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Seeing as I can't normally keep up with all the Omni Music goings on, I thought I'd start a promo thread for the label. First off I'm putting in all the Omni Sessions to date, Chris Wright's regular series of mixes covering d'n'b, jungle and electronica in general.

Euphony Wrote:Wave

I have decided to start a regular series of mixes, starting from now.
Here is the first installment of The Omni Sessions Smile

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1303&d=1358710965]

Download link here:

This first installment includes a mixture of sounds and probably encapsulates the Omni vision quite well as it morphs from atmospheric to deep and dark, over the the experimental and then back to end on some atmospheric breaks flip flap banging in your face Smile


Chris Eschaton

Omni Music returns with The Omni sessions Part ii

Taking a more minimal and ambient direction, this chapter focuses largely on other labels, and features the prolific Offworld Recordings amongst others.

The next sessions will be landing later on in the year, but for now, sit back, relax and let the music take you wherever you want it to.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1311&d=1359900185]

Mixcloud link:

dnbshare link:

Take it easy guys Smile

Chris Eschaton

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1323&d=1361785612]

Omni Music presents The Omni Sessions part iii.

This time we focus on the left over, the forgotten, the sounds that were never to be, a 90 minute mix of sporadic ideas. Each track included here will never officially see the light of day. They are corrupted projects, tracks left over from labels that no longer exist or just half baked thoughts written out of history as new ideas took their place. Expect raw mixdowns, odd moments, grand flashes of experimentation, but most of all a sense of fun. In order to take steps forward we must often acknowledge and understand the past. This is the past, the memories left behind. When we look towards the future, sometimes you need to set the past free.

Dnbshare link:


[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1328&d=1363514002]

Omni Music presents part 4 of the Omni Sessions featuring mainly forthcoming Omni goodness aimed to make the legs spasm and the mind melt. The sonic ride to the future continues through 2013, so expect more deep beats, atmospheres, and things you never quite expect, as Omni Music lays out new paths ahead.

Mixcloud link:

Direct download:


Omni Music is back with The Omni Sessions Part V. Keeping it deep, musical and always interesting, this latest mix contains a host of future space grooves, rhythms from the past and beats from the present for your mind to absorb and become one with. Eschaton hopes you enjoy this new mix, so pass it on, let it be shared, let the universe hear itself heard.

[Image: omni%20sessions%20part%205%20cover.jpg]

[Image: omni%20sessions%20part%205_1.jpg]

Grab it here on dnbshare:

Or at Mixcloud:




Chris Eschaton

[Image: omni%20sessions%20Volume%206%20small.jpg]

The Omni Sessions return with part 6 in the series, featuring more space-age beats and deep atmospheres. Starting on an atmospheric note it gradually crosses the bridge to rougher drumfunk territory before ending on a nightmarish descent into frantic amens.

Mixcloud Link:

Direct Download link:


Eschaton presents the Omni Sessions Part Vii.
A further journey to the outer reaches of the cosmos, featuring exclusive tracks that once again flip from the light to the dark. Expect lush acoustics, crashing amens, devastating bass and ethereal atmospheres once more.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1443&d=1377524533]

Mixcloud Link:

Dnbshare Link:




All the best guys

Omni Music presents The Omni Sessions Part Viii

Part 8 takes you back to the foundations of Omni Music with a mix of tracks from 1989 through to early 1992 that originally inspired Eschaton through the years and continue to remain some of his favourite tracks. Don't expect the usual sounds other than being deep, this mix traverses styles from Acid house to ambient to Oldskool Hardcore. Originally recorded in 1995, this has been salvaged from the original cassette recordings. Part 9 will continue the theme with inspirations held dear to Omni Music, this time focusing on the deep sounds of 1992, again salvaged from the original cassette recordings.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1449&d=1378486168]

Dnbshare link:

Mixcloud Link:



The Omni Sessions Part 9 takes you back to the sounds of 1992. The second in a series of re-discovered mixes salvaged from the original tape recordings that were recorded in the mid 90's.

Expect more breakneck rhythms, exploding subs and moments of oldskool breakbeat deepness.

Part 10 will take the listener forward again to the present day, with a selection of forthcoming Omni Music Dubs to tantalise your ears. Watch this space closely

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1469&d=1380043735]

Mixcloud Link:

Dnbshare Link:


Chris Eschaton


Hello beautiful people....the next two Omni Sessions are up and ready for your ears to behold Grin

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1504&d=1382204637&thumb=1]

Omni Music presents The Omni sessions Part X. A further excursion into deep realms of sound and enveloping beats. Featuring mainly Omni Music Dubs, this collection shows the variety of Omni Music output once again, from clever amen trickery to minimalistic space vibes, all complemented by tracks from the Subtle Audio camp.


