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Now That's What I Call Music Vol.103 + 5 throwback to Now 3 tracks cherry picked, is surprisingly coherent, however irrelevant to the epicure of tastefulness lacking from the mainstream media press.

It would seem that compilations such as NOW exist as epicures in that regard, in another sense. Since, there is very little pooled resources for major label singles in the "current charts"...a type of ice cream Twister teaser, full of promise, a few spikes in blood sugar nonetheless but still interesting, taken as a generalized emotional navel gaze out on the pop world.

Maybe I'm too cynical about pop music in general, hence the edit to confirm more of my deeper seated feelings. I love stuff like Florence, Lana Del Rey, Sia, Sigrid, The Chemical Brothers, J Pop to a degree like NCT 127, Marina et al. But it's mainly female singers that interest me. That's just a taste thing.

Personally we do get many men liking female acts more than female acts liking female acts on their own, unless part of a group. Same as I listen to basically zero male pop groups, since it's basically devoid of interest to me. Occasionally I might find some novelty, or something downright stupidly bashful, but the elements are few and far between.

Contemplate on a disco inferno with me, will we be in boogie wonderland by the mid 2020s? I think we will. With the advent of auto tune taking over mainstream pop and hip hop since 1995, one starts to remember it's been heading in this direction for a very long time, and shows no sign of stopping. Roll up roll up on the gravy train! I'm a big fan of Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish and Oh Wonder, especially Oh Wonder, for that downtempo lounge pop vibe with a icy bit of lemony zest about the whole affair.

Ignorant wankers who rev the bollocks off their engines...stop and take a long hard look at yourself. You won't have much of an engine left before long, and you're destroying the environment.

I don't want to be a Victor Meldrew of One Foot In the Grave 1990s comedy style by the way. I really like it when you hear the sound of a car or motorbike being treated well, but some people aren't aware of their noise. Or at worst, as a nice lady was saying to me in a toy shop (I was collexxing Pokemon cards again) recently, "they have to make it like 'look at me! look at me! I'm here!" And that on busy roads is grating to be mild about it.

Anyway, more or less random thoughts for you. This morning wonderful people I made up a fish dish: sardines in brine (I prefer Sunflower Oil) ones that were incredibly filling; garden-picked chives, and 3 slim slices of Double Gloucester Cheese.

Double Gloucester Cheese is very filling too, but a delicacy in my experience...I could not eat more than one slim pack every day, it's rich. Works for me personally with fish though. 2 packs for £3.00 in Morrisons on now.

I can't stand Sean Paul.

But I love banana bread.

"I'm having a ok morning*-evening time. *
as in, the usual Witney day trip is like a psychedelic melting loop trip if one imagines it.

been for a walk /bus trip around Brize, no pork pies for proper periods, it's the way to no belly definitely, i've shut up and really noticed cutting down has made the difference.
well if you eat too many and have normal calorie intake. Me, confusedly, I need to eat a bodybuilders minimum of 3700 calories per day *of healthy unsaturated food* at 6ft4 19st to even lose pounds, let alone pounds and pence, out of my pockets. case in point, now editing this 2 months old post, i have on average dropped 20 lb. that's getting on for 2 stone. i'd like to get to 17st 3 lb as a starting point for equilibrium; my comfort weight first time. i comfortably increased to man-size at age 25; when i first hit 18st. yes i know this is old news, but i need to keep track, no one cares.

Do I have muscle wastage? I have no idea, my memory *has improved with forcible exercises and self-prowess; nihilism is at all time low, I really don't care either, at the same time, to even things out: I remember the things I can change. Sorry to say, worrying about fad diets, but ultimately wastepeople who don't agree with fairness is long gone, I need to eat, and as I get older it's not going to get any easier. wasting time talking to myself on the internet is just through loneliness, because i have friends here i know through gigs and hookups. "

Went for a walk around Witney again today too, planning to keep going out in the daytime, away from the knob head rush. See Sean Paul listeners who are being serious.
Sean Paul is dreadful stuff. Then again, so is pretty much most of Radio 1's listenership model. It's total brain ginormity angle. Never shuts up - until you switch to another station or view.
not to discredit your honourable mention of "learning" music like SP Torment, but yah, u don't like it either hehe. some Radio 1 stuff is OK in a 6Music "busy" kind of way...but mostly...sheesh.

In terms of great music, I'm shuffling albums from Foals that made my local record shop's top 10. "everything not saved will be lost" Dance remixes on CD 1, like Caribou, very nice. i have 2cds.

also been enjoying the Witney take-outs and eat-ins as much as ever. I just have a quiet drink or bite to eat, not naming any names.

^^ I'm a dancehall fan from back when - so much of the music has always fallen into camp & cringe tho, but that's always been the um.. beauty of dancehall. How much cheese can we handle? lol.   I can never take Shabba Ranks seriously either.  Of course the many, horrid, mainstream pop crossovers that occur as well like Sean Paul..  in retrospect, very much, horrid. lol   No

I'm a bit late to the game. It is about time I joined the cult.

I agree & fully support the invention.  IT IS WORTH spending the extra $$ on as well.

Fuck it, from here on in...I'm down with STRETCH JEANS! 

Nothing else will suffice. Comfy, secure, pants with function.  I'm old? NAH DUDE, stretch jeans brighten my future.  Cool

I've bought 2 pairs within the past month.  Stretch jeans 4 life from here on in! Let's fuckin do this.


