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As a white British man who was brought up in the UK, I am interested how black people undermine themselves, or if they even do, I would think it is based on inferiority complex, of using "nigger/nigga" to address themselves and my fellow men, of any colour. It is a taboo subject for the ignorant, but let's get to the root of the problem: is it indoctrinated slavery in musical form? The Nigerian ego slur doesn't make sense, because that theory is cutting off one's nose to spite one's face (can you imagine Brits or whites referring to themselves in swansongs as Gringos or white equivalent all the time? I think not. Case in point).

So I wonder, after all that up in the air racism that existed way back when, whether blacks have just accepted bigots will address them as "niggers", or if there is actually affection behind their reversal.

Sushi combined with Trooper Hallowed Dark Ale maketh ein punchy arbeitkratzen. Lunch biggles. Sehr schon bitte!
I'm on the milk at the moment, though.

It does not matter which file u open up for MixCloud DJ Dimsa, we get a wicked lounge vibe that's perfect for siestas and late night insomnia.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Registering activity, is clonal observationist: what this means is patterns are unconsciously interlocking.

Actively and retrograding into passivity, I'm only interested in movies, which to me is movements of sound, not visual art. I couldn't care less if a presentation, person or whatever is termed ugly, for example; and at the same time, sound is getting to the root of someone's (a living beings) emotive state, which is the most important thing for I, and my family tend to follow suit thankfully in social situations.

Now speaking as a registered thirty year old - I hit the big 3-0 yesterday - the time has come to confess my love for Indian Murgh Chicken. This type of sauce is marinated on meat for many hours.
We (my close family and friends) went to Dovecote Spice English Indian and Carvery Restaurant last night for a party, and I had the Murgh Chili Lahori off the Dovecote Inn's Specials menu. It was inspired.
Great tasting. My sister and mother had the Halibut Lazizz, (something I had off the Aangon menu before), and my father had the Chicken Tikka Shashlick variation of the night with a bed of fried onions.
The Saag Paneer was wonderful, as was the Lime Jeera rice. We had a Peshwari Naan between the Power Five of us.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful atmosphere, my parents and siblings for the Pokemon food theme, and lovely presents, and of course the Dovecote for the party, and complimentary birthday drinks.

Smilie08sim Dance Hugs Lovesmilie Mutley-ani1 Love Kisskiss Wave Yes Badger

The easiest way to tell if someone has good intentions is to read their sentence backwards.

Morrison's since 1899 Tikka masala Sardines are the fish ish. Me and Bastiodon also bought Piri piri ones.

I was just talking to my friend about what she thinks the foundations of life are. She said "renewal". I downgraded to "utopia". I said to her I think utopia can basically be seen as an emotion that causes renewal, with utopia being a kind of "big bang of energy" like in Hawking's Brave New World.

Writing this summary in text format to extend on the laptop in front of me, I kinda felt that we as a populous (all over the world) has overlooked the concept of emotive energy, rather than just physical potential.

While I write this, girlfriend has said "isn't that (emotive energy) like the law of attraction?"

I suppose so.



Gimmicks are commerce driven, with more touchstones than average. Touchstones lead to indifference, not just novelty. Mocks only cease to exacerbate the gimmick. The other two reasons so called gimmicks do not work, is the positive/negative bipolarity of the world, as it focuses on technology and then its phoenix-like information amnesia.

Internet trolls and psycho Nazis try and write a suffering person's life out of existence. This is what censors do. They are braindead computer bot boys with no idea how to treat humanity. Many of these people can be termed "the sheeple" of the world, and so called subverts are no better, no exception. These people befit the term "Zuckerberg drones", counterfeit claimants of jobseekers allowance, who contribute fuck all to the growth of balance in our otherwise beautiful universe. I'm not bitter, I'm not sure you understand me. But why would you care Richard Heath, you have no conscience.

[Image: mgboat.gif]

Nerja, on First Impression, is fantastical. 27 days to go. Future secure.

I'm trying to image Alex Jones in other lines of work, but what would that all entail?

restaurant manager

Home Depot employee

WWE announcer

etc etc

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