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If i could remove one thing from existence: negativity. There is not enough neutrality and positivity in existence.

Why am i surrounded by joke neoliberal characters who wouldnt know a neutral or positive person if they took them by the hand and said "lets dance" is beyond i. It climaxed in all the Jeremy Corbyn sheeple sociopath snakes who keep their contrarianism in as austere waters as any conservative usurper.

There is no negativity in stating the obvious. People are stupid, and ill meaning might as well be labelled as the roots of brain cancer.

Laziness is pretty neutral territory.
I guess zest keeps me going.

The cheekiness of word on the darkwebz of the internetz (lol) is pronouncable - and transferrable - only to real life - when there is a break in the ordinary. Most people tried to normalise everything they did on both platforms, because their - and my, to that extent - lives were ordinary. Pictures of dinners, selfies, the photographic medium as a whole, as a way to prioritize "imaging symbolism" over "aural symbolism", took away a lot of interest from the interwebz Muzak scenes. Try to connect people to music outside a news story via a creative medium or idea - now that's extraordinary. Not any of this dull elitism stuffs that plagues Muzak.

Changing the subject, relatively healthy and cheap comfort food is awesome.
Just cooked myself a korma and spaghetti bolognese mix powdered pasta bake minus the cheese. It was delicious.
I tried to get that experimental mix between light korma spice and italian tomatoey goodness...a mix of cultures, literally and figuratively.
If i add cheese next time I could have myself an incredibly moreish and much less expensive alternative to the Beehive pasta bake.
And there's always the ability to add a touch of parsley or salad.

Slaves spin on a shovel
Here you flibbergibbet
We're in a muddle
Can't exchange a tenner for sixpence
No using xanax as evidence
That youre a slave that spins on shovels
Dirt in your fingernails
Knots in yer tassels

Corny as it may sound
You probably dug your own grave
You thicket flibbergibbet.
Put ice cream in your corn cone
And go catch the bus with me.

"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer" is one of the most bullshit statements i ever heard. Why let a back stabber carry a knife? Lol calm calm calm down, dream on turnip :liver lads:

My co-worker listened to local "urban" commercial radio all day @ work today. I zoned it all out after a while

Random thoughts on Drake I had @ work today:

- Drake inhabits a specific space in the aural landscape, whether you choose to notice or not

- Drake songs themselves really do sound weird on the radio..

- I've heard a succession of past and present Drake "hits", and I have surmised that I have no desire to listen to an entire Drake album

- um... Oh Canaduh?

- my Degrassi consciousness ended with ".. ALL THE WAY WITH STEPHANIE KAY!!"

- I fuckin LOVE this song, but not the original Drake version. Smile


Escapism and terminological racism is epitomised by the raciness of real life interacting with the middle-aged chess bores of the House Of Lords; playing pawns with their jobs like their jobs are the only things that really mattered; the inverse racism of our time.

Suffering might be the resistance, but escapism is the reality.

I can spot a shit talker a mile off. This forum is overrun with them like drongos on amphetamines used to be. They dont care who they hurt.

As long as the little satanists are entertained...

In the end, it's always our partner with us and the time to work with the path taken.

Sorry for the worry admin, I do appreciate it.

If you think about it, and most people "don't" think. Everything on Facebook is a subjective truth. That doesnt make it a universal truth. Look at the psycho trying to edit my  transcript.

The more intelligent I become, the more alienated I feel.
There is nobody else in my life like me.
That's where having my partner comes in.

I need to stop going on FB, in this regard - it's a bench for my crutches, not fans. Fandom comes through direct sales, and I get plenty of that, I'm completely satisfied, but not self-satisfied. My missus sees to that :swiss tony:
"Come, let me show you into my car lounge". Hahaha

Pub time was quality. I won on the machine again. Love slots. A miserable bugger of the pub said to me after I jovially asked him if he was the one who won slots the other day. He replied smart-arse-dly: "Well, I don't know what to say to you, except if you're ignorant enough to gamble all your money away on slots I can't help you. The machines don't help anyone". Like some narcissist "incredibly more intelligent than yow" non-risk taker, who probably couldn't be less ignorant if he tried. I just humoured him and said "oh thanks!", smiling.
Honestly the nerve of some people. Inconsiderate, rude, and he should be old enough to know better...he was no spring chicken. Slots is a game of skill AND luck, just like cards, betting, ad infinitum comparison. To tally ho to the characteristics of curmudgeon beer-drinker is a joke in itself. I haven't spoken to him again. Unfortunately, we have a fair share of miserable and dodgy buggers in our pubs.

Including me! Ha ha ha!

You know I talk to myself LOADS, but that's good - it means I don't have to bother "other people" as much, because with my amount of issues, and trust me, you don't know the ins and outs of half of it - there is potentially huge problems even doing minute (as in small) things), very small things, which is all down to confidence. It's like a paralysis that is half lyme disease, half natural laziness, manufactured by lack of self-esteem and constant fear and loathing.

Rufige Cru - Beachdrifta is such a good tune.

the magnificent, fabnificent, halfdecent ascent of the Kettle Chips over the Gary Lineker sponsored Walker's Crisps ™ factory made the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently, in which a headline from Chairman Alfie Starch proposed "These aren't real crisps, they're not artificial enough. And there's not enough salt in them. I need at least five fatbergs clogged in my George Foreman arteries before I have the larynx to be considered a real Pastie Pint and Crisps Champion".

I made a re-discover recently too. "It" is conceptualised as iota-ted through the classification "identity theft" in linguistic appropriation this century. In the rise of hyperawareness blogosphere, FaceBuke and things that require arseholes to ingest their bile deep in their bowels and hold grudges for as long as they live, "this" and "it" forming "this is it" became naturally interchangable and staunchly idiomatic. But what do we really mean by identity theft?

The answer, my acquaintance, lies in the acceptance of what "might be", instead of the acceptance of "what is believed to be".

And this, my audience, is where the majority of bile-spewing keyboard warriors fall down.

"It" paints itself as separate from everyone else, getting people's backs up for its sheer arrogance. This is the dark side of the term "it" in language. Prismed not just as meaning "marriage", but also, as we shall see, in the aspect of "identity theft". Go further Muttley, what links these seemingly unrelated causalities. Simply, the wanting to "not" purvey oneself as separate. Identity theft is blending in, marriage is blending in. Most people think being identified, like a terrorist, is to be weak-minded. Just like most people think marriage is for the strong-minded, because it requires a commitment. This, if I can call you a friend (see what I did here) links the two stratospheres conceptually and idiomatically. Concept and idiom are part of the phenomological cluster ideology of parts, something which Westerners would reach for the Oxford dictionary to find philology for, which is the term "root", as in root of a tree. And we know the tree of life is full of many branches, all wanting to be what they want to be, grow a certain way, shed their leaves a specific time, et cetera. Whatever. The point is that while roots are what they want to be after growth, they will always struggle to be "what they're not"...

To write is to sometimes create grief.
This is why I write and write about life.
Bravely second, easily defaulting.


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