  1. [SIZE=3]Jiva – Stellar Slurry (Omni Dub)

  2. Cryogenics – Libria (Omni Dub)
  3. Simon Bean – The Sea (Omni Dub)
  4. Eschaton – Quantum (Quantum 1 LP – Omni Music)
  5. Eschaton – Spica (Dissident Micro Mix) (Omni Dub)
  6. Okee – Moondance (Taiji2 LP – Omni Dub)
  7. Eschaton – Andromeda (Missing Fragments LP – Absys Records)
  8. Cavernous Space – Cosmc Debris (Omni Dub)
  9. Fishy – Real Mind (Taiji2 LP – Omni Dub)
  10. Eschaton – Polaris (Justice and Metro JFK Mix) (Omni Dub)
  11. Infest and Quasi – Azul (Subtle Audio)
  12. Enjoy and Eschaton – Untitled (Omni Dub)
  13. Kappadee – ®evolution (Omni Dub)
  14. Nic TVG – Friday Nights with Heather (dgoHn Remix) (Subtle Audio)
  15. Kappadee – Look the World in the Eye (Omni Dub)
  16. Cryogenics – Fallen (Omni Dub)
  17. Eschaton – Galatea (Light Beyond EP - Omni Music)
  18. Acid Lab – Moons of Saturn (Omni Dub)
  19. Speak – Huomenta (Omni Dub)
  20. Infest and Quasi – More Out of Life (Subtle Audio)
  21. Enjoy – Potential Dreamer (There Could Be Errors LP – Omni Dub)
  22. Paluca – Illusion of Fear (Omni Dub)
  23. Speak – Decay (Omni Dub)
  24. Scale – Drummin’ Till Dawn (Omni Dub)
  25. Nic TVG – The Clown (Subtle Audio)

[URL=""]Mixcloud link Here
dnbshare download here


[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1503&d=1382201143&thumb=1]

Omni Music continues the series with the Omni Sessions Part XI.
Another collection of musical goodness, both old and new. This volume features many Omni favourites showcasing some brand new sonic adventures, taking you from atmospheric sounds to deep futuristic grooves. A little taste of the future as well as a little nod to the past, plus a few other gems thrown in for good measure.

  1. Jiva – Afterglow (Omni Dub)
  2. Eschaton – Project 15 (Cadence Dub)
  3. Eschaton – Nadir (Perceiver Remix) (Omni Dub)
  4. Aural Imbalance – Recall (Eschaton Re-Call) (Cadence Dub)
  5. Cavernous Space – Ghost Spaceship (Omni Dub)
  6. Pete Rann – Gyration (Free – Soundcloud Download)
  7. Fishy – Unified (Taiji2 LP – Omni Dub)
  8. Eschaton – Aphelian (Subtle Audio Dub)
  9. Eschaton – 1990 (Black Hoe Recordings)
  10. Paluca – Birth of a Clear Mind (Omni Dub)
  11. Limit – Film (Omni Dub)
  12. Kappadee – Exhale (Omni Dub)
  13. K-Chaos – Visible (Omni Dub)
  14. Scale and Acid Lab – Cartridge (Taiji2 LP – Omni Dub)
  15. Scale – Panic Attack (Dub)
  16. Impact – Calculation (Omni Dub)
  17. Scale and Acid Lab – Konversationz (Dub)
  18. Eschaton – Michael Myers Ate My Speakers With a Nice Chianti (Black Hoe Dub)
  19. Enjoy – The Promise (There Could Be Errors LP – Omni Dub)
  20. Simon Bean – Chaotic Harmony (Omni Dub)
  21. Cryogenics – Metamorphosis (Taiji2 LP – Omni Dub)
  22. Acid Lab – Sunstorm (Omni Dub)
  23. Eschaton – Eternal Autumn (Black Hoe Recordings)
  24. Antibreak – Outer Rim (Offworld Recordings)
  25. Enjoy and Eschaton – The Repose (Omni Dub)

Mixcloud link here

DNBshare download link here

The final volume for the year will be with us in November, where Eschaton once again gives us a flavour of his old influences from bygone years courtesy of more old cassette tapes found in his loft and converted for your listening pleasure, so expect more breaks, deep musical vibes and heart stopping subs, this time from 1993.