The fundamental difference between lying and deceiving is the liar's opinion of themselves. People often go to prison
because they are scumbags. Just look at Jeremy Bamber. Liar extraordinaire who killed his own family for inheritance.
These two unrelated statements are unrelated to a liar's version of events because liar's
are fundamentally psychopaths. Nobody should have to put up with wife beaters, petty thugs and suicide bombers. What
links all these things together is beyond them. Psychopaths believe rationale and logic are too humble, too nice. This is
because they lack empathy and a conscience. While everyone else works, the weirdo idiot thinks we work to live. The film
Psycho is actually not far off the truth of the psychopaths average mind. The difference is, most are wimps. Most do not
have the bottle to carry out the madness they believe in. These people don't believe in good. It doesn't matter if you're
an Atheist or an avid Koran reader, even a killer, these nutters are everything that's wrong with society today.

The trouble is, in the dark faeces like depths of the internet, there will be bitter nutters out there reading thoughts
just like these and believing they're some sort of biblical opposition. I don't need to justify what I believe in. With the
same breath, said nutters will turn their hate to destructive rather than constructive and conscientious things. Danger
in driving, ignorance, generally acting like an amoeba that is born to eradicate the rest of the planet, leaving only
itself. These 'people', if you can call them that, are what it means to be human. Humans are not good. Humans are from the
future, and humans are scum. They destroyed the planet in the first place, and only in the last 300 year feedback loop
simulation are the timelords stopping time eventually to pick up the pieces. This isn't stuff out of fairy tales, dear
reader. Your sci-fi sub genre and Lord Of The Flies and Ring exist for a reason. There are just too many internal errors
in the system now - also known as evil people - trying to ruin people's lives.

Wherever the money is eh? You go and get your pay check, but I can guarantee this generation rarely ever say please and
thank you for it. Condoms, fag ends and vomit is the closest rapture these guilty parties have to putting money back into
the world, and sadly, it's not for anyone's benefit but their own. "Me me me" Thatcherism.

Is it any wonder many musicians, from this statement, do not bother talking on forums any more?
In the words of Ian Dury: "What a waste".

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People started terming stuff 'lofi' in lower case over 50 years ago, long before my birth to denote lo fidelity and low entropy (structures from silence, see Steve Roach) itself. As a manic depressive, low entropy appeals the most. Hence lofi ambient; lofi hiphop, on a Sunday Smile
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What is your favorite genre of music to listen to on Sunday and why is it LoFi Hiphop?

Was: Large Caremelised Pork Pie
Use: folic acid, protein, good fats
Swapped to the same, but better: 3 pot John West line caught Tuna Steak with Springwater drizzle Fridge Pots.
Where: Morrisons supermarket.
Healthier? Very.
Price debt: £1.15 difference on the upgrade. As a result, I'm losing about that in lbs per week as a natural gut effect.
Swap or no swap: SWAP!

Not losing weight right now. Not enough getting eaten.

Whatever. I'm a celestial spirit, a big fat gay with bipolar disorder and my partner in my body trying to get away from the hangers on.

Thoughts about eternal life, clean line, clean living. Not losing the will to live any more. Still not taking any loud mouths.

Karmacoma, she'll make it a loner.

Take a rest take a walk taste the rest.

Don't wanna be on top of your loss.

Heroin and snake poison turns people into zombies. They will never accept that the mass passing on of those viruses are what Covid19 was.

I don't do any of that shit aware of it in writing. I cannot be accused of anything, because I do not share my medicine. I haven't eaten any 24 hours.

Nobody has had the balls to tell me in 12 years of antipsychotics and downers not to eat them, bar one 111 doctor recently. Closure.

The NHS may as well be a alternative universe designed to make people suffer, keep people alive suffering, and they'll never see like what I've seen.

it's a trite thought perhaps to the tired souls, the dark souls and the haunted souls, but it is beneficial knowing when to stop, what is not good for you, and how to replace bad habits effectively.

i've found alcohol is my drug of choice, the rest i have become immune of the benefits to, so much that medicines consumed as drugs poison me.

it's too Thumbd and Neutral faith losing to worry about what we cannot change, but as far as addictions go, alcohol becomes my medicine.

this said, i have known hundreds (literally) of alcoholics over the years, whether by watching them on tv rehab shows (damn), or in hospitals.

it's impossible for me to drink that much, which helps. this one is a lightweight. thinking about my health.

i have become happy not ingesting/eating/swallowing downers again. it's poison. literally poison. it resets everything to a break point.

your memory collapses, and one becomes aggressive and anti-social. the drugs, literally for the most part, don't work.

know when you've had enough. as a friend said to me:

"use silence to seek yourself, but get out of it once you've found yourself". i found that quote really touching and not sickly in the slightest.

I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was.
Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me.
It'll happen to you!



no. you still don't truly know what you said.
but then, "you look like a computer nerd". Applause

Ignore that satirical comment Jonathan. I was quoting Subvert Bot intentionally humorously.
(I look like a computer nerd too, it's no shame :P )

I thought of you and did a mix with SC in it.

FL guitar intro
Bark Psychosis - From What Is Said To When It's Read
Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey - Together In Electric Dreams
Dissident - Taiga
Seba - Connected
Klute - Blackout
Bark Psychosis - Rose

don't suppose you want an MP3 of this, do you? Chin
it's decently mixed. good tunes.
just let us know.

bang it up somewhere Xyxthumbs

In comparison, Canadians never EVER riot over sociopolitical issues. Canada?? Issues?? Too polite, too in the middle, too never extreme, too chill, too syrupy, toque knitters

Canadians riot over hockey.


** While I am a hockey hater, I had a premonition of the riots happening a few weeks before the 1994 Vancouver hockey riots, while I fell asleep with the game on the tv. True story


Some don't know what a song is. Songs have vocal elements

(27th May 2020, 13:01)Muttley Wrote: https://soundcloud.com/subversion-2/dj-m...lly-mixset

listening now Dance

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