship the whole lot safely. will be heavy tho so collection would be preferable. I can deliver within a reasonable distance at cost... or sort out courier etc.

It all works perfectly, and is rock solid.

£400 ono for a quick sale? im not sure about pricing, i paid a ton more than that 2 years ago but thehy do seem to be depreciating.

photos shortly.

hey ben, do you still have the ucrusher?

The Boss is tempting - is it still going?

Yes, to both.

Ive had 'labyrinthitis' for a few days, not checked in, sorry.

The boss is very nice indeed, rebuilt the psu, better than the original. Even added 6 new rubber feet on, heh, well overkill, aint moving nowhere! Teef But in all seriousness, the replacing all the caps makes such a huge difference. It really is the cleanest 'vintage' analogue delay youll find. Ill even offer a 1 month refund if not happy...

Please email me on paradigmx at paradigmx dotcom if interested still, i will take some photos etc when i get a chance.


its my friend interested, so i'll pass him your email, he lives up in town.
cheers ben.

hope yer ears feel better soon

Paradigm X Wrote:Ive had 'labyrinthitis' for a few days, not checked in, sorry.

Icon_eek Dude, hope that's corrected quick! Feel better.

btw - I can vouch for PDX both as a seller and a techie. The Boss will be sweet.

Aww, thanks all.

Im not too bad thanks, pretty mile.


adding various bits... Icon_sad

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