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As a white British man who was brought up in the UK, I am interested how black people undermine themselves, or if they even do, I would think it is based on inferiority complex, of using "nigger/nigga" to address themselves and my fellow men, of any colour. It is a taboo subject for the ignorant, but let's get to the root of the problem: is it indoctrinated slavery in musical form? The Nigerian ego slur doesn't make sense, because that theory is cutting off one's nose to spite one's face (can you imagine Brits or whites referring to themselves in swansongs as Gringos or white equivalent all the time? I think not. Case in point).

So I wonder, after all that up in the air racism that existed way back when, whether blacks have just accepted bigots will address them as "niggers", or if there is actually affection behind their reversal.

Sushi combined with Trooper Hallowed Dark Ale maketh ein punchy arbeitkratzen. Lunch biggles. Sehr schon bitte!
I'm on the milk at the moment, though.

It does not matter which file u open up for MixCloud DJ Dimsa, we get a wicked lounge vibe that's perfect for siestas and late night insomnia.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

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