Many thanks to everyone who has supported Omni Music this year, I'm truly humbled by the response we've had and hope to continue this for as long as we can Wave


Eschaton presents the final chapter of The Omni Sessions for 2013.
Once again, this features mixes found in his attic originally recorded in the mid 90s, ripped from cassette and digitally restored. Focusing on the deep sounds of 1993 proto-jungle, this mix features 31 tracks of history, tracks that started shaping the sound Omni Music would eventually travel.
The Omni Sessions will return next year with a host of new surprises.

Mixcloud Link:


Direct download HERE<<<<<


Chris Eschaton

Happy 2014 everybody Wave

The Omni Sessions continue into 2014 with a brand new selection of beats from the past and present. Featuring a varied selection of Omni Dubs as well as nods to the past compositions from Omni artists on other labels, as well as a sprinkling of other sonic adventures. As usual, the mix ventures into all territories that are deep, from the light and dark, the yin and yang, the positive and negative, representing the intricate balance of the universe itself.

[Image: omni_sessions_13_900.jpg]

Available from mixcloud here:


or as a direct download from dnbshare here:

>>>>>>>OMNI SESSION 13 TINGS<<<<<<<

Love to one and all of you Kisskiss



Omni Music presents a further excursion in to the cosmos with the Omni Sessions 14, featuring a fresh new selection of fortcoming material and a few classics thrown in for good measure.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1558&d=1392313425]

>>>Available to stream here on mixcloud<<<

>>>Or for direct download here at DNBShare<<<



Chris Eschaton

Hi folks Wave

Omni Music presents The Omni Sessions Part 15, featuring more cutting edge breaks, atmospheres and melodics from across the universe. Featuring a host of forthcoming Omni Dubs, along with a sprinkling of older works, this volume will be sure to transport you to galaxies beyond.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1569&d=1395579384]

Running time: 151 minutes

>>>>>>>>STREAM ON MIXCLOUD HERE<<<<<<<<<




All the best you lovely people Wave

The next chapter of the Omni Sessions focuses on the now sadly defunct net-label 'Exegene'. In it's short life it garnered much attention from the deep underground drum and bass heads and featured a number of artists that continued on to become stalwarts of the scene, as well as a number of artists that have sadly not been seen since. The label offered a staggering variety of contrast, variety and quality and is a label that Omni Music can always look at and admire. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this collection of some of the best bits of the label, a free label we should add. If you want to pick any of these tracks up (and many more!) then you can download them for free from:

Huge respects and universal love to Cube/Enuui for releasing this excellent music.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1571&d=1396031363]

Available for streaming here:
or as a download here:

[URL=""]>>>>AT DNBSHARE<<<<


The Omni Sessions Part 17 takes a step back to 1997. This session was a spur of the moment mix, featuring a selection of tracks from '97 from the collection. Mixing ambient flavours and timeless breaks, this is a journey into the past and sounds that have influenced Omni Music. Concentrating hard was the order of the day as I hadn't ever mixed some of these tracks, and the tracklist was improvised during it's conception! I think it turned out alright in the end Smile

The next Omni Session should be dropping sometime in late May/early June, so watch this space.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1575&d=1398010966]

>>>>>Stream available here through Mixcloud<<<<<<<

>>>>>Full Download from dnbshare here<<<<<<



Chris Eschaton

Why 'tis a plethora of Omni goodness.

That it will be. Chris, do you have every single Omni release posted on Subvert Central? Just so I know before I commence starting at the beginning of the catalogue.

Can't we just go to their webpage?



MetaLX Wrote:Can't we just go to their webpage?

You could, but would you? It's being presented with stuff right here right now, rather than having to go looking for it yourself Wink

What's going on here then? Chin

@Muttley, yes every release should be posted up on here...good luck trying to put all them in one thread though :P Hahaha

Just try and stop me Hahaha :P

It's a tactful operation on my part - to a) get a release I haven't listened to before (loads in the Omni early days) and then b) post it, with gaps between these varying.

With the good result being c) I don't have to search for it in future. I wanted to get all the Omni Sessions posted so far in here first for this reason :lazy:

Statto Wrote:
MetaLX Wrote:Can't we just go to their webpage?

You could, but would you? It's being presented with stuff right here right now, rather than having to go looking for it yourself Wink

Well let that be a lesson to you Teef

Muttley Wrote:Omni early days

I remember them...........

[Image: Simpson04.gif]

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