Random thoughts thread

Keyboard warrior who pretends he reads it all and knows it all, I raise you a Donald Trump!
That's a fart in a spaceship.


Internet life, besides social media, is alien - it comes from the land of illusion; collisions with what may as well be hostility towards the commonwealth from another planet.

I'm MC Shabba, I'm a lyrical dapper drive with a bandana get high in the manor

MullamullamungwiththeMCDet, Brock-quoi!

Deal with the matter, deal with it proper, up for the raver for the raver ah-hu-hu-hoah-hoah-hoah

I'm Apache the nutter, the original nuttah ma manna manoh man anagram of a nutter

Hit your own goal, fire in the hole, Foxy the master of the ceremony, time to get aggro

It's MC Eksman, definitely the best man, southeast connection, warming up selection it's the

...And hi, I'm James and I'm from Northhampton.

^^^ bravo sir!!     Hatsoff Does Skibba still bark?  Probably. Those barks buy him new trainers right? Why change the formula?   

In other news:

I don't need to see toe nail fungal ads with pictures on youtube vids while I'm trying to eat, ya know?   Vomitvictim

Cold pizza vs. hot fresh baked pizza  

a good pizza is just as good cold. I generally prefer cold pizza.

discuss... random thoughts???   Chin

I can definitely get along with cold pizza. Sometimes, I cook pizza too hot; I do not add too much spice, that isn't really possible with my tastes, just the extreme heat and eating it too hot, sometimes reduces possible pleasure from eating. 

Pizza for the win! In the voice of Tubbs Tattsyrup:
"I like. Meat. Feasts! *munches paper thinking its a pizza*".

I don't know what the Catalan is except a term that stands for weights and measures - you the player, and your style. The reason I liken Pokemon to chess also is that there are six Pokemon places on your team, and there is pawn, king, queen, rook, bishop, and knight. The sequence of live Pokemon battle dictates chess measures. How? By always having to plan your next move, often many in advance. This adjudicative quality of Pokémon makes it an ideal virtual LSD Chess Game, where a psychedelic playing experience is offered instead of the atypical pub experience, which can become too visually static.

What is the latest record I purchased?
Why, dear reader, it was this:


The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time for £22.99.

trying not to think...


Richard Heath is a rapist sex pest, touches up women and likes incest, a backwards retard who wants to rule the world.

Crackbook is the homepage for every single liar and retarded racist who ever existed.

(...need cold pizza soon... it has been a few weeks..nom nom..)  

Eminem does not make good brunch music.

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