Is Any World Worth Saving... punk, metal, hardcore

this is rather crunchy


Petrification - Portland, Oregon

"Hollow of the Void" lp, April 2018

1 Prelude 0:00
2 Arachne Exsanguine
3 Technological Assimilation
4 Summon Horrendous Destruction
5 Hollow of the Void
6 Interlude
7 Hymn of Charon
8 Stagnation of Transmigration
9 Desecrators of Conscious Entropy
10 Devouring Abysm
11 Conclusion

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sexthrash69 youtube channel, nice job on the vids yo!  Xyxthumbs

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this is kinda crazy.

"Fool" is perhaps my fave tune off Blur's "Leisure" lp.

ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (LP)
Al Green - The Belle Album (LP)
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man [OST] (LP)
Guided By Voices - August By Cake (LP)
Disclose - Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare (LP)
The Wipers - Wipers Rarities (LP)
Sepultura - The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 (LP)
Wulkanaz - HaglaNaudizEisaz (LP)
Prophet - Vol. 1: Remission (BOOK)
Material - Vol. 1 (BOOK)
Blur - Leisure (LP)
The Verve - A Storm In Heaven (LP)
Nocturnal Blood - Abnormalities Prevail (LP)
Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide To Earth (LP)
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal [Black Friday Gold Vinyl] (LP)
Killing Joke - Night Time (LP)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Damage and Joy (CD)
Ryan Adams - Prisoner (LP)
Kerasphorus - Kerasphorus (LP)
U.S. Girls - Half Free (LP)

Mass Death And Destruction
Nowhere To Run
Visions Of Chaos
But Still Work (Victims Of The Mine)
Apocalypse Of Death
Neverending War
Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare
The Sound Of Disaster
Crawling Chaos


So yeah..

there's new Get Up Kids out via Polyvinyl Records and Big Scary Monsters.

I don't mind it.

I have the majority of the Get Up Kids discography - perhaps a guilty pleasure these days at times, sometimes not at all. I still really like Matt Pryor as a song writer in general if I put my mind to it all, and I even have a fair bit of The New Amsterdams stuff as well from years back - New Amsterdams still an active gig apparently too. I haven't listened to Get Up Kids in a bit, and you know I SCREAMED MY LUNGS OUT TO "Four Minute Mile" lp 21 years ago, and "Something to Write Home About" like every devoted, 90's emo pop punk fan did. I still think the "Woodson" e.p. is FUCKIN bomb and stuff. 
I randomly heard a new Get Up Kids song on the radio last week, and it made me happy. I really like "My Own Reflection" off the new e.p.. great tune, thank you boys. Hatsoff


1. Maybe
2. Better This Way
3. I'm Sorry
4. My Own Reflection

00:00 One year later
03:02 Red letter day
05:58 Forgive and forget
09:23 Anne Arbour
12:55 Mass Pike
16:09 Woodson
18:31 Second place
22:02 A new found interest in Massachusetts
27:43  Off the wagon

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I'm just at a different interpretative stage of my life for youtube binges now. Few and far between. If you're a millenial it's gotta be a godly thread though. The format investment limitation of stasis in time causes me to stay away from youtube unless im specifically looking for something though. And i don't use software very much.

Feels like a golden past time.

^^ yes yes, all good.

my internal radio confirms:

20 years on, those Get Up Kids songs STICK IN YOUR HEAD, huh? I mean.. that was the point of pop right? For real, whether I'm in a pop punk, Get Up mood or nah, it is good to know there will, perhaps always be a space where the songs exist. TONS of memories for sure. A generation of emo pop punk fans approve, for sure. Myself included. Smile Yes

Fast forward to now, in that brief radio set I heard a couple weeks back, the NEW Touche Amore "Green" tune sounded lovely. February 2018 saw the band play their 1000'd show, which is crazy to fathom, yet all accolades, subsequent success, and props to the lads for sticking with it to make it that far - something is going right, even through the worst times. Given that Touche Amore's previous 2016, "Stage Four" lp was an open vent for singer Jeremy to deal with his late mother's passing of cancer while he was away, on stage during a tour.. Neutral

As posted before, I've caught Touche Amore live, also why they are a repeated post here within this thread, and else where. A hardcore band that has always done things their own way, never taking things too seriously, and screaming the tunes for us that appreciate it all. It has been great along the way. I hope to catch them live again in the future some time. Unless I lose a good 6 or 8 lbs, I don't really fit their t-shirt anymore. lol. Motivation of fandom.. sure. ha.

"Green" is spiffy. IMO. Cheers.

0:25 Displacement
2:22 Cadence
4:42 Just Exist
6:54 Pathfinder
8:06 Flowers and you
12:36 And now It's Happening in Mine
13:54 Honest Sleep
17:00 Palm Dreams
19:47 Home away from home
22:45 Amends
24:12 Benediction
29:03 ~
30:36 Rapture
34:06 Skyscraper

This is great. Woot

Stimulant / Water Torture split lp, May 2018

1. Stimulant - Feedback Pulse  
2. Stimulant - Escape Route
3. Stimulant - True Form
4. Stimulant - Therapy  
5. Stimulant - Security
6. Stimulant - Pollution
7. Stimulant - Noided Martyr  
8. Stimulant - Trash Collection  
9. Stimulant - Unmarked Parcel  
10. Stimulant - Colossal Mistake
11. Stimulant - Isolation Tank
12. Stimulant - Apologist
13. Stimulant - Tissue
14. Stimulant - Strangled Thought
15. Water Torture - Pilgrimage  
16. Water Torture - Illness Prayer
17. Water Torture - City of Snakes
18. Water Torture - Nuclear Aftermath
19. Water Torture - Ghost Hunt  
20. Water Torture - Torched Turf

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Uniform & The Body, "Mental Wounds Not Healing" e.p., June 2018

[Image: a3720932459_10.jpg]

Primitive Man, "Steel Casket" cassette, April 2018

1. Fear 00:00

2. A Life of Turmoil

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Code Error - Singapore / Malaysia

[Image: a0693004216_10.jpg]

The early to mid 2000's metal, mathcore massive may recall when Botch were hinting @ dnb & messing with bits of amen breaks & remixes back when.

Vein are carrying the torch. Rinse out!

"errorzone" lp, June 2018

0:00 Virus://Vibrance
2:24 Old Data in a Dead Machine
4:34 Rebirth Protocol
5:40 Broken Glass Complexion
8:08 Anesthesia
9:15 Demise Automation
11:03 Doomtech
15:50 Untitled
16:50 End Eternal
20:03 Errorzone
24:19 Quitting Infinity

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^^ Wow. That Vein lp is incredibly well produced.   Good stuff.  Great listen.  Yes Twothumbs

More Bostonian kicks to the nads.  

new MouthBreather joints dropping this weekend. "Dollmeat" e.p, July 2018. Ill.

[Image: a0536754286_10.jpg]

Digging the Pat Flynn (Free, Sweet Jesus, ex-Have Heart, etc), recent Fiddlehead stuff. Definitely more melodic, DC post hc sounding in places, as apposed to the straight up youth crew sxe he's known to front. Instant hints of Fugazi, early Hot Water Music, and even Title Fight moments here and there. Nice listen for fans of the style. I approve. Xyxthumbs

Fiddlehead (Boston, MA) also featuring Have Heart / Free drummer Shawn Costa and Basement (UK) guitarist Alex Henery.

00:07 Lay Low
02:32 Birdnest
04:36 Tidal Waves
07:30 Head Hands
09:54 Rejoice
11:25 Spousal Loss
13:35 Poem You
15:46 USMA
18:57 Stay In The Blue
20:45 Widow in the Sunlight


1. Spousal Loss (0:00)
2. Poem You (2:15)
3. USMA (4:23)
4. Tidal Waves (6:42)
5. Head Hands (8:50)
6. Rejoice (11:03)
7. Lay Low (12:51)
8. My World (15:37)
9. 04/17/70 (18:14)
10. Widow in the Sunlight (20:41)

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New KEN mode

Going down a treat in these parts, lemme tell ya. Cheers

00:00 - Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should
02:50 - The Illusion Of Dignity
07:33 - Feathers & Lips
10:04 - Learning To Be Too Cold
13:13 - Not Soulmates
16:00 - Very Small Men
18:31 - This Is A Love Test
23:10 - Fractures In Adults
26:59 - No Gentle Art

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GELD - Melbourne, Austraila

LOVED the "Perfect Texture" lp earlier in the year.  Continued imaculate nastiness. 

"Soft Power" e.p, August 2018

[Image: 0012952460_10.jpg]

Innumerable Forms - Boston, MA

"Punishment in Flesh" lp, August 2018

Superb!  GO!

Intruders (0:00)
Punishment In Flesh (
Petrified (
Purity's Demand (
Reality (
Re-Contaminated (
Stress Starvation (
Joyless (
Firmament (
Meaning (

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Birds in Row (France)

great Audiotree session boys. Applause

00:23 We Count So We Don't Have To Listen
03:13 Love Is Political
06:00 We vs. Us
10:48 Interview 1
15:50 15-38
19:09 Interview 2
25:15 Remember Us Better Than We Are
30:10 I Don't Dance
33:04 Interview 3

[Image: a2732514941_10.jpg]

Profoss - Malmö, Sweden

0:00 Min Egen Profoss
1:39 Över
3:03 Förstöraren
4:47 Aniara
6:35 Era Offer

[Image: a0938859242_10.jpg]

HYANE - Berlin, Germany

"Demontage und Zerfall" lp, August 2018

0:00 Kreisel
2:17 Taktik
5:03 Warteschleife
6:44 Regress/Exzess
8:14 Zerfall
11:53 Aquarium
14:53 Eiszeit
17:50 ///
18:43 Leitung Tot

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new Booji Boys (Halifax, NS, Canada)

hell yeah!

props on the continued, overtly distorted, ghetto blaster sounding quality. Perhaps a blatant nod to early Husker Du style production & what not.  Noted.  Xyxthumbs

"Unknown Pleathers" e.p, September 2018

"Weekend Rockers" lp is STILL ill.  Fully appreciated in these parts.  Lovesmilie


I Wanna Be So Good -

This is Rock 'n' Roll (The Kids) -

[Image: a1453737407_10.jpg]


this far in, 2018 basically belongs to you at this point, k?

1. The Unspeakable Oath
2. Come Home, You Are Missed
3. The Hammer
4. Behind the Mask, Another Mask
5. Fallow State
6. Into the Scourge Pit
7. Find the Cost of Freedom
8. Entombed in Man

[Image: a1933034054_10.jpg]

0:07 - Fallow State
4:45 - The Hammer
10:50 - By Endurance We Conquer
19:41 - Ordinary People
26:46 - Here I Stand Head in Hand
35:56 - Into the Marshlands

Bastard Noise collab with Transient (Portland, OR)

"Sources of Human Satisfaction" lp, August 2018

I'm here for it. 

mash di place up

1. Mother's Day
2. My Voice  
3. Night Ass  
4. Cave Mouth
5. Tether
6. Full Recovery  
7. Mandala
8. Leeches  
9. Secret Finger
10. Hairy And The Handersons  
11. Bloodline

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